What is a Buddha?


Real Human History evolves beyond human, religious, political, social, imaginations. Fools interpret the world in their ignorance and equate their daydreaming with objective reality. They don't really know what's going on.. All their perceptions and descriptions are childish.

Let's not be naive: History (despite all the honorable efforts of historians) is not an accurate record of what happened on the planet, but what we know (or imagine, or construct): History is simply the picture we have (or we want to have) for the historical course of man. History is often faked, falsified incomplete, or "directed".

The Space of Existence is something much more spacious than what people think and imagine. It includes the Space of Consciousness, of consciousnesses and floats all the "created" worlds and the material world. Consciousnesses are not within the material world of the senses. This is a misconception.

Consciousness (consciousnesses) are outside space, time, outside the world, but they also manifest within the world. We understand the other consciousness by its action, by its behavior in the world, nothing more.

People don't know WHAT it is, WHERE it is, HOW to act. They are all in a global delusion.

Buddha is homo religiosus, which is the next species of human after homo sapiens.

He is the man who realizes and experiences his Higher Inner Nature, the True Self, the Essence which is the Basis of All That Exists.

He is the man who has Emerged in his Wholeness, in his Full Evolution, in his Full Awakening, in his Divinity.