Author: wholenous (Constantinos Prokopiou)


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Series: Buddha’s Wisdom


Publisher: Esoterism Academy


Diligence: Naya Prokopiou


Year: 2023 / Edition 1


Language: English. Pages: 192


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In the Silence of Life. 29

The Journey of Life. 30

The Truth. 31

If you can. 32

The Spiritual Path and the path of the ego. 33

Truth Is Incomprehensible. 34

Peace Within Us. 35

Emergence into the Light 36

Here. 37

The Only True One. 39

Truth Belongs to All 41

Humility-Virtue and Humility-Servitude. 42

The World of Truth. 43

If you want to find the Truth. 44

Life has no mysteries. 45

The truth. 46

Daily Meditation. 47

Who wants?. 48

Reality and dream.. 49

Truth Is Your Nature!. 50

If you can. 51

Exiting the Labyrinth. 52

The Real Life. 53

Life is One. 54

The Objective I Am.. 55

Realization Within Us. 57

True Knowledge is always experiential 58


Where Real Meditation Leads. 61

True Meditation. 62

Out of activity. 64

What is Meditation?. 65

See! Just Look!. 67

Here!. 68

Be the Silence. 69

Always Free. 70

The True Path of the Ancients. 72

Exit Street 73

The True Understanding. 75

The Light of Understanding. 77

The Liberation of Perception. 79

The True Knowledge. 81

The truth. 83

The Realm of Meditation. 86

The Middle Way. 88

Meditation and illusions. 90

Without effort 92


With a Quiet Mind. 97

In the Holy Temple of Reality. 98

The True Is Already Free. 99

The Bright Sky of Peace. 100


The Mysterious God. 104

The Old Way of the Wise. 107


The treasure of the people. 112

The Pure Heart 114

The Light in the Darkness. 116

The "True Light". 118

Have Peace. 120

Be in Harmony. 122

The Gate. 123

The Real Action. 124

Freedom.. 126

The Life of God. 127

The Path of Light 128

The Living Truth. 130

Vigilance. 131

Spontaneous Enlightenment 132

The true purpose of life. 134

The Path of Least Effort 136

Confessions: The Awakening. 138

Confessions: Everything Is Here. 141

Confessions: The Passage. 144

Confessions: The Objective Consciousness. 148

Confessions: The Unique Reality. 150

Confessions: Our House. 153

Confessions: The Separation. 156

Liberation from the prison of the ego. 159

The Evolution of Man. 162


Basic Hellenic-Latin-English Philosophical Terms. 168





In the Silence of Life


When you talk about a Higher Awareness, about transcending thought, the psychological complex of the ego and its activities... it is not just that you are not understood... Often all these people who base their entire existence on the ego, become "enemies"... even people who were supposed to be your friends, when they reach the ultimate dilemma of their existence, to GO BEYOND or to "stay put" they prefer to stay in the safety of their little existence, in their little ego, rather than Open to the Unknown Sea of MOVEMENT that Leads them to the Unknown, the Vast, the TRUTH... It's like walking in a city where it's "night" and everyone is "sleeping"... The QUIET, PEACE is Terribly Beautiful... except you only hear your own steps, to be lost in the Silence of Life.



The Journey of Life


When you really see, you see what is happening now, in real time... and the "space" that you immediately perceive, this "here" is the true space, the reality. You really see as if all this is something new that is just now being revealed, without the memories of the past, without thought, as if the world is being born now, in this moment, as if it exists only now, as you breathe, new with each breath, pure, undefiled, clean of the filth of human thought.

The Sun bright behind the clouds. Clouds travel slowly, to… where? The whole world is one, there are no directions, the world spreads everywhere, quietly, peacefully... only within the minds of men is there turmoil.

The city, the people, the trees condemned to live inside the cement... all the sounds of life, of people, that show their madness, that they live in another world, made by thought, purposes, orientations, activities... all foreign from life, the simple life that simply breathes, grows, blossoms, and perishes.

All transitory, all perishable, and only human folly believes it to be eternal. Life is a journey. Only fools seek permanent settlement, in worlds, in situations, in relationships, and in things.

How much Freedom there is! How peaceful! What a Bliss!... when you can travel through the worlds, without being tied down anywhere.



The Truth


TRUTH simply Exists. You see the TRUTH, with a direct extra-intellectual view... you cannot find it, discover it, construct it, analyze it, or direct it.

TRUTH Illuminates you, you follow it, you walk the path that opens for you. You cannot appropriate it, use it, or make it an object of transaction.

TRUTH is something Pure, Immaculate, far from the profane behavior of people.

TRUTH is always Where you don't look... You have to Feel it, See it with your whole being, and not with the eyes of thought.

TRUTH is beyond all understanding, and at the same time it is the Support for all your illusions, that is why you are deceived and take your delusions as realities.



If you can


Can You Touch Creation, Whole, Everything?

Can You Stretch As Far As The Sky Stretches?

Can you Fly with the soaring bird?

Can you Ride on the sounds as they fade away into Silence?

Can you get lost in the scent of the flower?

You can…

If You Can... You Are A Happy Man, Because You Know What True Life Is...



The Spiritual Path and the path of the ego


The mistake that most people who are supposed to follow the spiritual path make is that they want to reach an "Egoless State" with their ego (keeping intact the perception of a separate self ). They are two completely different situations. Either You Completely Leave (surrender) to the Universal Power, the Current of Life, to Lead You, without ego, in complete total humility, or you follow the path of the ego. When you follow this second path, when the perception of a separate self, an ego, emerges and functions, you automatically separate yourself from Life, the world, others, things... You act through the ego, you feel, you have goals and aspirations, and you follow behaviors...

On the one hand is the Path of Non-Action, and on the other hand is the path of personal action. The First Path Leads to Harmonization with the Universal, the second path leads to personal achievements and ultimately to great failure, because, whatever you gain, the entire universe is but a realization of a fabricated, false ego, a fantasy.

Everyone has the possibility of choosing between the Path of Virtue (the "egoless state") and the personal path of vice (because the ego always means separation, strife, conflict...). What is certain is that these two roads do not meet anywhere.



Truth Is Incomprehensible


TRUTH Is Incomprehensible, Incomprehensible, Unspoken, Inexpressible... It is simply an Experience, beyond any perception.

Those who claim to be able to express the TRUTH, to Serve it, or to Defend it... to enclose it in Formulas, Symbols, Activities, are not only frauds, but criminals against man... Adopting the role of Teacher, which no one he asked for it, they boldly proclaim that they own the TRUTH, Serve it, Teach it... exposing the multitude of their follies and the depth of their dishonesty.

The TRUTH is simply What It Is, You Experience it, it has no Symbols, no teaching, no activities, nothing external... All that people proclaim is just their sick imagination.

Those who cannot comprehend beyond reason, the TRUTH AS IT IS, content themselves with descriptions, trade in ignorance, and boast of their foolishness... they mislead and mislead unlearned fools alike, and all together walk in the dead-end labyrinths of their minds. .

THE TRUTH IS HERE, IT BELONGS TO ALL… it has no owners, defenders, or exploiters… TRUTH IS FREEDOM, TRUTH IS UNITY, TRUTH IS LOVE, TRUTH IS A GIFT… above all TRUTH is not a tradable commodity, in anyone's hands, of any dirty power, spiritual or social, or economic... TRUTH IS ALWAYS PURE, it has nothing to do with people's filth.



Peace Within Us


Peace Within us comes by giving up all external preoccupations, mind, desires, useless activities... it does not come by effort.

He who knows the beginning and the end of things quietly walks his peaceful way, unconcerned with all which men desire.

Doctrines, religious activities, naive beliefs, attract people...the Wise Man is content with what he has in hand.

Deep Peace, Rest does not depend on anything, neither place, nor time, nor situations... it is exclusively our experience, wherever we are, whatever we do... the way opens and the light sweetly illuminates the whole place... all is quiet.


Emergence into the Light


To SEE, to Experience the TRUTH, to live in REALITY, is something very simple: JUST SEE... Can you just, see? What does it mean to BE CAREFUL? Paying attention to what is, what is happening, all that is happening?

To JUST SEE, without "effort", without retrieving memories, knowledge, experiences, to simply see what is happening, not your mental impressions ... Then you discover that all this is ONE, everything is alive, LIFE, the same phenomenon everywhere.

YOU SEE, JUST SEE… there is what is happening, there is no observer, observed, no separation, subject-object, ALL IS ONE.

You cannot EMERGE into the LIGHT, into Reality, into what is happening, into ONENESS where there is no separation, duality, distance from "things", if you don't stop all this mental chatter, who knows, who explains, who decides, who directs, running after her visions.

Just LET GO of what's going on. TRUTH is in HOW WE SEE, not in what we see, which are passing images, fleeting shadows as life goes on. LIFE IS MOVEMENT of existence, it is not the "fixed objects" of thought, imagination.





When we MEDITATE, i.e., when we are AWAKE, we really SEE what is happening, HERE, NOW, in Real Time.

What is Revealed to us, HERE, NOW, is our all-encompassing PRESENCE, an All-Seeing Unity of Awareness, All-Alive, and Active, Ready to respond where there is a need. There is no separation, ego-world, inside-outside. Everything just happens. They flow.

Within this Perception of our PRESENCE, HERE, NOW, everything is included... both what we do not see, and what we do see.

The material universe may collapse.

The astral world may turn to dust.

The mental world to dissolve.

Let the whole world of existence be engulfed in darkness.


YOU WILL BE HERE, even when all external phenomena, the whole creation dissolves into the primordial chaos from which it was born.

YOU WILL BE HERE even when the worlds are created again, again and again, BECAUSE YOU ARE THAT and not the phenomena, not the existence, the worlds, the lives, the experiences, the earth, every new earth that can be created.


WE ARE THAT, not the phenomena, which are transitory.




The Only True One


The only real thing is this flowing moment.

Everything that exists is constantly changing, at a fast pace, or at a slow pace.

Everything is transient, everything is a dream.

Why then are you trying to keep them alive, real?

By the looks of it, they're already gone.

Maybe... after all... the only real thing is You

And not the dream you're living...

Or perhaps You, and You yourself

Are you a dream of the UNKNOWN?

Maybe… after all… the Only True One

Let it be the Infinite Silence Flowing in its Bliss.


You dream... that everything is real,

And everyone dreams near you.

And everyone participates in their own way in the dream of the world.

It is your thirst to seize the fleeting,

Keep it alive, that keeps the dream going.

If you let it go it will be gone,

And you, Free, will rise to other worlds,

FREE, Infinite, Without End.


Only the LIGHT OF KNOWLEDGE is True,

Beyond everything.

And all activities, perceptions, worlds, lives,

It is the Light that shapes the shadow,

Phenomena only…

All that the Light touches is lost, as if it did not exist,

Only Light There is, Everywhere, Only Light.


Truth Belongs to All


The Truth Belongs to All


TRUTH Is Alive Free Infinite Beyond Time and is found by anyone who wants to, with only the supply of their true human nature.

TRUTH is not the property of any esoteric school, of any church, of any human group.

TRUTH is an Experience that takes place when ignorance is eliminated, it is not closed neither in descriptions nor in activities.

The TRUTH is not the "imitation of the TRUTH" that all the peddlers of pseudoscience peddle.

TRUTH is beyond the common understanding of men.



Humility-Virtue and Humility-Servitude


Humility Before God is a Virtue, because it Frees us from the shackles of existence and Elevates us to the Divine.

Humility towards men is slavery, because it enslaves us to the will of men.

After all, who on the planet deserves more than everyone else?

Only shepherds and sheep teach servitude-humility as a virtue.

Outside the "fold" there is only Freedom, not fear or chaos.



The World of Truth


It is a cruel, the World of Truth for people... because every lie is exposed and crumbles... And no matter how much people defend their false faith, their irrational fantasies, and their vain deeds, all these do not stand up to the Light of Truth... for this is why men prefer the shadow of life, the dark parts of existence… and for this they hate those who profess the Truth.



If you want to find the Truth


When the "Mind" is Awake, Alive, Fresh, i.e., in Full Alertness, it is extremely active, in full attention... it perceives what is really happening, here, now... i.e., it has a direct continuous perception in real time... a perception that is renewed every moment and relies only on the continuous influx of information... not on thought, not on accumulated memory, not on experiences, not on the past... Man thus lives in the absolute present, in the moment that flows.

In such an activity of perception the field of awareness is Unified. There is only Observation… there is no observer, subject, ego… these are all constructs of thought, memory, experiences.

Man lives beyond the world of thought, duality, separation, strife. He lives the Absolute Unity, the Essence of Love, the Deep Stillness, the Infinite Peace, the Undaunted Bliss... beyond the world of men, their thought, their culture.

Man has been searching for thousands of years for this State, this True Life.

If you want to Find this Truth, to Experience it, look in the only place it can exist: Deep Inside you... If you don't find it there, you won't find it anywhere.

Do not search unjustly outside in the world, nor in people, nor in books... above all do not search in the dark damp moldy shelters of churches, seminaries, and small shops where avaricious merchants sell their pseudo-knowledge, all fabrications of their thoughts and imaginations... Only in the Free Space of Reality that You Discover Infinite Within you can you find the Light that will illuminate your existence.

Life has no mysteries


In life there are no mysteries, nothing hidden, nothing to be discovered. It only takes honesty to see exactly what is happening, courage to accept it and humility to follow it... By distorting the truth, wanting to change the flow of life, or refusing to accept the obvious, we achieve nothing, we only show how immature we are, how superficial, how stupid... Life is here, and we look for it elsewhere... denying a little joy to chase an imaginary happiness... we don't live here, we wander in the fog of our imagination... what a shame!



The truth


Truth is Direct Contact with Reality, continuous direct information, complete and complete, that needs no processing or correction.

Truth is not a perception of something, a construction, either direct with some data, or indirect through intellectual action, a product of some reasoning.

The Attainment of Truth is an Inner Act of Understanding of a consciousness that turns to its Own Nature, its Center, and Recognizes its Nature, Free, Infinite, Eternal.

Acquiring Truth is not done through the accumulation of external information.

The Truth requires a kind soul, magnanimity and maturity, not everyone can find it.



Daily Meditation


The Only True Relationship We Have is Our Relationship with God Within. This is something Eternal, Absolutely Ours, that cannot be catalyzed, and sooner or later, even if it takes thousands of lives, we realize it, and this Leads us to Feel One with the Universe.

All other relationships, with worlds, lives, beings, situations, things, will at some point collapse, be abandoned.

Only the Relationship with the Father Lasts. Only This Relationship is the Way and the Completion. And it is only through this Relationship that we are Liberated and Elevated into the One True Reality of That which is All.



Who wants?


Who really wants to follow the Spiritual Path of Liberation? Liberation means getting rid of all bonds, perceptions, situations, activities, objects... You ascend to Heaven Alone, without all these.

But what happens when man considers all these elements of himself? When he loves his delusions? When he delights in his bonds? When he considers all the dust of the world precious?

Ultimately, what is missing is not the knowledge, the directions, the truth of the spiritual path. What is missing is the will, the willingness, to follow the Way.



Reality and dream


There is One and Only Reality Which man does not want or fear to approach, within himself, because it is Without Attributes, Freedom from all limitations, Alive, Flowing, in the Absolute Presence, leaving no trace.

On the contrary, man, instead of being truly awake and living the life unfolding before him, imprisons living perception in thought, in memory, in the time of thought. He makes fixed images, phantoms of living change, and sees and speaks of entities where there are only activities.

So while life is unfolding here, now, in front of us, we are not living the living moment as it flows, but we are thinking about life. We have entered, from biological origins, from social adaptations, into a virtual reality, we feel, live, roles, like the theater of the absurd, follow directions, and waste our energy in activities, always chasing the dream.

After all, is the dream, the one we live, bad? Is it bad to dream? No! Except it's not real. In life there is nothing but Continuous Flow, Change, there is neither gain nor loss. We go through all situations to move Beyond. So, from a high point of view, Reality and dream are aspects of the same essence, and have the same value, they are phases of life.

Sooner or later dreamers awaken to the One Unique Reality that is Beyond the Stillness of Reality, and beyond the motion of the dream, to the Full Awareness of That Which Is.



Truth Is Your Nature!


The Truth Is Inconceivable. You cannot "catch" her with any effort.

With which symbol will you represent her?

With what initiation will you conquer it?

With what understanding will you fit it into your perception?

Truth Is Freedom and Liberation, and Vastness, and Freedom from Attributes.

Truth Is a Secret Experience Of Another Reality, Completely Outside Everything, Outside Time.

The Truth Is Manifested only when all desire for the external world, all effort to grasp the Inconceivable by external means, is exhausted. In Humility, in Silence, in the Eerie Light of Mental Night, the True God is Born.

Truth Is Your Nature! You can only Experience it, you can neither recognize it, nor think about it, nor describe it, nor manipulate it for your own purposes.



Exiting the Labyrinth


Whoever you are, wherever you are, at every moment, you exist without your own effort.

What can lead you, from the dark depths of ignorance, to the Surface of Reality, to Experience the Absolute Truth of Existence, True Existence, True Life, is the "abandonment of all individual existential effort", the "absolute abandonment to life', the 'elimination of all individual perception'.

If you try to "hold on" to external phenomena, sooner or later they will dissolve into the indifference of time. If you try to "hold on" to desires, you will quickly reach a dead end. If you try to hold on to mental constructions, you will at some point discover with horror that everything is a fantasy.

Wait a moment! Think! Dispelling the dark you have Light. By removing ignorance you have Knowledge. Banishing all effort at individual existence you have IS

What Really Exists Is the Basis of All. It looks like Void, Without Attributes, in the mind. It looks like Nothing in your desires, it looks like Zero in your activities... And yet! It is the Complete, the Complete, the TRUTH, the Inexpressible Omnipresent Truth.