Author: wholenous (Constantinos Prokopiou)




Series: Buddha’s Wisdom


Publisher: Esoterism Academy


Diligence: Naya Prokopiou


Year: 2023 / Edition 1


Language: English. Pages: 168


Book format: PDF


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Who is Wholenous! 3




What is a Buddha?. 14

God and you. 17


Title. 24


1. The True and the False. 29

2. The Journey. 31

3. The Decalogue of the man who walks the Way. 33

4. Prefer and Avoid. 35

5. The Warrior of Virtue. 37

6. Know that... 39

7. The Way is "Realization". 41

8. Keep Going, until you arrive. 43

9. The True Way and the Foolish Man. 45

10. The Real Experience. 47

11. Illusions and hallucinations on the Street 49

12. The "Mistakes" on the Road. 51

13. When are you on the right track?. 53

14. The Real Man. 55

15. The True Teaching... and the false theories 57

16. Living in the Light 59

17. The Experience of God is the True Religion. 61

18. The Truth Within Us. 63

19. You! Man! Here! Now! 65

20. The Sky of Knowledge. 67

21. What Do You Really Want?. 69

22. The Road of Virtue and the dead ends of Evil 71

23. The Truth. 73

24. Light and darkness. 75

25. The Timeless Dazzling Light of Knowledge. 78

26. The Easy Way that looks like a Mountain to people. 80

27. The Purpose, the Way, and the Life. 82

28. Learn to Live Free. 83

29. In the Sky of Experience above the clouds of imagination. 86

30. Holistic Health, Balance, and Life. 88

31. The Gate we cannot open. 91

32. Break the shell of ignorance. 93

33. As in heaven and on earth. 96

34. Experiencing the Depth of Essence. 98

35. Freedom requires sacrifices. 100

36. Wakefulness and "sleep". 102

37. Let Nature Go Free. 104

38. The Superior Man. 106

39. The transition from life to "another life". 108

40. If. 110

41. The Truth. 112

42. Spiritual Orientations. 114

43. The Scale of Awareness 116

44. Watch out! 119

45. The Ascension to the Real 123

46. Awakening to Reality. 126

47. Valuable and Useless 129

48. If… then. 131

49 . The Path to Truth. 134

50. The Truth. 137


Basic Hellenic-Latin-English Philosophical Terms. 143



1. The True and the False

How do we distinguish the TRUE from the fake? It's very simple! The TRUE has the "Sense of Eternity", it "uplifts" us... The false has the "taste of the world", it keeps us captive in ignorance, time, and dead ends...

When you see something, they tell you something, just feel inside that deeper meaning of it... Where is it directing you? Where is it taking you? And you will get the right answer.

Every person who "comes" into this existence, into this life, has the opportunity to Know the Truth, to Live the True Life, when he orients Rightly and when he does the True Action.

But most people waste their lives in worldly purposes, in external pursuits, in material activities.

Seek the Truth. Inside you. Listen only to the Voice of Truth, don't get carried away by the Sirens' song that takes you away from your Purpose.

Your True Nature is Eternal, Keep it like the PRECIOUS, don't scatter it to the winds of time.

The PRECIOUS is Within you, and everything will Lead You Here… be skeptical when they ask you to look elsewhere…

" Ask and it shall be given to you", said the Great Teacher of the Essenes .

If you do not reach your Goal while you live, your life will be wasted.

Life never wrongs anyone. He sees to it that everyone reaches Completion, regardless of what external circumstances may be. Spiritual Wholeness is Inner, Spiritual, True Action. And It Happens, It Happens, When We Follow Life, the Stream of Life. It has nothing to do with outside activities.



2. The Journey

When you come to the World of Shadows, to the land of dreams, you must ask yourself deeply, who you are, what you are, what is here, where you are going, and how you must proceed.

You, Alone, Must Understand and Find the Invisible Path to Reality. Ignorance is all around you, and people will, more often than not, give you the wrong information.

Trust only your own criterion of truth. True is what Lifts you to the sky...Fake is what keeps you from flying to freedom.

If you want to cross the Sea of Ignorance and reach, without loss, the LAND OF TRUTH, you must Decide, and Make the Journey.

You have to give up the notion that this whole world of phenomena is something real… they are only transitory phenomena.

You must let go of desires and attachments that prevent you from moving forward, away from the dream.

You must learn to Gaze at the INFINITE with Confidence, without fear of losing it all, because All That is Worth is your Purpose, nothing else.

Keep the rudder of your Heart always pointed towards the SUPREME, and don't be sorry for all that you leave behind... The only real loss you can have is not Arriving... everything else is unimportant, throw them into the fire of striving, keep alive only to arrive... You have no other destination than to BE THERE.

Attention, Vigilance, Work, Humility, Persistence... will Lead you through the fog of the dream to SOLID REALITY.

And when you Realize that the whole Journey is simply a journey beyond your illusions, YOU WILL FEEL THAT YOU ARE HERE, THAT THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN HERE... YOU WILL HAVE ARRIVED.



3. The Decalogue of the man who walks the Way

There are no Masters, in the sense of a divine being, "mediator", omniscient, etc ... There are only brother teachers who have gone before on the Way who can help us... just as we as brother teachers can help those who "come" then… so it is in our Tradition.

Make sure you always have a quiet place, in your home, in the countryside, in the mountains, in the sea, in the forest, where you can sit quietly, or take a walk, away from the activities of people and the noise of the world.

Always look for Friends who walk the Way, who walk the same path as you, Friends you can trust and be trusted.

Take only the food that will keep you healthy and strong and in the quantities you need... avoid if you can the flesh of animals that people feed on... prefer natural herbs to people's drinks...

Always study the correct teachings of wise people, of all traditions, of all religions, of all philosophies... everyone has something to say to you... just remember that the wisest words will be heard within you, in Silence.

Learning natural traditional medicine, resorting to the forces of Nature and alternative medicine, and having exhausted all efforts before resorting to man's chemicals... and learning the properties of herbs will serve you well.

May your lifestyle be in accordance with your Higher Purpose, to Attain Liberation...don't waste yourself in the vain activities of men.

Truly religious is the man who proceeds on his Path respecting other men and accepting their right to follow their own paths... the man who traverses the world humbly... the man whose activities have only one purpose, to ascend to Heaven ... the man who does not delay in vain purposes.

If you want to talk to people, about the little you know, let them ask you, don't be a teacher yourself... always talk to people who follow the Way and really want to learn... don't engage in vain conversations with people who don't understand and don't fight with words, with anyone... you have more important things to do.

Always be conscious of everything you do, when you sit, when you move, when you work or when you walk... don't forget anywhere... don't get carried away by imagination... This is the Foundation of True Meditation, the Foundation you will lean on to Ascend to Heaven.



4. Prefer and Avoid

When you have Silence Inside you Hear the Voice of Everything Talking to you... But when you don't "listen" you look outside for knowledge, truth, orientation... But, outside, who can you trust? People are "identified" by what they "really" are, by the goals they set for themselves and their activities. Learn to "discern". Trust Him who is beyond the world, who sets his purpose beyond the world and weighs life with life and does not weigh life with profit and loss... You cannot trust people who have worldly individuality, whose purposes are worldly and seek to gain something, spiritual, psychological, material, whatever.

Learn to Walk the Way even if you "walk" alone. Do not feel sorry for your so-called friends that you leave behind... They are not true friends, if they were true friends they would be here, with you, they would "walk" the Way with you...

To prefer, when you can, quiet places to stay and walk, and not crowded places where the atmosphere is heavy with people's ignorance, their perceptions, their desires, and their "voices".

If you need to work (and everyone needs to work) learn to be honest even if you have losses, because you will always have losses in the unfair world of people ... Follow truth and honesty wherever they lead you.

Walk the Path Gazing at the Sky, Touching the Eternal... do not turn to other purposes and do not delay... the moment is precious because it is the Gate to the Timeless.

Always be honest, to yourself and to everyone. It's better to admit your mistake and correct it than to put on a false face of being perfect to fool yourself and others.

Guard your time as something precious... Don't waste your time communicating with worldly people or in meaningless activities... Better than all these is to be alone and even better to have companions who walk the same path.

To see faults, both yours and others' and to judge fairly. Correct your own mistakes, but never blame anyone... let them find their own balance.

Your health is something precious because it facilitates you in your higher purposes... Health is built with good habits, right food, right work and right use of time.

Don't get attached to anything. So you will be free from everything, in your decisions and actions... The higher you climb, the less "human" things will bother you... at the Summit there is only Heaven.



5. The Warrior of Virtue

Ideas prepare and shape our reality... so learn to always think of eternal things, think of the common good and always think positive giving way to situations... in this way you create your own magic circle of protection, your own space of life.

The " thoughtforms ", the more charged they are, the more they tend to materialize... that's why you always envision good and beautiful things... that's how you create order in the world... even if nothing you envision happens in front of you.

Learn to use even negative energy to your advantage... everything that is considered evil by people is a reminder and an opportunity to turn to the Eternal and follow the Path of Virtue, which will redeem you from all evil, with the right way.

Abundance, spiritual, mental, material, is the basis for realizing higher purposes... so when by divine grace, or from the favor of life, you are given abundance use it for higher purposes and for the common good... if you use it only for your own your benefit will become a noose around your neck and choke you in selfishness and iniquity.

Even sickness and accidents awaken you to see what pure natural human life is and to use your powers to win it... even if you are defeated by the "enemy" you will have the satisfaction of having stood on feet that did not tremble and with your head held high and dignity in your heart... to accept all that comes but always walk the Path of Virtue.

Often on your Path you will meet foolish and malicious people who will hate you for no reason... ignore them, they simply, with their foolishness, confirm to you that you are following the Right Path.

Everything that comes from Life, has its causes... do not oppose the Law of the World... teach humility, patience, and gratitude, for what Life gives you... because in the end it will turn out to be for your own good.

Weigh the things of life against the eternal values, the common good and order... otherwise your scales will read wrong.

True religion is the religion of experience that leads you to Heaven, to the Feet of the Supreme... so that your activities always aim at elevation and your meditation always focuses on the Eternal and does not travel with the winds of thought.

Always help your siblings (and your siblings are all living beings in the world) even if you have nothing in the world... you have a smile, you have the strength to shake someone's hand, you have time to accompany the one who needs it... they don't need much more... Love manifests itself with what we feel and not with the full handfuls.



6. Know that...

Reality is beyond perceptions, beyond human thought, beyond the phenomena of the senses… all these, though grounded in Reality are but glimmers of a dream and shapes of the imagination, do not take them as real.

The True Mind is Immediate Full Knowledge of Being and thus there is no "motion" in it... Perception, the mind of men, which is constantly in motion is constantly trying to master knowledge, reality, but is always exhausted in its own limited space, in his own constructions... all this is a dream.

All that appears in the Eternal Background of your Existence, sequence of thoughts, feelings, sensations and bodily activities, are streams of phenomena, having their causes and proceeding to their fulfillment... all are transitory. What Remains is Your Eternal Presence.

You must know that everything Flows according to the Law of the World... Everything has its causes and everything goes to its destination... Follow the Current, it leads you exactly where you need to go... do not judge by your own small measures what exceeds your understanding.

Everything shows you the Eternal that Exists behind the phenomena... do not stay on the surface and do not scatter in imaginations.

Truth and Spiritual Progress are in the opposite direction of material pursuits... don't chain yourself by clinging to external things.

All is temporary, and sorrows and joys, and dreams and realizations... Seek the Eternal behind all transitory phenomena... Here is Knowledge, Fullness, Bliss.

Only the Eternal Exists… however many beings, in their ignorance, are seized by phenomena…

You must know that everything in the universe is walking the Path of Eternity, even if they have to make thousands of circles to discover that they are Here from the beginning, even if they waste thousands of years in the dream of the world.

Eventually, things work themselves out, even when in our ignorance, we resist.



7. The Way is "Realization"

The Way is what you have to Realize, it is Experiencing Reality beyond all perception, it is not a teaching, a theory, a creed, beliefs, or external activities… all these are useless.

The first thing you need to understand is to give up all attachments. The man who no longer has external attachments, no desires, is free, truly free, and can go wherever he wants... to find Heaven, Here, Now, Within himself.

When you come into contact with Brothers who have preceded you on the Way, respect them, understand correctly what they "are", what they say, and what they do, weigh them with the scales of truth and selflessness, and only if you judge it right to "accept" it... don't follow foolish people, even if they present themselves as god incarnate, as a perfect teacher, or whatever.

As you move on the Spiritual Path keep in mind that whatever level of understanding you reach is temporary... so don't be proud of something you will give up tomorrow... But if it helps others then show your understanding, always stressing that it is only a temporary "abode" (of perception).

Knowing that while you are on the Way, in "motion," you have not Arrived, do not linger, being satisfied with incomplete knowledge, even if you know far more than all men put together... Do not stop moving until you reach the Timeless Truth.

When you "Get" to Enlightenment you will know it because nothing will move within you anymore, because Knowledge will now be Complete... you will Come to Absolute Tranquility, Endless Silence, and Eternal Peace... It cannot be conceived, it cannot be described , and there is no need, because everyone must experience it himself, abandoning himself in the Immensity of the Presence.

There are three great achievements on the Path, which lead to the Great Immensity, to the Exit from the world, to Eternity... non-possession of things, abandonment of desires, stillness of mind... Passing the Gate of Eternity you will leave behind the old self, to Become One with All.

You cannot go Beyond the Gate if you do not abandon yourself and with it all selfishness... Here, beyond the world everything is shared and everyone serves everyone... it is the only way to live.

The Way is the Way of Action, of Realization, of True Life. The Way is the Sacred Space where all is true, away from the world of ignorance and delusional perceptions and futile activities.

Learn to respect those who preceded you on the Path... the time will come when you will be entitled to the same respect from all those who follow... the same applies to those who follow... Succession in our Tradition is unbroken.


8. Keep Going, until you arrive

From the moment you have Entered the Path of Realization, and you have understood that it is not a theoretical training that you can find out in the world, or in books, but an experiential approach to Reality, proceed with humility, patience and perseverance until you arrive to your Goal… which is Full Awakening, Full Knowledge and not realization through the completion of some process.

Remember that no intermediate perceptual state is Reality... Reality is itself Complete Knowledge and Wholeness and thus is experienced.

To persevere in spiritual effort even if you have to exert yourself or isolate yourself... When you have achieved mastery of the mind, neither place nor time will matter to you.

Every moment you live is complete, finished, and this moment is the Gate to the Timeless... You will achieve it when you have no aspirations, desires, thoughts... when everything is over and you no longer expect anything from the world.

Take care to keep yourself healthy and have enough vitality to be available for your spiritual purposes... A little effort works as a stimulant to find your work rhythm.

True Meditation is the undisturbed state of mind that penetrates thoughts and leaves them behind, it is not an attempt at mind control, preoccupation with thought, or any other process... True Samadhi is beyond perceptions, processes and worldly activities.

Right Realization and Right Understanding is a Permanent State... Occasional attainment is not true attainment... Only definitive passage beyond thought reveals Reality.

On the Road you may encounter adverse circumstances... everything has its causes... don't wonder about them, move forward with patience, with determination, still exhausting your strength... as long as you cross to the Other Side.

Everything is achieved by Work… attachments, passions, obsessive thoughts, all, are overcome by effort… but Attainment Itself is not, nor can it be, the result of effort… You need to cleanse yourself of the filth of the world, not realize Purity, comes alone.

From the Point of View of the Timeless there is no good, evil, everything is delusion... But in the world, good exalts you, helps you rise to Heaven, evil sinks you into hell... such is their function in the world.



9. The True Way and the Foolish Man

Everything around us Manifests the Presence of God… but the foolish man always gives them the meaning which his thought conceives…

Everything around us is transitory, nothing stays the same… but the foolish man always acts as if everything is eternal.

Everything that happens has its causes and its consequences in the chain of time and nothing escapes the Law of Nature... but the foolish man always puts his hand into the fire thinking that it will not burn.

If we could see behind the veil of time, how many times we have come here and how many times we have left without learning anything, we would be deeply saddened and care in this life to find the way back to our Home... but the foolish man only cares to live, at any cost.

If we really looked around we would see that almost all people run after their desires thinking that they will be happy, and everyone is unhappy... but the foolish man feels happy that he lives in hell on earth.

True Life is in Knowledge, beyond the delusions of the mind, beyond the visions of the senses… but the foolish man is certain in his ignorance and thinks that whatever he touches is real.

It is really difficult to rise above the fallacies we were taught or accepted because we felt safe , but it is the Only Way that leads to Liberation... but the foolish man wakes up and sleeps peacefully in his delusions.

We live in a Dark Age... the deepest darkness is just before the Dawn, and we must tread carefully because there are no paths distinguished... but the foolish man does not care that he stumbles, he is sure that he will get somewhere.

Many people would exchange years of their lives for a moment of real deep peace within themselves... but the foolish man wastes his years in the war of the world, where people are devouring each other.

Whatever we do is pointless, in the end when we open our hands we hold only ashes, and those who know this, from experience, understand that only Knowledge will we take with us, and we will leave behind only our Love... but the a foolish man clings to the things of the world, thinking that he will find salvation in them.


10. The Real Experience

Real Experience is silence of the mind, it neither fits into words, nor needs words... it indicates silence and actions leading to silence... When it is taught, when it leads to activities of the mind, to other purposes then it is only experience of the mind.

When Experience is not complete, Final, Permanent, Living Every Moment, it becomes memory, teaching, words, and satisfies only the mind and those who are satisfied only by the mind.

Excellent spiritual ability without "guidance" can lead to spiritual selfishness, wrong paths and wrong actions... only humility, selflessness, and renunciation of all desires can protect us...

Meditation, when it does not aim at the Passage Beyond thought, into the Immensity of Existence that has no limits, or divisions, can lead to wrong directions that are perceived as true.

Real Experience is Precious even when it seems simple and poor... it is precisely the mind that cloaks Experience in Mystery or presents it with wonderful descriptions... but this is not Real Experience, but the imaginations of the mind.

Liberation is not something that one can seek for oneself, nor something that one can keep only for oneself... It is the Experience of Oneness of Existence that is Spontaneously shared with all through the paths of Love , Offering, and of the Sacrifice.

The Experience of Reality is beyond all... it has nothing to do with worldly purposes... it can be used neither as Knowledge, nor as Power, nor as Profit, it is Love that is shared equally with all, and while shared remains Inexhaustible in its Essence.

Unless all worldly desires, pursuits, and activities are laid aside, you cannot find the Path that Leads to the True... Unless all activities of thought are abandoned you cannot Enter the Sacred Space of Reality... If all distinction from what " It's not stopping you can't Taste Eternity.

Always see to it that you have Friends, with whom you can share everything, do not seek spiritual authority, do not have disciples, or admirers, even if you alone possess Knowledge on earth... It is better to be equal among equals, because they will really honor you… the “followers” are sure to envy you, reject you and destroy all the good you are trying to do.

If even for a moment, as long as a breath lasts, you believe that you possess something, that you are something, that you are superior to others, you are still in great darkness... in the Light of Truth, all shadows, all illusions dissolve... there is only Freedom, Serenity, Peace, Love and Kindness.