Author: wholenous (Constantinos Prokopiou)




Series: Buddha’s Thought


Publisher: Esoterism Academy


Diligence: Naya Prokopiou


Year: 2023 / Edition 1


Language: English. Pages: 324


Book format: PDF


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I.   REALITY.. 27

The Discipleship Experience. 29

In the World of Events 32

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In the Three Heavens. 53

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Utterly Being, Spirit, and "Creation". 74

About Action. 88

The Entity "Man". 97

The “Formed” Man. 106

"Liberation" from body, thought, existence. 115

From "Body Control" to Right Living. 122

From "Management of Mental Energy" to Ethical Discipline. 127


Introduction to Meditation. 135

Alertness during the perception of the external world. 139

Overcoming the thought process. 144

Transcending the ego. 149

Non-Dual Awareness. 152


Levels of Depth in Non-Dual Consciousness. 158

The Continuum of Realization. 160

The three varieties of experience in non-dual consciousness. 165

Non-Dual Consciousness and Individuality. 167

The Three Varieties of Experience. 170

Theory of the Three Varieties of Non-Dual Consciousness. 173

The Luminous Path of Divine Unity. 176


Space Consciousness 180

The Theory of Space Consciousness. 181

Mystical Theory of Space Consciousness. 184


Cosmic Consciousness. 188

Cosmic Consciousness about 189

The Theory of Cosmic Consciousness: An Integrative Approach to Understanding the Nature of Reality  190

The Mystical Theory of Cosmic Consciousness: The Path to Transcendence  193


Ultimate reality! 197

Theory of Ultimate Reality: An Integrated Perspective. 199

The Mystical Theory of Ultimate Reality. 202


Distinguishing the True from the fake. 207

The Liberation. 208

The Infinity That Ends Nowhere. 213

Experiencing God. 216

The Language of Reality. 221

The experience of the Absolute. 225

The Attainment of Mindfulness 228

The Holy Community. 231

The Last Illusion. 239

The Enlightenment 243

To Live Really. 247

Death. 249

The True Meditation. 251

At lonesome seashore. 253

The Kingdom of Being. 255

The spirit 258

The Lost Meaning. 263

Nature, Perception, and Thought 266


The Timeless Spiritual Existence. 270


Going with the Flow.. 276

Irene. 280

The Real Life. 284


Basic Hellenic-Latin-English Philosophical Terms. 291



The Discipleship Experience


Many years ago... I was young...


I have apprenticed (sat near, and talked) with Some Very Great Masters... Some are Famous on the planet (I don't want to mention their name.. it doesn't matter anyway).

They never (never) "taught" me anything.

I was never "pressured", never "reprimanded" for anything...

I felt Free... I had as much time as I wanted (or thought I needed).

I knew (intuitively) that "Master", was patient, not indifferent... he would even wait an eternity for "me" to move.

So much love!


They (my Masters) did some things... and I was trying to do them too... That was the only teaching.

I tried by myself to learn to "walk", to "progress"... but I always felt Love, a sweet silent interest, embracing me.

And at some point I learned to "rise" within myself, up to the "sky of the world"...

I learned to "fly" in the "Three Higher Heavens"…

I “Arrived” Beyond “Motion”... Here Where You Understand Reality Is Still... and Only Perception “Moves” in the “Ground” of Reality, Changing “Experiences”...


And then I learned to "travel" in limited spaces even though I felt that All Space Is One, and there are no borders in the worlds...


And finally I felt that I was ready (anytime, now, here), for the third, final, journey, to leave my body (not caring)... to die.


I finally understood that what "connected" me to all the Beloveds who guided me Silently, Love, is nothing but the Oneness that Pervades All... They felt no separation from "me", in the first place... I was "me", inside in my ignorance, that I thought I was separated, from the world...

And now, I don't know if What I Feel Is Freedom, Love, Oneness, Infinity, Eternity... In the Deep Silence of Reality, in the Heart of Mystery, everything loses its meaning and acquires the same content... all words mean the same thing, the truth…

THERE IS ONLY ONE SPACE AND ALL IS ONE... Divisions, movement, creation, worlds, descent and ascent are nothing but the dream created by ignorance... But He Who Is Free feels that there are no such divisions and All Space It's his Home, Here, Now..

I did not write this text to talk about "me", although some may misunderstand and think that I am talking about "me".

I mainly wanted to refer to the "discipleship experience" as I lived it.

My Relationship with my "Master" was within an Unlimited Space of Freedom, I was the one who decided…

I am not a Master, nor do I want to be or save anyone… but I believe that all seekers of truth, if they ever decide to find a Master, should find a Real Master and apprentice within That Boundless Space of Freedom… I speak from "experience".

There are many impostors pretending to be the Master or the Knower… If you do not feel with them that you are completely free… if there is not This boundless Space of freedom… leave them…

People must be Free, Live Free, Learn within the Limitless Space of freedom, Decide Their Own Course... Any other relationship, dependency or transaction is dirty... And Because TRUTH IS FREE, never give either obedience, nor money, to the "Merchants of Knowledge"... a friendly advice is, simply.

Ultimately, the bottom line, which I have spent years finding is that True Enlightenment is not a matter of time, it does not happen in time... however many thousands of lifetimes you search for. You just "get out" of everything... in a moment, as long as the blink of an eye lasts... you just have to decide, you have to do it... everything else, "how" it happens, the analyses, the efforts, the developments, the realizations , the illuminations, everything, but everything is thought, imagination, illusion, and everything but everything, happens in time.


In the World of Events


In the Real World things just happen.

In the thought-made world of men, things usually look different.

Many years ago…

We were sitting, just sitting, in a room, down on the floor… somewhere…

Outside of time you don't understand, even though Life Never Stops Flowing, things change.

But outside, in the room, it got dark.

There was only, over    in the corner of the room, a plain table, with a candle lighted in a deep dish.

He said to me… “Go dark… can you light that candle next to you”?

I got up, took the candle, went to the corner of the room, lit it from the lighted candle, and came back with the candle I had lit and sat back in my seat...

But I wasn't sitting in the same place anymore.

I was in a completely different world.

I suddenly realized what had been going on all this time.

When I was asking… “Teacher, tell me…”…

He would make a move or smile, or reassure me… "I'll tell you…", and never say anything.

But that night I realized that he wouldn't tell me anything, I would never get answers... because I didn't need answers... because they all work on the level of thought, they were words, empty shells, with no real content.

I understood that Life is Transmitted by Life… as Fire is Transmitted by Fire.

And I stopped asking, asking for theoretical explanations.

I just learned to Observe…

And the real world of events was revealed to me… All that Happening, Here, Now, in the Flowing Moment… phenomena that are constantly changing, with nothing left… perception, thought, feelings, sensations, activities, the world…

It All Started Here.


"Where Are You?"


In the Real World YOU ARE HERE, In All-encompassing Existence… not in a creation, in space, in a place, here where the body "is".

In the thought-constructed world of people, you are always "somewhere"... where thought, senses tell you.

Many years ago…

We were sitting, just sitting, down on the floor… one against the other.

It was a bright morning and there was a lot of light!

A True Master Who Has Passed Beyond, Into the Vast Space of Reality, Is One With All… is Love that Spreads and Embraces and makes you feel safe…

As he feels no separation from you, he can See into your being as if it were “transparent”... This gives you immense confidence that he can guide you right.

The Real Teacher as simply imparts Life to you, with personal contact, and not with theoretical teachings... He sees what is really happening and simply indicates to you "where to go".

As He observes you, naturally, serenely, peacefully, there is nothing hidden from Him, not even the slightest movement in your being…thought, feeling, sensation, outward movement.

The day before, as I stood up from the same spot, and joined hands and bowed my head in greeting, he simply said to me, without looking anywhere…

"Tomorrow, a glorious day will dawn."

We were sitting for a long time... and I had "forgotten"...

He broke the Silence... "WHERE ARE YOU?".

I took the question literally (from where I perceived myself to be…), and as I went to bring my eyes around, so I could re-identify , see, explain… he stopped me with a wave of his hand.

My eyes stared abstractly into the void, trying to draw from experience, knowledge, memory, an answer, to say something... He shook his head negatively and stopped me.

I looked into his eyes, with almost despair…

What did he want to say? What was he asking me to tell him? What was he asking me to do?... In his eyes There was only Immensity, "nothing" to grasp... He turned his head away and I was left alone in my darkness.

I don't know how much time has passed… a few minutes, thousands of years, an eternity?…

And in the middle of nowhere, I felt his hand touch the top of my head… a simple touch… and a turning of the world at the same time… I shook… and felt my whole being, as if a current was passing through…

I remained like this… there was no time to count… The three “refusals of the Master, a little while ago (a little? I don’t know how much time had passed), which I thought had left me in the dark… had taken me completely out of human perception…

I couldn't use my senses to see where I was!

I could not resort to thought, to memory, to experience, to say where I am!

I couldn't even resort to imagination… because in the Master's Eyes there was no image (at that time)!

There was no way, through all these activities, to SEE WHERE I AM!

And as I remained thus… with a simple touch, after all avenues were blocked, I began to Perceive by Perception alone, Directly – and not through the processes of imagination, thought, or feeling… in another way, in a another part of the brain, different from that where thought manifests… that, I simply AM HERE, in Existence, in the all-encompassing Reality, in Reality as it is, as it happens, in the Real world… not in the world constructed by thought or imagination, or "present" the senses... not in creation, in space, in the universe, in the room... all these, were but phenomena...

I WAS HERE, NOW, Out of Time, In A Reality That Flowed, And Yet Nothing Changed... And All That Seemed To Happen, Didn't "Happen"... Perception Showed It Happening... Perception Was Running, Perception Was Happening... and created the universes, the world, existence, experiences, events..

The Master's Voice took me out of what I was living...

“Now that YOU ARE HERE… you must learn to see, feel, feel and live”…

I felt like I didn't care about anything anymore.

I was Home and I was Everywhere, Always... I was willing to learn anything... and I was in no hurry... within the Timeless there is no hurry.

I got up, put my hands together and bowed my head in greeting... and left... without going anywhere... the place didn't matter anymore... wherever I went I WAS HERE...


"See, Feel, Touch"


When You Are Free, Act when needed and as much as needed, you control the activity, and the activity is useful because it opens up your horizons, it does not bind you: You are Here, Now, in the Real World of events, and you simply respond to what happens.

When you are in constant activity of thought, it is like being in a vehicle without brakes, in a continuous movement that you do not fully control, and the movement must either stop by itself, as soon as its "causes" are exhausted, or stop violently: You're always heading somewhere, circling in your imagination, when you don't have to go anywhere.

Many years ago…

We were sitting down, on the floor, opposite...

It was afternoon, and there was a peaceful silence that you couldn't tell if it was "inside", "outside"... here and there some birds could be heard, in the trees of the garden.

The Master saw (I did not know), inside, outside, everywhere, without looking anywhere... Peaceful, without worry.

I felt - as I sat across from him - that I was Here, Now, in the Real World of events, at peace... almost happy.

"Where are you;" he said quietly.

"Sir!" I said... "Don't you know where I am?"

Didn't He Feel It? Didn't He See It? I remained quiet… but something was beginning to change (like an intuition, something, something was happening…).

"Everything you feel is an illusion." he said

"You need to stop coming here."

As he finished his sentence he looked at me carefully, deep in the eyes, dissolving my entire being.

"Sir!" I said as my breath hitched and my eyes blurred with tears.

He smiled, and I gasped.

But at the same time I started thinking, searching, wondering.

He opened his hands with palms to the sky.

"What are you doing;" he said almost sharply.

As far as I remember it was one of the few times he had raised his voice.

I woke up. What did I do? With what he said and what happened at that moment, there was nothing, no reality, no facts (beyond the fact of thought), no nothing. I realized that I had been lost in thought (looking to find what had happened). I had disappeared from the world and was only in my thoughts, in my anxiety and in my questions.

"Can you swallow?" he said.

"Sir!" I said, "I know that You are Love... You allow me and I speak to You in the singular... I know that You would never hurt me... But why did You "push" me? Why… I lost my balance.

Now she smiled peacefully.

"Where do you think he had gotten to?" he said. And with a movement of his right hand, palm facing me, he stopped me… he didn't want an answer.

He put his hands together and rested them on his jaw without bowing his head.

I felt like it was all over... he wouldn't say anything more at that moment.

But I had learned his "ways" (or so I thought). I knew I could sit there as long as I wanted. To Understand… But I was alone, desperately alone…

He was waiting...he was expecting something from me and he was holding me there, I couldn't "hide" somewhere. I had to give an answer... But how? What?

I stayed still, quiet…I would sit there until my body fell apart.

I don't know how much time passed... it was dark outside.

I suddenly felt an insane joy, and suddenly I completely relaxed. For so long I thought I was sitting peacefully, quietly, but, in fact, there was a terrible tension inside me, a desperate effort was being made, that I thought if it stopped I would die...

And suddenly, everything came crashing down… I completely relaxed.

I had learned the biggest lesson of my life (or so I thought at the time).

I understood why this man, there, in front of me, "pushed" me like that (in thought)... (Really... like that in the semi-darkness, was he a man? Shadow? Apparition? God?... So Peaceful, so Quiet, that he took you out of the time...).

What I thought was Experience, being here, Now, in the Real World of what is really happening (and not lost in thought, or imagination, or the world...), was neither reality nor fake (but only a perception of mine) .

It wasn't real because at any moment I could "lose" it (in a moment of turmoil... as it happened), but it wasn't completely fake either, since I was experiencing it, I was living it with my whole being.

I found my Balance again, and I now felt that I Was Immovable, like the mountain.

I almost laughed… I don't know if there was a sound, or my face just twitched, but the man across from me moved his head and his whole gaze turned to me, not looking though, and then he made an affirmative gesture (almost imperceptibly … I guessed more).

Now I no longer felt joy, but a strange (at first) peace.

He knew I had Understood.

I understood! Nothing could now disturb me, make me confine myself again to thought, or to some other activity.

It was getting dark for good... or was it late night... Somewhere in the distance, I felt the beginning of dawn.

"Are you here?" he said.

"Yes Sir!" I whispered back.

"You can see?"

"Yes Lord, I see." I could think from Here I Was, without getting lost in thought.

I was functioning with Whole Being, and could think, feel, do everything, without being limited in activities.

"Do you feel here?" he asked, and brought his hand to his heart in the darkness (I guessed the movement rather than saw it with my natural eyes).

"Yes sir! I feel" I said.

"Can you touch the floor?"

I reached out and touched the floor gently.

"Yes sir! I touch it."

"So HERE, You Can See, Feel, Touch... You Are A Real Person."

"Yes sir!" I said "I am HERE, and I can do all this, without leaving."

I felt as if I had been freed from something. Like I wasn't exactly in my body. But I Existed, I could think, feel, move, do anything, without being limited to some effort of the body, or being forgotten.

"You are Free" he said with a deep breath.

I was free. I was free. There was no inside or outside. There was Oneness, I felt nothing else... But also a Deep Deep Love, and an Infinite Joy... "I" was lost, and There Was Only That.

I felt the man across from me smile in the darkness. Would he have cried like I did? I do not know.

Suddenly I felt that everything was just beginning.

The Lesson was over... I was free from the lesson too.

I sighed.

"Go rest my child" he said softly.

Now there was no rush... I was in eternity...

"Now We'll Be Together, Continue... even when I'm gone...".

I joined my hands, bowed my head in greeting… and didn't wipe away the tears that flowed… I couldn't breathe.

"Thank you sir!" I said out of breath. Maybe he didn't hear me. He didn't need to hear it. He was Free from all these foolish emotions of men... And yet He Felt the Deepest, Greatest Emotion, that a human being can feel... He Felt Love, He was Love, He was God.

I backed out of the room… and as I stepped out I was hit by the fresh cool morning air.

Dawn! What a Bright Day!... Oh my GOD!...





"Get Out"


Once upon a time, as far as I can remember, there was a Country called Hellas, the Country of my childhood memories... as I perceived and imagined Hellas... This Country is now destroyed... what they call "Greece" today, has nothing to do with what I "knew" then...

Fifty years back...

My family was a poor family of refugees, from the Southern Shores of the Black Sea... Around 1964 we came to live in Attica... the Holy Land...

Here where the Light arose and Wisdom spoke.... Here where they lived...once upon a time...famous people...

So... We settled on the Sacred Way, West of the old river... On the Sacred Way... Through here passed... in the old days... the holy procession that started from the Acropolis to go to Eleusis, the Holy City of Mysteries... How much I had not heard about the Eleusis, for the Mysteries...

Poor area… and then even poorer…

Below... far away... was the sea, the Port, Piraeus... There was a coastal road that reached Sounion, at the tip of Attica.

At some distance, East from the Port, there was an area (Palaio Faliro), which had several mansions... at that time, apartment buildings had not been built.

It was a big House, with a huge garden (or maybe they seemed huge to me, because I was small...)... The people who owned the house were Buddhists... and they were quite different from other people...

I remember some older friends of mine took me there... and from the first moment I went there I was impressed. By all…

The House was quite big and you had access to all areas… There was a strange silence, although sometimes there were people talking quietly… In the house there were (always) different people… Some sat down, on the floor, cross-legged, for hours… I didn't understand then for what purpose… There was a library, where there would always be some people studying (and writing) in silence… There was a comfortable lounge where there would always be someone sitting, sometimes in silence, sometimes in conversation… If you were hungry, as long as you were there, you could to ask to be given something to eat... As I found out sometime later, you could also sleep there if you wanted.

What really struck me was that the House was never locked, even at night… you could come in or out, any time you wanted… But something in the atmosphere inspired you with respect…. And by yourself (everyone) you took care not to disturb...

It was a Living House... Some friends called it the "Quiet House"... For me, and that's what I called it, it was the "Open House"... something like a gate, a passage that connected the world we lived in with another, different world. .. so that it unified all the 'Spaces'... but it was always a Quiet Place.

Sometimes people would come, of a different race from distant places (some had come from Tibet, India, the Far East...) and then there was another liveliness in the House... as if something was happening... but I didn't know what exactly.

I was a little kid when I first went there... and I went (at first with my older friends) often... I had eaten there and slept there many, many times ...

From my house in Iera Odos, it was not easy to go either... Sometimes I tried and went on foot... but it was too far... Once, I remember it like it was yesterday, leaving, there were no buses, because it was late, and I had to walk, many hours, to my house.

I usually took the bus down to the sea (where they call it Neo Faliro) and then took the coastal road until I got to House... I loved walking by the sea. Sometimes I sat somewhere, just sat... it was so beautiful... But always my destination was to go Home..

I went there for several years... I listened to people talking about the Buddha, his Teaching, his words... and there was an invisible peace that permeated you... Over time I learned a lot... But I didn't know how much more I was ignorant of... What I understood from the beginning (and it was clear to me) is that here they were talking about another way of being, of living... not about theories... They practiced what they said... They didn't follow the Buddha... They lived the life of the Buddha... or so they seemed, I was young and I couldn't to judge then..


The years passed and I reached 17... It was the year Master came... He had a name, but everyone said Master... Master... it matters what it was, not the name...

He was a Quiet Peaceful Man who spoke little... when he had to, and almost always when spoken to... and never said much... Sometimes you had to think hard enough to understand what he "meant"... He stayed there, a guest nearby for three years... some sometimes he would travel and then come back…

I talked to him for quite some time after he arrived... but I always listened when he spoke to others.

When, not daring to address him, I asked about him, they told me that he was born in Somewhere, but lived in different places, both in the East and in the West...

He usually spoke English (which I understood quite well at the time), but he also spoke Greek, many times...

He didn't teach anything theoretical... he talked about man, about "how" he exists, "how" he lives... about things he can do, practically.

He was speaking in a very condensed sentence… His words were etched into you… and it might take some time for you to understand exactly what he had said to you.

As far as I understood, then, and much later, he was one of those wise men, who live out of the world, out of public life, hidden, anonymous... Yet he was "known" to those who followed the Inner Path, and he traveled in many places, where he was called... As I found out later, it was the first time he stayed in one place for so long, I don't know if he stayed because he was from here, or for other reasons...

When he decided to deal with me (at first a few hours, then more... sometimes, I remember, he took us all day), it was strange, but I felt calm, free, I didn't feel any pressure... This man must be Really Enlightened ( whatever that is… then I knew nothing)… He had so much Love… At the same time he had such Steadfastness, Determination, that he begged you to do something and you felt that your whole life depended on it…

This man taught me what Man really is, he took me completely out of thinking, he set me free, he taught me to really live. In fact he "guided" me completely invisibly, to realize all this... Although "passing through" I understood, that there is no self, no achievement, no nothing... All are illusions of man... and when all these are extinguished, there is simply Reality, Reality Works.

What I Realized, several years later, is that ENLIGHTENMENT is INHERENT in human Nature, we just need to get rid of the mental activity, the mental freed...and Open to the Limitless.

After our last Meeting I had enough time to visit the Master... I had been to the House several times, but we had not spoken... Sometimes our eyes met and I felt as if he was reading my "soul"... A few days before our Next Meeting, while he was turning to me, he smiled imperceptibly and greeted me by joining his hands under his mouth...

A few days later I received through a friend an "invitation"... Master was inviting me to see him...

All this time he had kindly instructed me to stay in the Physical State and act in the special functions only when necessary... It was something impossible... There was effort, tension... sometimes I was not in control of my body, which was shaking (arms, legs, when I lay down) without wanting it... and various other symptoms... At the same time, I was going to Six-Class High School (that's how it was then), in the 5th grade, and there were so many requirements... and with English... and my performance wasn't that good... Sometimes I thought you can't do it all...

Nevertheless, I was able to get through all the difficulties... We had finished the exams a few days ago and I had overcome the tension... I had found my inner balance and was calm, almost peaceful... as if I had come out of a terrible storm and I was sailing in calm waters... I think this is what the Master saw and called me to come and see him.

When I got there, in the early afternoon, I found him sitting outside in the garden, under a tree... I think it was a big apricot tree.

I stood up, in front of him, and when he looked up at me I greeted him and waited... I thought we were going inside, where we usually sat, all the time before.

He smiled fleetingly... "The weather calmed down. You can stay out,” he said.

I thought he meant that someone can sit outside, or that we can sit outside... Later I realized that he was addressing me and referring to my "spiritual" state and not that I would be sitting with the outer body.

I must say that lately and especially in the last few days, I have felt so free... that I was almost not "in" my body... Such was the Euphoria... I felt so light, as if a complete reversal of my being had occurred, as if it had turned inside out... I didn't feel like I was "in" the body, but that I WAS Here and in me was the body... I was out of the body and the body was in all that I felt... yet I functioned normally in the body … I couldn’t explain it… much later I understood… In This State, Perception… I felt that everything was there, that there were no distances, like when you “touch” things, because they are very close… it was all united, all One…

I sat down, on a pillow, and we stayed like that for quite some time…

He broke the silence... "Sit Still, forget your body."

How? What did he mean?… No matter how free you feel from the body, you are connected, there are contemporary perceptions (in mind and body)… how to forget the body?

"Better rest there," he said and calmly, slowly, raised his right hand, pointing to the edge of the garden.

I got up calmly and retreating two, three, steps, I turned and went to where he indicated... under another tree, some decorative tree, (I think it was a magnolia, and it was in bloom at that time, there was a mat, spread out like a bed.

I stood for a moment, alone, then I sat down and lay down… there was a very thin pillow for the head…

I had learned to sit, calmly, patiently, for hours... and relax... At first it was difficult to sit and do nothing... Even if you kept the body still (which is difficult in itself), there was inner activity, restlessness, tension... but for nearly four years of going there, I had managed to relax quite quickly and deeply... after all, even in my normal life I always moved slowly (to the point that people around me got irritated...).

I lay like that... I closed my eyes... I could only hear the birds in the trees and some "distant" sounds from the House...

I left my body on the ground, lifting it... I gave up trying to hold it... I don't know how much time passed... At one point I felt that I was still tight... I suddenly relaxed... I stayed like that for a long time... I couldn't take it anymore... I sat up...

I looked towards where Master was sitting… He was looking in another direction…

"There is no time, hurry..." he said.

That brought me in… I understood… Any intention, any pursuit, or expectation, throws you out… I sat like this, until I was tired… I leaned gently again and lay down… I wanted nothing, I cared for nothing… I left my body alone… and the earth he was picking it up… Everything was forgotten… the noises became very distant… I felt drunk… lightheaded… as if something had lifted me up in the air…

I felt a hand touching my head lightly... It was getting dark... Master had come and sat next to me... I sat up... We were silent for a while...

"You will learn to forget your body... all the time...", he said... "to stay outside, and as much as necessary inside..."... "there are different concepts of residence, you will recognize them, they are not the final ones..."

In the following days I went to the House every day, early in the morning, and left very late or slept there... I learned to be outside and "forget" the body... and I always had the right guidance and the "explanations" I needed, for everything I perceived …

It's been a while... Finally I could be outside, and the body was working quietly, without any disturbances...

What I Realized is that, True Existence, without personal elements, free from the body, was (is) A Single Open Space of Awareness that includes All... I felt the Oneness of Existence... All Is One, there are no "distances"... all distinguished but not separated, they were One within a Sense of Oneness, a Deep Sense of Love that United All…

I didn't know what state of existence this is... and when I asked Master for “explanations”... I was faced with one of the biggest surprises of my life.

"There are Various Perceptions, Abodes of Perception, which Reveal the Essence of Existence, its Quality, its Unity..."... "There are three particular Abodes which can be recognized by their special characteristics... they are all illusions...".

I stayed with this for several days... and when after so many days of silence I asked again... Master, who had been waiting for the question, simply told me...

"Reality is beyond all perception, beyond the motion of perception, an abysmal depth, a stillness, without qualities...".

That summer I learned to be free from the body... When I needed to feel the body, almost imperceptibly... Many times, even when I was walking, I would stand still and just "feel"... Other times I would "feel" without being disturbed by movement... I was completely distracted… I don't know exactly what the connection was with the body… but what I noticed is that I couldn't (even with effort) squeeze hard, as if I had no muscle power… As Master explained to me (at one point), this was temporary …

It was a beautiful summer.

In the coming Winter, Master would "guide" me to recognize the various Perceptual Abodes, the Three Spiritual Oceans... to behold the Shore Beyond All...

The Master left in 1975… But I saw him again several times over the next few years… for a while…

We talked about my future, many times, in our meetings...