Author: wholenous (Constantinos Prokopiou)




Series: Buddha’s Wisdom


Publisher: Esoterism Academy


Diligence: Naya Prokopiou


Year: 2023 / Edition 1


Language: English. Pages: 212


Book format: PDF


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Cover page. 1

Who is Wholenous! 3




What is a Buddha?. 13

God and you. 15


Title. 21


1. The Reality. 31

2. Life. 33

3. The Land of Truth. 34

4. Only God Exists!. 36

5. The Wise Men. 37

6. God Is. 38

7. The Only Way. 39

8. On the Other Side. 40

9. The Love of God. 41

10. The Truth. 42

11. The Street 43

12. Truth Is Life Itself. 44

13. Life. 45

14. Wise and foolish. 46

15. In the Kingdom of Truth. 47

16. Knowledge Is Light 48

17. The True Light 49

18. Truth Is Without Attributes. 50

19. Reality Is Silence. 51

20. The Truth Is Here. 52

21. With the Voice of Silence. 52

22. Moments of Experience. 54

23. The True Knowledge. 55

24. New Thoughts. 56

25. The Middle Way. 57

26. The Real Spiritual Work. 59

27. Actual Experience. 60

28. The Real Life. 61

29. Being disabled. 63

30. Just Feel It 64

31. Truth and Fiction. 65

32. The True Realization. 66

33. The Real Man. 67

34. One Common Base. 68

35. In the footsteps of Sophia. 71

36. The Unique Path. 72

37. Seeking Inner Understanding. 75

38. Experiencing Timeless Eternity. 76

39. Let God Lead You. 77

40. Shining Eternity. 78

41. The True Understanding. 79

42. The True. 80

43. Freedom.. 81

44. The Meaning of Life. 82

45. The Limitless Reality. 83

46. True Freedom.. 84

47. The Ultimate Reality. 85

48. Eternity. 86

49. Images from Nature. 87

50. In the Real World. 89

51. For the Truth. 90

52. The Land of Reality. 91

53. Beyond thought 92

54. The Straight Path. 93

55. The Ancient Wisdom.. 94

56. The True Knowledge. 95

57. The Wisdom of "Discernment". 96

58. The Way of Truth. 96

59. The True Silence. 98

60. Our True Nature. 99

61. The Subject 101

62. Be One with All 103

63. In Seventh Heaven. 106

64. The Journey of Life. 107

65. The Road of Experience. 109

66. The Traveler. 110

67. The Ten Verses of the Theaters in the "Feast of Fools". 111

68. The Ten Verses of the Holy Pilgrims. 112

69. The Sky, the Birds and the creatures of the earth. 113

70. The Seasons of Life. 114

71. The Supreme Secret 115

72. Psyche, Groups, Group Psychology. 116

73.The Holy Place. 117

74, Substance, Perception and Reality. 119

75. Our world. 121

76. Roads. 122

77. Light and dark. 124

78. Dharma. 127

79. Human. 129

80. Route. 130

81. Inside and Out 131

82. Babel 132

83. The Realm of Timeless. 133

84. The Depths of the Sea. 134

85. The life. 135

86. Games in the sand. 136

87. For Enlightenment 137

88. This!. 138

89. The teachers. 140

90. The Depth of Existence (in Ten Steps). 141

91. Infinity Within. 144

92. Roads of life. 145

93. Action as a Physical Event and as Content 146

94. Heaven and earth. 148

95. The life. 150

96. Five Steps. 151

97. God Within. 152

98. The Initiation into True Knowledge. 154

99. The Real World of Events and the world of fantasy. 156

100. Objective Perception and subjective thinking. 158

101. Vigilance. 160

102. The Real Action. 162

103. Our Objective Nature and false self of thought 164

104. Beyond the Dream.. 166

105. The True Liberation. 168

106. The Essence of Meditation. 171

107. The Truth and the truths. 173

108. Reality and the world of thought 175

109. The Road of Life. 178

110. Basic Philosophical Concepts. 179


Basic Hellenic-Latin-English Philosophical Terms. 183





1. The Reality


GOD is the Infinite Self Within us, beyond space and time, in the Silence of limited existence.... in the silence of the mind, in the silence of desires, in the silence of the senses, in the silence of the world...

REALITY It is Limitless Consciousness, One Single Space, without distinctions, within, without... Within Whom even false states of consciousness (so long as they are recognized) function unimpeded... Full Perception, Full Activity, Full Freedom, outside of creation, within in creation... Eternity Is Here, Now… It flows without "changing"... and what "evolves" is only a "dream"...

ENLIGHTENMENT Is the Unobstructed Function of Consciousness, Where What Really Happens Is Revealed, Where What Really Happens is Experienced without Distortion, and Where We Respond to What Happens through this Deeper Contact with Reality, One with the Ancient Stream of Life, Life, Universal Existence, and not individual limited ego…

TRUTH, the FURTHER REALITY, GOD, is EXPERIENCE, Experiencing Another Reality, beyond what is immediately perceived. The Ultimate Reality Is the Absolute, undefined, unlimited, undescribed. It is the Experience of the Infinite, the Eternal, the Transcendent, in the Endless Silence of the mind... This teaches a TRUE RELIGION.

GOD Is Here, Now, All Embracing. God is the Depth of all existence. God Is Our True Nature. Some people realize it, experience it and make it their daily life, not all, not many, few, so many that you can count them. You;


2. Life


In the Real World, which is beyond thought, and beyond human activities, there is only RESPONSIBILITY, and life is devoted to service... In the world of men, on planet earth, everyone has rights but no one feels or acknowledges RESPONSIBILITY … so it is no wonder that everything that happens in societies happens.

Life in the world has its own way. The Silence of the Soul has its own action. The Silence of the Mind has its own place. The absence of the face has its own existence. Reality has its own content.

TIMELESS is the Source of everything, "existence", "knowledge", and "ethics"... EXISTENCE is by the "nature" of Free... but it is "enslaved" by the actions of men...

KNOWLEDGE is FREEDOM that Rises to the TIMELESS… that is why Knowledge must be free… and that is why those who want to be free must defend the freedom of knowledge…

TRUE JUSTICE Comes from TIMELESS, and is therefore above the laws of men… When the laws of men are unjust, we have a moral obligation to be “outlaws”, to defend TRUE JUSTICE…




3. The Land of Truth


TRAVELER, in the UNKNOWN LAND OF CONSCIOUSNESS... only in the Tranquility (of Life) can you find the Truth... only in the Stillness (of the Soul) can you truly live, live existence in the worlds, as a continuum, and with full awareness ... only in the Silence (of the Mind) can you Understand what you really are... only in the Absence (of Personal Existence) can you "See" your True Nature... until you Return to the FINAL CONSTANT, to the UNCHANGING...

The Land of Truth Spreads as Deep as Our Understanding Spreads!

MEDITATION is VISION, a Way of Seeing, SEEING: Direct Perception, Understanding, Experiencing What Happens without "distortions", which is completed in this Perception, in this PRIMITIVE LIFE EXPERIENCE, which is at the same time LIGHTING, LIFE. An INTEGRATED LIFE EXPERIENCE that Continuously Flows without Changing, Into Eternity, Beyond Time.

MEDITATION (SEE), ILLUMINATION, LIFE, is the Same Thing, and is the whole Experience of Existence, continually. This WAY OF LIFE, is an INNER ATTITUDE OF LIFE, UNDERSTANDING, ABSENCE OF THOUGHT. It does not come by managing perception, disciplining internal processes, 'directing' thought, 'concentrating', 'eliminating' thought... nor does it come by external activities, by sitting in the Lotus Posture (even if you sit for 10,000 years).

MEDITATION IS RIGHT VIEW, regardless of internal processes or external activities. MEDITATION is not an 'activity' or an external 'act' or 'sitting'. In the Space of Ignorance and Ignorance, people misuse the words, and use the terms Meditation, Enlightenment, spirituality and spiritual evolution, and all this, not knowing what "it" is... but only their "similar" can be convinced.






4. Only God Exists!


For Those, the Awakened Ones, Who Experience the Divine Reality, the EVER PRESENCE OF ESSENCE, God Is Experiential Experience, not an Assumption of Thought, or a Vision of the Imagination... What you experience needs no proof!

Within DIVINE THOUGHT Everything exists, emerges, or is forgotten, but is always Here. Creation itself is but an investigation of what exists (a secondary activity). Creation is the light that illuminates things, perception only, not a "real construction". Everything blooms and withers in the Thought of God!

Only GOD Exists! We live in God's Perception, we are perception only, nothing else! What "moves" within God's Perception is perception, with all the "forms" it has structured, sometimes bright, sometimes dark, nothing else!

REALITY It is beyond all perception. The very Reality we perceive, Creation, is a Virtual Reality. Only the Awakened Ones See This. Those who live in this reality and do not see what is happening consider the world independent of its Base, and create with their thoughts a dream, or a nightmare.

Enlightenment, after all, is Experiencing the ONE ESSENCE, on which Everything rests, Understanding that all activities, perceptions of personal existence, lives, experiences, are but appearances, illusion.



5. The Wise Men


The Sages Merge with the ONE ESSENCE, abandoning all activities, freeing themselves from all fetters of illusion.

Fools live activities, perceptions, lives, experiences, as if they were something real, get attached to all of them, and sink into the darkness of universal illusion... There is no salvation for fools. They cannot save the illusion... the fate of the illusion is to dissolve, one day.

THERE IS ONLY GOD. Everything Exists Within God's "Thought", "transparent", existent and non-existent at the same time.

It is the Visionary Ability, the Representational Power, the Willing Absorption in Activity, that Unfolds the panorama of phenomena. Only the Absorption that is "Forgotten" and becomes Ignorance sees all this, which unfolds like a Dream, as real, as a real and "external" creation.

While All That Exists Lives and Completes Within the "Thought" of God, beings think that they live in a real creation and that they have their own independent existence and life... and upon this they build their imaginations.


6. God Is


God is the Infinite Reality that Exists, which has, that is, an Ontological Character. As Infinite Reality He Transcends and Encompasses All – even the perception that tries to grasp Him.

God is not and cannot be an object of thought, to Whom any attribute is ascribed, of existence, omnipresence, omnipotence, etc., etc., because the object of thought (as "content" of thought) is less than thought. Such a conception of God is a manufactured idea, an idol.

The Only Way to God is the Transcendence of individual perception, the abandonment of individual perception, which leads to a Free Open Boundless Perception, which can Expand into the Real, Experience the Real.

God Is the Ultimate Reality. God Is Everywhere, "Embraces" and "Pervades" Everything. We exist because we take Substance from His Substance. We live, think, feel, "use" the body, Thanks to His Own Power... We Exist and Live in God, as we exist and live in the air, which we understand its existence indirectly, from our breath, the wind, and others activities.

When we Let God Lead Us (God Becomes "Nature"), and Trust our "Nature", then all that is required is Direct Active Constant Attention to what is "Happening", Living in Real Time, in the Absolute Present, and to react where our "Nature" calls us. This means Following the Ancient Stream of Life. This is the Ancient Path of the Wise, the Path of Light, in all religions.


7. The Only Way


When, though we live in God, and by His Power do all that we do, we "appropriate" that Power to "build" a separate existence, and a life separate from the Whole, and have personal pursuits and particular externals purposes, then we follow the Path of Shadow.

"Individuality", thought, the distortion of perception by thought, "desires", sensations, activities, lead us to an "other reality". And this is the way we walk, Far from God, and the Light, most people...

We "ignore" the One Essence Within Which We Exist and live and become absorbed in superficial activities, external phenomena, become "enchanted" and completely lost in them.

The Only Way of Life is the Way of Returning to God, the Way of Recognizing the One Essence Within Which We Exist and Live, the Way of true Self-Knowledge, which Reveals to us our "Nature". Substance from God's Substance, Power from His Power, Life from His Life, Love from His Love, the One and Only Truth.

Only Abandonment to the Ancient Stream of Life, the abandonment of the self and its activities, can Bring us Safely Back to our Home.


8. On the Other Side


The One Essence, the One Being, is not something different from the ego, from all egos, from each ego. It is the Deepest Essence, the Support and the Ultimate Limit of the ego…

The ego is only "perception" i.e., a dynamic reality that Can Expand into the True Without Limits, or be limited within individuality and foolishness, depending on the Depth of its Understanding, its True Self-Knowledge, its Full or Partial Awakening... This is how everyone builds their existence and is completely responsible for what they experience.

For the Sage Who Has Passed to the Other Side, to the Land of Truth, to the Vast Ocean of Reality, and Sees, Reality Is One There is No Distinction in What He Experiences. Space Is One and All Encompassing. All the Spaces (that the unenlightened consciousness sees and discerns) have been Unified, the Absolute, Creation, the Worlds...

The Enlightened Consciousness Rents Everywhere at the same time, and in the Absolute, and in Creation, and in the Worlds, and in the material earth, (but of course it experiences these situations differently from what the unenlightened consciousness experiences which experiences duality, distinction, separation) …

It is the unenlightened consciousness, trapped in the limited perception of its ego, distinguishing, with thought, itself from its Physical Space.


9. The Love of God


God is. God is the All, the Complete, the Complete. God Is Knowledge, He Is Freedom, He Is Love…

God Is Infinite Unconditional Love. The Infinite Love of God, by Its very Nature, "Relates" to Activates and Illuminates the Spiritual Essence of Man, the Invisible Element of Man.

God's Love can neither "relate" to the human ego which is a delusion, a dream of thought, nor can it plead to the selfishness of men, nor can it justify the selfish activities of men...

When people wonder "Where is God's Love"? they should reflect a little and understand that Love cannot penetrate the delusion, the lie, the dream, that Love cannot cross the barrier of their ego, and that they are completely alone in their selfishness...

There is only one Way for men... to leave the dark cave of thought, and all that thought constructs, however precious they think it, their very "self," and Come Out, into the Light of God, into Eternity Day, in the Real World.



10. The Truth


TRUTH Exists by Itself. But the "lie" is constantly created, manufactured. If you want to find the TRUTH just stop creating lies within yourself, nothing else.

In the SILENCE, even the most imperceptible breath is heard, the caress of the wind on the senses, even the most distant sound of life! In the noise of thought, even the most precious words can be lost!

If Reality, the Real World, Is Something beyond the perception of men, and if the world as perceived and experienced by men is a vast lie, constructed by the thinking, desires, and foolish activities of men, then what is there any point in trying to live this lie? should we try to save it or improve it?

The Wise Man Seeks and Lives in a Better World, not trying to better the world's lie. In any case, this world of lies cannot be saved. Simply, as long as the Wise Man lives among the shadows, he tries to avoid contact, conflict, strife, with the shadows.

It is only fools who think that the only world that exists is the world that they perceive. The world of thought, the world of duality, separation, conflict. In vain they raise Ideals they never respect. In vain they make laws which they always break. They try in vain to improve their world. The world of selfishness is not fixed, it has no hope, because it is made of selfishness, and it will always be a world of division, strife, and strife.


11. The Street


The Path of Wisdom that Leads to Light, to Reality, is difficult and uphill, and few follow it. Why; Because to follow him you have to give up all your old delusions. But most people are so attached to their delusions that it is impossible for them to leave them behind.

Awakening comes when you transcend all activities of existence. Then You Understand the Meaning of Existence In Absolute Silence.

But Full Awakening comes when having reached This State, now Fully Awakened, you "re-enter" activities. Then You Understand that there is no difference between Enlightenment and life in the world, and Reality Is One, undifferentiated.



12. Truth Is Life Itself


If "Creation", Life in the Worlds, life on earth, were real it would be a Tragedy. If all this were completely false, it would be a Comedy. Ultimately, Existence, Life, Experience, is Only Learning, Completion of Knowledge and Awakening to Truth, and thus acquires some meaning.

All people's problems are created by ignorance of real human nature, by selfishness... And people try to solve all these problems considering them real and important. But when the very basis of the problems, what creates the problems is an illusory construction of thought, then what problems are we talking about? The real problem is ignorance, ego, selfishness, not ego problems... Only fools seek to redeem, rescue, enlighten, the ego. The fallacy is not saved by anything.

Truth Is Life Itself. You must watch it carefully, follow it, because the Alive Exists only in Real Time, in the Flowing Moment. If you break the continuity, you have lost it... Truth is not a mental conception, nor words. It cannot be memorized, made into information, transmitted. What is captured, described, transmitted is the corpse of Truth.

Nature Speaks in Silence. And in the Silence is All Knowledge... Only men agonize in the ways of thought and in the swamps of imagination.

Life precedes the ego, the creation of the ego. Could it be (perhaps) when the ego is abandoned and extinguished in Silence that Life remains again?


13. Life


Let life lead you, don't get lost in the paths of imagination and don't go through the swamps of desires. Life Itself Opens the Way. Life itself is the Way. And the Road is the Destination. There is no other destination... Until you understand that the whole Universe is your Home.

Some come to life. Some others are passing away. Everyone is a passerby... And the dust of the phenomena settles, revealing the immensity of the horizon. Which "I" can be saved?

All creatures of Nature make their own societies. The birds of the sky their own independent society, the wolves, the jackals, theirs, even the sheep. And people make their own human societies. But who can answer, what kind of beast is man? Why is he behaving like this?

Why do the wicked rule the earth? Because the land belongs to them. Do not ask to claim the land from the wicked, and do not fight for something that is not worth it. Better to give them the earth and rise to better worlds, if you can find them… So, as the bird of the sky does. It never claims the land from the reptiles. He flies high in the sky, and seeks a home elsewhere.

There comes a time when the Wise Man sits and ponders. “I've always been useless… maybe because I didn't want to live in this world… And then, he'd like to ask people a simple question. "Really, you, what do you gain in the end with all that you do"?... But he knows that there is no answer... and Peace stretches far beyond the Horizon.


14. Wise and foolish


The Truth Is Always Here. It is neither in the ruins of history, nor in the future of imagination. Life Breathes Moment by Moment, it has neither past nor future. It has no allegorical meaning, no parabolic allusions, and no moral lesson. Life Is What It Is, Now. It's Bright When You Live in the Light, It's Dark When You Crawl in the Shadow.

He is not strong who does not see and is indifferent to others and "steps" on them as he walks his way, as he thinks. Strong is the one who Sees and Understands the needs of others and Shares Life with them.

The Pure Man Radiates his Goodness. The people of the Shadow, with their actions, declare their "loss".

People come and go and in leaving they leave only, either the Fragrance of their Soul and their good deeds, or the darkness of their Soul and the destruction of their bad deeds.

Only the Wise Passes, unscathed, through the burning forest of desires. Foolish people burn eternally, because the fire of desire burns you, consumes you, without end.



15. In the Kingdom of Truth


True people live in the World of Reality, beyond duality, true and false, good and evil. Perhaps that is why they seem strange to the little normal people who live in thought, in the world of opposites, in the dream world of real things whose essence is ash.

Those who have escaped the world of thought, of duality, enter the Kingdom of Truth. Those who live in the world of thought and duality and those who climb to the heaven of their dreams and those who descend into the hell of their fears, in the end, all will go to hell.

In the World of Truth, of the Unity of Existence, there are no distinctions, self-world, true-false, good-bad, up-down, before-after. It is only in the world of thought that a one-sided position of existence is posited that the world is suddenly divided. The mistake is to believe that everything we see from one position, unilaterally, is true.

There are foods that satiate and substances that heal. But of all the herbs of Nature one is the most important, the herb of medicine from the fever of thought. It does not grow far away, where thoughts wander, on the horizons of the world It grows within the Heart of Man, therefore it is difficult to find it for men who have learned to search far.

Nature's living orchard is far richer than all the great encyclopedias of men. Seeing is perhaps more important than reading.


16. Knowledge Is Light


The Sense of Freedom Blooms when Perception spreads freely without restriction, everywhere. But thought always raises fences and divides the world in two/ And yet, people think that life is built through thought.

Knowledge is Light because it opens paths and guides our steps. But is the knowledge of people that constantly leads to dead ends and wasted time Knowledge? And why do people deny the Obvious Truth to follow their delusions that lead nowhere?

When man lets Nature Work Freely everything has its place and finds its destination. Wherever man intervenes to improve, he also destroys what exists. Why so much trouble?

Every moment in life is complete and everything has a reason for its existence and everything in its obvious existence reveals the Truth. But you must Look to See the Beauty, without being misled by the shadows cast by thought.

When you see the real and accept it as real then the soul calms down and the thought is silent. Only Life breathes.



17. The True Light


In God's Book Only Light Writes, and Love Paints. But in the Book of Shadows darkness fights darkness and everything is confused.

Letting go of your delusions seems to be an easier path than trying to "subdue" your delusions or "serve" them at any cost. And yet people do not want to give up their delusions. They feel lost without them.

External devotion to a cause, however spiritual or divine it may seem, does not necessarily mean that there is also an internal understanding. People easily perform external actions but it is difficult to understand and even more difficult to renounce their wrong way of life.

Wise Men see best when the outside light diminishes. They see the essence of things and not the external phenomena.

What a Wise Man has to bequeath to other people is the Silence of his Understanding and not words that dissolve in the Light of Truth.


18. Truth Is Without Attributes


There is no Road to Truth. We cannot reach the Truth for a very simple reason; we are already in the Land of Truth. The Truth is here, in front of us, in what is really happening. But we do not want to see what is really happening, to touch the Reality, we prefer to close our eyes and dream, to live our illusions. And within the "delusion" we seek to find the "truth" of the illusions. And we always find this truth.

Truth Is Without Qualities… who can describe it? Truth is Limitless... how can it fit into words? The Truth is Eternal... how can it enter into time and the actions of people?

The "Truth" that people perceive, and "Realize", is not the Truth... it is their "perception of the Truth", it is their "fantasy", their desires, their "dreams"...

SELF-KNOWLEDGE is to KNOW the IMMENSENESS of your NATURE. Self-awareness is not seeing and sticking to your "limitations", your thoughts, your desires, your pursuits... your chains.

ENLIGHTENMENT, Awakening to Reality, Union with God, is Real when we EXPERIENCE it...not when we "imagine" it, or simply "talk" about it.


19. Reality Is Silence


REALITY, Existence, Life, Is SILENCE… the INFINITE SILENCE that allows all things to manifest… Everything that comes into Life Rests on SILENCE, it has no existence of its own… As in the Sea the waves are nothing but the Sea that churns. REALITY IS SOMETHING WE EXPERIENCE… When Perception Expands without finding an End… Without “content”… Something to be experienced… something indescribable.

Reality Is Beyond People's Perceptions... Truth is to Experience This Reality in the Flowing Moment, Here, Now... Then You Live Eternity, Beyond Time, Becoming, "History"...

The Wise Man empties his mind completely, so that he has plenty of room to accommodate the Truth Above. Foolish people fill their minds with knowledge, experiences, beliefs, so there is no room at all for reality, truth, life.

LIFE is to have real continuous contact with "things", not to have mental information, to "think" about "things". TRUE LIFE is to leave external activities and within yourself to rise to the Limitless, to the Heaven of Truth. KNOWLEDGE is to 'touch', to 'become', to 'be' the SINGLE ESSENCE.

Can someone be a god, or an angel, the best person in the world... want to Embrace the Whole World, people, everything... But when he "sees" only what he feels and wants to impose it on others, and he doesn't see what others feel, then this "Love" and "Hug" becomes violence and suffocates others... Less love, more respect, would be much better... And when you see many people generously exchanging words of love, you feel how fake their heart...


20. The Truth Is Here


GOD Is Here, Now, All Embracing. God is the Depth of all existence. God Is Our True Nature. Some people realize it, experience it and make it their daily life, not all, not many, few, so many that you can count them. You;

Life in the world has its own way. The Silence of the Soul has its own action. The Silence of the Mind has its own place. The absence of the face has its own existence. Reality has its own content.

THAT From Which Man Comes, and From Which He Draws His Essence and Existence, is Something Much Deeper than the Intellect can reach, or the Senses can explore... TRUTH Is Approached only Experientially, and this Experience is the True Knowledge, which Liberates Man, because it Elevates him to Reality, to True Life...

Solitude has no ego, embraces all, but no longer understands egos. Loneliness has an ego, it is isolated from everything, so it cannot understand other egos.

If you want to know how relevant human perceptions are study perspective, or look from different points. Only then will you understand that Silence is the only sight.







21. With the Voice of Silence


In the True World Existence, Knowledge, Love, Peace, Order, and Life Virtue and Light and Form, all are the same, synonymous. Only in the thinking of men do things divide and fight with each other.

Everything in Life comes and goes. And those that come, come from elsewhere, and those that leave, leave for elsewhere. Life is eternal, no one knows where it begins or ends.

Truth is the Essence of all things. But man sees good and evil, according to how he perceives. In the end everything is baptized in reality and takes its course.

The Air of the Free-Breathing Spirit Purifies the Mind of the Pure and Illuminates their Path. But the air in men's minds is polluted and heavy, that is why they see shadows.

Everything is Light, everything shines, is born, blossoms, and dies in Light. Only in the thinking of people where darkness reigns life becomes lamentation and despair.