Author: wholenous (Constantinos Prokopiou)




Series: Buddha’s Wisdom


Publisher: Esoterism Academy


Diligence: Naya Prokopiou


Year: 2023 / Edition 1


Language: English. Pages: 224


Book format: PDF


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Who is Wholenous! 3




What is a Buddha?. 13

God and you. 15


Title. 21


1. The Stream of Life. 31

2. The True Space of Life. 32

3. Experiencing the Absolute. 33

4. Really, why are we talking?. 34

5. The Language of Life. 35

6. The Perception of I Am.. 36

7. The Ultimate Reality. 37

8. Human societies. 38

9. The True Man. 40

10. Our very Existence. 42

11. In the Heart of Unity. 43

12. What is man really?. 44

13. The terms of reality. 45

14. Freedom and Responsibility!. 46

15. The Limitless Space of Reality. 47

16. The True Essence. 49

17. The Light Always Shines. 50

18. The Deepest Nature. 51

19 Where do the Wise Men operate from?. 54

20. The unique revolution. 55

21. The Metaphysical Terms. 57

22. The "Being". 58

23. Virtue. 60

24. Unceasing Prayer. 62

25. Beyond Perception. 63

26. The Kingdom of True People. 64

27. Opening to Heaven. 66

28. True Meditation is No-meditation. 67

29. The Experience. 69

30. Virtue. 70

31. Awakened and unawakened. 71

32. What we know and what we don't know.. 72

33. The Truth beyond thought 73

34. The Sense of Heaven. 74

35. Truth is always "behind" us. 75

36. Our True Nature does not reincarnate. 76

37. Truth is within us. 77

38. With empty hands. 79

39. "The Secret of the Golden Flower". 80

40. Freedom.. 81

41. Beyond thought 83

42. The True Man Within Us. 85

43. Dithyramb. 87

44. Beyond thought 88

45. The Wider State of Awareness. 89

46. Everyone's Way. 90

47. Transcendental States. 91

48. The Experience of God. 92

49. The Diamond Mirror of Samadhi 93

50. Theosophy. 94

51. Basic Concepts. 95

52. The Sense of God. 96

53. Live communication. 97

54. The problem of thought 98

55. The Ancient Hellenic Religion. 100

56. The inner origin of things. 101

57. The movement of thought 102

58. The Conquest of Reality. 103

59. Your True Nature. 104

60. The Destiny of Man. 105

61. Mystical Orders. 106

62. The "center" of the "heart". 107

63. Beyond the world. 108

64. Orphism.. 109

65. True Communication. 111

66. The Real Life. 113

67. With Empty Hands. 114

68. The Presence. 116

69. The True Essence of Being. 117

70. The Christian Tradition. 118

71. There Is Only One Presence. 119

72. The Inner Experience in the Three Heavens. 120

73. The Truth. 121

74. Questions of Life. 122

75. The Infinite Depth of Existence. 124

76. Reality and Delusion. 125

77. The Direct Connection with God. 125

78. Freedom.. 127

79. The Real 128

80. Freedom.. 129

81. The truth. 130

82. Follow the Road. 131

83. Caution. 132

84. Only Thought 133

85. The Ocean of Existence. 134

86. The True Enlightenment 137

87. The Truth and the lie. 138

88. Experiences of Silence. 139

89. The Depth of Realization. 141

90. If you can. 142

91. True Liberation and spiritual impostors. 143

92. Truth fears nothing. 145

93. The Timeless. 147

94. In our house. 148

95. The Real Life. 149

96. The life. 150

97. "I am". 151

98. The Religion of Experience. 153

99. No-Mind. 154

100. The Nature of Consciousness. 155

101. Guided by Life. 157

102. God. 158

103. The Beauty of Life. 159

104. The Shore of Reality. 160

105. Phenomena without substance. 161

106. Somewhere Else Is God. 161

107. The True Zen. 163

108. The True Way. 164

109. The True Meditation. 165

110. The Liberation. 166

111. The Real Jesus. 168

112. There are some people. 169

113. Are there Teachers?. 170

114. Waving to Silence. 171

115. The Secret Life. 171

116. So what are you doing?. 174

117. Beyond the dream.. 174

118. No one. 176

119. On the Path. 177

120. For Consciousness. 177

121. For the Essence. 180

122. The Destiny of Man. 181

123. What we experience. 183

124. The life. 185

125. The lie of life. 187

126. The human destiny. 188

127. The Road in the Dark. 189

128. The Enlightenment 190

129. The True Silence. 191


Basic Hellenic-Latin-English Philosophical Terms. 195




1. The Stream of Life


The only way to drive out the darkness is to Be Light… not just to “gaze” at Light, or to “taste” Light… but to be Light Constantly.

Hard way, when you cling to the world... Easy way, when you have Absolute Trust in the Ultimate (however you "see" it as you walk towards It).

In the end, you move forward, even if "injured"... but you never care about anything... you just do what you can (and it's up to everyone's responsibility and strength, how much they can).

We have to learn to Go with the Current of Life... and if we sometimes dream of a better world... maybe it is one of the last illusions, which we don't want to "let go"...

True Freedom is beyond all, perception, thought, senses, experiences of the world.


2. The True Space of Life


The Space of Real Spiritual Work is Within Us... The Space Where True People Meet is the Deepest Sense of Oneness of Existence, the State in which we feel that we are One with All... It is wrong for people to establish special spaces, separate from life, to worship God, or to talk, or to meet... True Life cannot be separated from everyday life... True Enlightenment manifests itself in everyday life...

There is only one way... to the LIGHT!

Truth Is Without Attributes... neither much can you say, nor much can you do... More we need to be "quiet" and listen...

Reality is Perception itself, as activity, as life, as experience, not the passing phenomena... so, for example, the experience of movement is one thing and the specific, particular, passing, movements are another... But Perception is not rather than a Becoming, something that has a beginning and an end...

Most people "acclimatize" to these temporary sojourns... and think that what they live in is the ultimate reality... very few people, want to, and eventually, escape.




3. Experiencing the Absolute


How can man, every man, experience the Absolute? Is there a way, any practice? the process;

I would say that what I and everyone experiences already exists, inherent, innate, within our human nature, as a possibility... a possibility of functioning, evolution, development, call it what you want.

There is no mystery, there is nothing miraculous. Man can (he has the ability to do so if he wants to), overcome the level of thought and experience with his deepest being, life, the world... It is simply a Path that few follow, because the way that nurtures us and society educates us, gives us other (external) orientations, directs us to other goals... But not that someone cannot, if they decide to, do it.

It is not only the Old Masters, such as Lao Tzu and the Masters of the East, the Buddha, the Masters of the Upanishads, Orpheus and the Greek Sages, Jesus... but also modern Sages such as Krishnamurti and others alive... who speak of all these.

In fact, we are talking about another way of life… and that entails many things…


4. Really, why are we talking?


Really, why are we talking? Why am I talking? How do I experience what we call self? From what position am I speaking, after all? Can Consciousness be Free, beyond the limitations of the ego?

Simply, talking about some things was an old obligation I had undertaken... Sometimes I think I am on the edge of responsibility, and sometimes I cross the line by talking about things I shouldn't. The purpose is to pass some message to some people... they will use any "information" properly...

On the other hand, I know the danger of misuse of "any knowledge"... Simply those who do not experience, do not personally conquer the Truth, and "borrow" or "steal" it, cannot even Defend it and so it seems that they are liars… they only fool the gullible… anyway they never get far.

We must always speak carefully.


5. The Language of Life

Be that as it may, what I am talking about is not "All Knowledge", never "All Knowledge"... After all, True Life is not put into words, you just LIVE it.

What always matters is where we experience Reality and where we speak or don't speak...

There is only the Language of Life, the Language of Truth... I do not know and do not speak the artificial languages of people... and I am certainly ignorant (because I decided so) of their various theories and vocabularies.

WHERE everyone is and where they speak from is OBVIOUS, because no one hides behind their finger. Ultimately, it's none of my business, to break it down…

The SILENCE of the One Who Experiences the Inexpressible and Understands its Characterless Depth... it certainly has nothing to do with the silence of the one who knows some, or the one who is completely ignorant... Each Silence has its own Meaning...


6. The Perception of I Am

It is a different thing that I AM, than the "Perception of I Am"...

The 'I Am' Perception is like the Ocean... it has a surface, it has a depth, it has an unexplored depth... But WHERE IS Perception? This is the QUESTION that each of us must ask... And the answer only concerns "himself", it hardly concerns others.

When We Experience "Non-Separation", then our "non-separation" speech is authentic...

But an ego too, can imitate the "non-separative state" and speak "non-separative". Then speech is false.



7. The Ultimate Reality


Every human being, at whatever stage of development he is at, (and the development is manifested in his Perception, in the Size of his Understanding), has a Perception of Reality, more or less Objective, but always "real" for him...

But all these are but activities of Perception... The Ultimate Reality Exists, completely outside, of all Movement of Perception... in the OPEN SPACE OF BEING, which from the side of Perception "Looks" like "Stillness"... Only when You Experience It You understand…

On the other hand, the course of man is the Continuous Expansion of Perception, its Liberation from all limitations (external, internal, mental, existential...) until we reach the very abandonment of Perception and Begin to Be, to Live Truly …

Most people live in the plains of Spirituality, few climb the Sacred Mountain of Truth, and even fewer reach the top... personally I am no longer concerned with any evolution... and that can mean a lot... that I have "arrived", that I have "given up", that I'm not "interested"... many times the words don't reveal the meaning, they hide it... after all, it's a matter of everyone, who they are, what they are... it's important not to become, intentionally or unintentionally, an obstacle to others, to be polite , respect and love...

From "where" everyone speaks (within the ego, beyond the ego), sooner or later it seems...


8. Human societies

Man certainly evolves... From the preconscious animal over 500,000 years ago he reached the present man. Today's man works through the thinking center (which creates the subject, the ego...) an individual, biased and "closed" mechanism... everyone perceives in his "own" way... Only when man works from a wider (higher) center of perception (where the ego is transcended) can truly commune and communicate with others… For humanity this will happen after thousands of years…

On a Deeper Level (of Understanding) Existence Is Unified... This manifests practically (on all levels) as Attraction, Love, Union... In Nature (and in the physical world, this "works"... always of course at the level of understanding of beings … Man operating through thought (the egoistic mechanism, which is divisive and in opposition to everything) blocks this Sense of Oneness which Manifests as Love… the ego is incapable of love… it does everything, it imitates everything, even the Love… but it doesn't really love because it can't get outside of himself…

Spiritual evolution has little to do with the environment... it is an internal matter... and it is a transcendence of whatever character nature or society or circumstances have inherited, it is Liberation... All the Wise Men were close to man... not to society them and their prejudices and stupid shallow lives, but close to the people and their problems. A Real Man is not an introvert or an extrovert, he is simply "what he is"... but those around him accept him or reject him and label him... but these are their own behavior and their own assessments.

It has nothing to do with gender, which is only a biological characteristic... After all, there have been important female philosophers... It has more to do with social habits and social upbringing... human societies are still primitive (despite technological development), they have not elementary justice, freedom, or equal opportunities for all... and women have been oppressed and socially excluded for millennia... there (in social reasons and in sociological explanations) we must look for the answer to the question why women philosophers have always been few...



9. The True Man

What really matters is, WHERE someone IS, from WHERE he Perceives and Acts.

If one operates from a Wider Perception (from a HIGHER WHO), he operates according to Real Nature, Truth, Life… He is Wise, Reasonable, Virtuous…

If someone is locked in limited (and limiting), thinking, through the blindness of the ego, the stupidity that society or circumstances have imposed on them, (a LOWER WHO), how do you expect them to behave? Selfish, self-interested, divisive, violent... Most people work like this... and what people are, their societies are too... No wonder primitive people make jungle societies...

The True Man Is One with Everything... He accepts everything... But why does he not touch "evil", or is he not touched by "evil"? Because "evil" itself does not accept the Light of Truth, and isolates itself... It is like a shadow that recedes as the Light Advances... How can such a person mingle with the folly, the injustice, the wickedness of men?... But any person who approaches him without fear can only take, gain something... The Wise Man has no desires, no scales to weigh what he gains and what he loses... he is done with all that...


Does (I say does) LOVE come before real acceptance and meaningful fellowship (and communication)?

Is it precisely because we didn't LOVE, that's why we don't accept others and that's why we don't communicate with each other?

Maybe the problem is everyone's, within themselves... to find Truth, Love, Acceptance and Unity with others?

Should we first Mature as Humans and then attempt to communicate meaningfully?

I say… maybe?

Do you believe the Sirens of the Mind who tell you that there is truth, life, in phenomena?

Odysseus on his Life's Journey overcame them... (and all the "obstacles"), that's how he "arrived" in ITHAKΑ.


10. Our very Existence


Our very Existence, Life, is in itself ALL MEANING, to exist, to live... nothing more.

This Existence is not something limited… we limit it, with our thoughts, knowledge, habits, lifestyle… we have to get out of this prison.

How; Who will help us... no one can... We alone have to clear up all this mental clutter... And friends (if we have friends) can be "with" us, but we will have to do the work...


11. In the Heart of Unity


As far as I understand THERE IS ONE SINGLE REALITY, which operates in many ways…

When one perceives not WHAT IS, but what is apprehended through activities, what is seen... and perceives it as "reality", existence acquires qualities, fields, levels... and all that is assigned to it by "interpretive perception".

In this sense there is no "occult", and overt teaching... the "exposition" of Truth, in intelligible terms, (understandable by man) is one... Who said Krishnamurti said it all in his public discourses? or did he write it all in his books?

Finally, everyone, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Jesus, Maharshi , Maharaj , Krishnamurti, were people, like the ones you see everyday, around you... there are no gods, sons of god, or avatars , these are infantile beliefs of people… All SAGES Differed from other people ONLY in the Degree of Understanding of Reality… But This Ability is Inherent (Inherent) in Human Nature… people just do not “cultivate” it…

"Followers" don't make history... they drag along behind the faded tracks of others... why talk about "followers"?

Those who reach the Heart of Unity, have no conflict with anything, only the superficial knowers have preferences in teachings, or ways of approaching the Truth... this preference only shows their own weakness, the narrowness of their perception...



12. What is man really?


Jesus was human, like all of us... But do we know what MAN REALLY IS? its ESSENCE? the DEPTH of his BEING? Let's not play with words… All beings have ONE AND ONLY NATURE… they differ only in the extent to which they UNDERSTAND it…

Who Said Jesus Was Risen? And that he appeared in person? Do the Gospels written by his followers many years after his death say so? The fact that someone "confirms" something does not constitute Truth...

The reason I simply do not "accept" this "resurrection" is that it has absolutely no spiritual and practical meaning... Those who talk about "resurrection" and the age to come, where everyone will be "resurrected", etc. (you know these ),… they simply follow a theory, nothing more… they believe in an embodied eternal life, which is absolutely impossible, because the nature of energy-matter is to change constantly… their own matter… Jesus never spoke of such things and the fathers who they speak of the age to come, they speak of an eternal life, with a spiritual (corporeal) body… there are many misunderstandings here, but it is not my business to untangle the tangled doctrines of “church Christianity”…


13. The terms of reality


I recognize and understand the Powers of the Human Being, how they work, what happens, how man can deepen his understanding of his Nature...

So I use real, practical terms, which are confirmed by practical experience, by experiencing them... that's how I talk about "Liberation", "Enlightenment" (that is, "Awareness"), etc... I avoid using, as much as I can, symbols, symbolic expressions ... even the term God is inappropriate, because it refers to a mental conception of man...

Of course, if the term Resurrection is understood symbolically, in some initiation system, there is no problem... I just personally prefer practical terms, related to the experience of the common man...


14. Freedom and Responsibility!


All SAGES Differed from other people ONLY in the Degree of Understanding Reality… But This Ability is Inherent (innate) in Human Nature… people just don't “cultivate” it…

So the opposites are not Ability and non-ability… Ability (to Perceive Reality is a Given) just; some use it, some don't. It is a matter of Will, of decision, to act "like this", to weigh "like this", to decide "like this"...

We wonder why? What exactly are we asking? Let's not ask a "hard" question, but an "easy" question to a person…

If we ask someone: "since you have two loaves, why don't you give one to the hungry?" what response would we receive? And where would the answer come from? From the presence or absence of intelligence? Do people have other scales?

My friend, people and intelligence have both freedom and responsibility! What they decide and why, and why they act as they do is solely their responsibility and decision... There are no pardons... On the other hand, everyone is obliged to suffer the consequences of their actions.

The world is made by people to their own measure... their right... But it's a small world and some people don't fit... just these outcasts (anyway), they choose Free Space...


15. The Limitless Space of Reality

Our True Nature, Transcendent, Immaterial… whether We Understand it or not… It is Unlimited Knowledge, Freedom, Eternal Life… This Nature is “weakened” within the body and its functions…

People who seek and experience Liberation do so because they are simply seeking and realizing their Nature... they do it neither to gain anything, nor to exploit their "knowledge", nor to become leaders of people, nor for anything another... They are a model of life, for some who want to walk the Path... How much can they help? But they don't ask themselves the question, they just act according to their Nature... How useful is the light?... it is useful for those who need it, for those who want to live in darkness it is useless... No one can save a humanity that does not want it to be saved... humanity is still "unripe"... but there are people who are "helped" by the experiences of others.

The Justice of getting what you reap is a logical necessity, not a natural law or "divine punishment"… it just happens that way… But no one can plead ignorance… it's purely a matter of choice.


I said: "The world is made by people to their own measure... their right... But it's a small world and some people don't fit... it's just that these outcasts (anyway), choose Free Space...".

I mean some people don't fit into people's thinking, their unnatural habits, their unjust society... they are rejected by people... What was Jesus? Wasn't he an outcast from formal Jewish society? These people, rise above all small human beings, in the Unlimited Heaven of Reality, in the Free (from the smallness of people) Space and Here They Realize their True Nature and Live the True Life...

I didn't mention, and I didn't call abominations, people who are ignorant and go against their Nature, Knowledge, Freedom, Justice, Love... these are just unhappy creatures... we should "care" for them, but not follow them their ways of life…


When you move from one state of understanding to a wider one… you have to assimilate some things, combine them all into a wider fixed perception… I think it is a natural thing… But we are still moving in the “closed space” of perception… There is beyond all perceptions the Limitless Space of Reality, Of What Happens... Here You Are at Home, Peaceful, There Is No Worry, No Overstrain... That's What I've Found.


The Man Freed, from the small human ego, leaves behind personalities, characters, habits, ways of life… everything…

A Free Man is a Free Man, not some 'character'... 'character' is limitation, qualities, modes of perception and action, the Free Man has been freed from them... Does it not strike you that all the Wise Men of Humanity are more or less alike and they say the same things? Think about it a little.


16. The True Essence


It is natural when you Live, Perceive and Act from two different points, to see differently... But where is the TRUTH?

TRUE ESSENCE Is Freedom, Vastness, Without Qualities… not grasped, not altered, not destroyed, not hurt… It is the limited perception, the perception of a limited existence experiencing, change, evolution, pain, destruction… In the phenomenal world, all they are transient…

Alone we set the limits of ourselves, alone We free ourselves, alone We understand that We are the ETERNAL TRUTH... It depends on us which path we will take...


17. The Light Always Shines


What I have Realized My Friend, is that… when YOU SEE FROM VERY, VERY HIGH, there is Only Truth, Justice, and Order…

As long as we are on the "road" we can have neither correct perception nor complete understanding, and our conclusions are always relative to the "position" from which we experience existence...

The great drama of mankind is "ignorance" (from which all others arise), not its secondary consequences...

The LIGHT ALWAYS SHINES... and the time to Illuminate the Worlds is measured by the measure of Eternity and not by the small measure of human time...

Man has only one duty, to MOVE...


18. The Deepest Nature


All humans have exactly the same Deeper Nature... They differ only in their "use". Upon the One Deeper Nature each one appropriates the potential and builds his own personal, individual special manifestation... We do not differ in Nature, we become different because we use This Nature differently.

People have a "metaphysical" (from the invisible subtle worlds) origin... They incarnate in the world with their "already modified" Nature... Depending on where they "orientate", what they want, what they pursue, their "powers" are also used... When everyone men, mankind as a whole almost, are oriented towards the external world, when they are seized by external life, it is only natural that they use the appropriate instrument to serve this purpose, thought, external senses, external activities ... Therefore, because of their orientation, choices, pursuits, people are trapped in thinking... It is not the fault of thinking, it is the fault of the deeper desire to orientate towards the external world that declares thought the only instrument of knowledge, perception, action... something that ultimately binds itself, enslaves, falsifies, perverts... and we see the result in the societies that people make, societies of selfish beasts...

Even those who for various reasons envision a better world, God, Peace, Enlightenment... they pursue it in the same old way that humanity learned to use, through thought and selfish effort... They make religions, teachings, organizations... to create in the end a “spiritual” imitation of their social jungle… All their religious organizations are also jungles of wild beasts… nowhere is there Knowledge, Peace, Unity, Love… separation is there, strife, strife and blood…

Even individual people who want to find the True Way do so through the ego... and are led to the same dead ends...

Very few people are sincere, they completely renounce the outer world, thought, ego, and find WITHIN themselves, the TRUTH, their REAL NATURE, GOD.

True Knowledge is rare because the people who follow it are rare...

It is purely a matter of orientation, choices, desire and activity WHERE WE WILL GO... It is not the fault of our NATURE, nor the thought, the ego, it is the obstacle... It is what we choose... And we are completely responsible for our choices... And every choice it leads to its own inevitable outcome… That is why there is Justice and Order in Creation… We determine our course… there is no one else to sit on the seat of justice…

What I write is the result of what I have experienced, what I have understood... They come from the One Nature we all have... Anyone can experience them, check their "truth"... I am saying exactly what Lao Tzu said, the Buddha, the Zen Masters, the masters of the Upanishads, the initiates of the Ancient Mysteries, the Christian fathers of the Neptic tradition... I do not digress, not even a breath... Were they all utopians? Because people don't want to follow this Path, to Feel Inside themselves, their True Nature?

People prefer the easy way... but they shouldn't blame the Way of others... Everyone makes their own choices and they have the corresponding consequences... it's quite simple.

3. The way I express myself is objective because I do not mix any ego... I say what is understood... For some this is artificial, hypocritical, whatever... I speak according to the feeling that exists and not the perceptions (and ego) of each one... Many reject my words and me supposedly (but only in their minds). let them find better elsewhere, who is stopping them? Only they see what they want to see, not what is there.

4. Since we all have One Nature; how can I separate me? In my Understanding there is no self to be enlightened, a teacher, a knower, separate from others… I am like everyone else… the use of Nature differs… i.e., something external… which is a matter of orientation, choices… No! I am not an Enlightened One, a Master, anything… I am no different from others, only in what I do…

The one I call Master in my writings, was a common man… He never sought and never became anything but a simple man… And I met several “such” people… They just did different things from other people…

Out of respect for the Love of this Man, I addressed him with the word Teacher... And he knew that he was not something and I knew it... humanly, out of Love, I called Teacher, and out of Love he didn't hear it...