Author: wholenous (Constantinos Prokopiou)




Series: Buddha’s Wisdom


Publisher: Esoterism Academy


Diligence: Naya Prokopiou


Year: 2023 / Edition 1


Language: English. Pages: 176


Book format: PDF


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Who is Wholenous! 3




What is a Buddha?. 13

God and you. 15


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Vigil 31

Orthros. 33

Hours. 35

First Hour 37

Third Hour 38

Sixth Hour 39

Ninth Hour 40

Twelfth Hour 41

Vespers. 42

Αfter-dinner 43


Elevation in Silence. 47

The Unfathomable. 48

Freedom.. 49

The road. 50

Beyond. 51

At the peaks of life. 52

On the street 53

Eternity. 54

The True Essence of God. 55

Ecstasy. 56

The Real Life. 57

The Circle of Creation. 58

The True Knowledge. 59

The True God. 60

The True Nature. 61

The Real World. 62

Our True Home. 63

The Here and Now.. 64

The Heaven of Eternity. 65

The Vision of the Five Worlds. 66

True Bliss. 67

Beyond the dream.. 68

Timeless Light 69

The Indestructible Treasure. 70

So simple! 71

In the Light of Knowledge. 72

The World of Wisdom.. 73

The Supreme Meditation Mandala. 74

Slavery and Self-sufficiency. 75

The Supreme Destination. 76

In the Abode of Existence. 77

Beyond the limits of the world. 78

The Supernatural 79

Experience over the chaos of imagination. 80

Seeking Knowledge. 81

The truth. 82

The Real Is Boundless. 83


No Limits, No End. 87

The Inner Road. 88

The Light, The Truth, and You. 89

The True Light 90

The Consciousness. 91

The Supernatural 92

Reality is what you realize. 93

The Road of Man. 94

True Initiation is Life. 95

The Holy Ascent 96

If you want to become a Sage. 98

IV . THE REAL.. 103

Reality has no limits. 105

Experience over the chaos of imagination. 106

Seeking Knowledge. 107

The Real Is Boundless. 108

The True Nature. 109

Truth is the unknown place of experience. 110


The reality. 115

Away from the sick world of people. 116

Love and dust 117

In the Abode of Existence. 119

True Knowledge in True Life. 120

True Knowledge in Life. 122

The Real World we live in. 123

Life's Greatest Lesson. 125

The Depths of Eternity. 126

The Five Stairs. 128

Reflections. 129

Eternity. 130

The silence. 131

Four denials, One affirmation. 132

Like the lotus. 133


Guided by Life. 137

Irene. 138

The Untouched Nature. 139

The Land of Truth. 140

The real 141


EARTH: the First Element (of Outer Matter) 145

WATER: the Second Element (of External Psychic Energy) 146

AIR: the Third Element (of the Outer Mind) 147

FIRE: the Fourth Element (of the Inner Spirit) 148

ETHER, ESSENCE: the Fifth Element (of Divine Essence) 149


Basic Hellenic-Latin-English Philosophical Terms. 153




(LIFE IN CREATION) – (AWAKENING)… All that we perceive





(In the House of Peace) - ( Dissolving from the body)... Our world


The World We Live in, Here and Now, is something much more than the information we take in, or are "forced" into our heads... It has Open Horizons, it has a depth of Duration, and Free Perspectives, for anyone who wants to be FREE.

Life stretches beyond the fences people put up with their thoughts and actions. Life is not the fold of men… on the contrary, this is not life (worthy of man), it is foolishness, degradation and misery.

Truth Exists by Itself, far from the boundaries of men and the world they have made... what men perceive, what they manipulate and use for their own purposes is only their own lie.

Beingness is the Unfathomable Depth of existence, of human consciousness, of everyone. Beingness is the Limitless space that extends beyond the small world that men have made by their thought, their activities and their works, into an insignificant planet lost in the immensity of the universe.  Beingness is Eternity, True Life, the Precious that remains when we sift through all the sand of human life.

When Perception Approaches GOD it dissolves into Nothingness: its boundaries are lost, it spreads out into Infinity and every content within it is extinguished: It becomes One with Silence. So, the one who really knows GOD perceives nothing, understands nothing and has nothing to say... People who say they know God know nothing, those who talk about God are only telling the shadows of their minds, and those who they say they follow the way of God they follow only the sad paths of their own desires…




(On the Path of Virtue) - (Apathy of the soul)... Personal Confessions


When I was young, I felt lost in the vastness of the world, I didn't know where I was, I didn't know where I came from, where I was going, I was completely alone...

When I grew up, I went around in circles in life thinking I was going somewhere, but I was fooling myself by always staying in the same place.

Now that I'm old I understood that the destination of life is life itself, to live, Here, Now... there is nowhere else to go, there is nothing to change, there is nothing to become...

The Here and Now is Eternity, and wherever you are, wherever you go, whatever you become, you are always Here and Now, nothing changes, only the images.

From the Beginning We Are Here, Now, in the Immensity of Perception, in the Freedom that has no Limits, in the Eternity that Lasts beyond all changes.




(On the Horizon of Freedom) - (Contemplation of the Mind)... Thought of the Day





First Hour


The Wise man lives life, quite naturally, the time it unfolds, the way it unfolds, where it unfolds, and calmly accepts what happens, both the good and the bad: His life is fresh as a diffused perfume... The Fool has theories about life, he plans, plans, tries to put life into his own molds, and thus destroys life: His life smells of mold, sadness and oblivion.

The Sage with a clear empty mind, sees, orients and does what his nature tells him... The Fool has knowledge, makes choices, and because he chooses (whatever the moment tells him) he thinks he is following the right path... in fact it's not going anywhere.

The Wise man has little, but he always has more, and he is happy... The Fool, no matter how much wealth he accumulates, will always want more.

The Wise man, living his nature, has already fulfilled every destination, and has surpassed every completion... The Fool is always trying to become something, moving away from his nature, going where his ignorance tells him.

You are wise yourself when you let your True Deepest Nature manifest freely and guide you... Foolish is you when you try to be something other than your Nature, something you think is right, or when you try to be something others they think right and try to impose on you, out in the world, and in the ways of folly.


Third Hour


Wisdom is accepting what you see, being content with what you have, and drinking true life from the eternal fountains of the Here and Now.

True Love exists when you forget yourself and live the reality of the other... How many can love in this way? Who is worthy of being loved in this way?

The Essence of True Love is Oneness: In True Love egos melt and become One and unite, without conditions, without limits, without end. The ego cannot feel Love because it always separates itself from the world, others, life...

The higher you climb to the Mystic Olympus, the Sacred Mountain of Truth, the more Consciousness Expands, the more thin the thoughts, the less you have to say... you just LIVE... That's why GOD Is Absolute Silence!

Beyond and above your thought there is the Infinite Depth of Existence... If you stop and be Quiet you will feel the Dark Depth of Heaven Come to Life and Embrace you... That's why GOD Is Alive!




Sixth Hour


The most important things in our lives are not what we have thought and dreamed and done, but what we have never thought of... the vast silence beyond thought... the endless depth of HEAVEN...

A drop of water is an insignificant thing. But when it joins the OCEAN it lives forever!

The cessation of the thought process, when sought or achieved is an ego experience and is a false state... Certainly (this false state) has nothing to do with the Serenity of Limitless Perception.

TRUE ENLIGHTENMENT is a fruit of understanding, which opens Perception to the Infinite, quite naturally: It is the Serenity of Limitless Perception... It is not an ego experience: it is not the result of effort or non-effort, nor does it belong to time.

There is Within us, Deep, Something Untouched by the thought of men and their actions... It is Revealed to us when we abandon all activities, all limits of Perception, in the Full Bloom of Silence: It is a Perception Open, beyond time and becoming, Peaceful and without end, (not an experience or realization of an ego)... Whoever does not experience this state, but (he, as an ego) imagines that such a state exists, as an object, and seeks to realize it, as an experience of an ego, he simply misleads himself and others… (It is an Objective State realized Within us when the subject is abandoned. It is not a subjective state realized through the "conquest" of some object).

Ninth Hour


Your ETERNAL SELF Is Still Here, even when you are lost in the maze of thoughts, when you are lost in the fog of "senses," or wander like a shipwreck on the "shores" of the world.

Truly free is the man who is ready, even today, even now, to "die", because he knows that there is a wider world beyond "earth", because he understands that life on "earth", people, their culture, their important affairs, their deeds, are all utterly unimportant.

Truly enlightened is the man who has truly detached himself from life, and lives life, whatever it is, now, here, in every moment, without caring about its continuation.

Reality is the Framework in which perception places the associations between things composing the picture of the world… not the thought, the associations themselves.

The Ultimate Reality lies beyond and beyond perception yet, in the Absolute Darkness of THAT WHO REALLY IS (not that which "acts").



Twelfth Hour


Eternity Lasts because it belongs to the Here and Now... time is nothing more than a human imagination that tries to describe processes, developments, memories...

We Exist and Live only in the Here and Now... even when we "forget" it and "dream" limiting our perception to processes of existence, such as the psychosomatic process, which gives us experience of the external world (which we "create" in our ignorance, our imagination, or our "wishful thinking").

The Here and Now remains Eternal and Lasting and is the framework of existence, whatever the content of perception, the experience of existence and the sense of life: We are Always Here, Now, whether we live in the physical world or leave it... only the "shows" change.

The Here and Now is the Whole Space of Existence, the Framework of every form of existence, whatever its activities, which are in the last analysis insignificant.

The Here and Now is the True Nature, the Ultimate Essence of all things, Eternity Itself, Emerging when the mist of relative existence in the worlds is dissolved.






(In the Immensity of Power) - ( Ecstasy )... Reflections and truths


The Space of Experience may extend far beyond thought, into the Unfathomable Depths of Perception, yet when we speak of experiences of the Inner Life we have nothing but words (though made for the world of thought)…

When we speak of the secret experience we always mean things behind the words... but the hearer often treats what we say simply as a mental conception, a synthesis of concepts, a verbal expression... and so the message dissipates like the morning mist without leaving traces, rather than mere meaningless drops in the barren ground of the mind.

In the True World of Eternity everyone must realize the Truth for themselves... there are no guides, paths, maps, not even effort, or conquest... perhaps this is the Beauty of True Life, that it is Untouched by human activities.

How is it that all of us, when we transcend the limits of the ego and Emerge into the Infinite, have the same experiences (the same experience that flows into Eternity)? Perhaps because beyond ego all is One.

Truth Is Untouchable, so it has no form for human perception... it is vast without boundaries, without directions, an expanse the same wherever you are.




(Into the Depths of Holiness) - (ONE)… Realities


The Certainty of your existence lies in the "consciousness that you exist", it does not depend on conditions of existence, experiences, or the environment.

The Horizons of your soul are carved not by what you desire but by what you dare not (almost) dream of.

What exists beyond thought, thought will never tell you, this is its weakness... and it is this weakness of thought that keeps the Space of Eternity Sacred and Inviolable... There is so much Wisdom!

What You Really Are is not seen by what you can grasp, by what is discarded until nothing remains, but by the "Nothing" that remains at the end.

The Inability to Perceive the Unfathomable, the Untouchable Depth of Reality, is precisely what the Infinite Reveals to you, which makes you One with the Infinite.









Elevation in Silence

When I was young, I wanted to comment on what others said and did.

Growing up I always followed my own thoughts.

Now that I am old, I hide my silence behind vain words.

I dream of the day when I can be silent without regret, because there will be nothing to say, because I will have no reason to say anything, because I will be done with the world and its affairs.

The Ultimate Reality, the Deepest Existence of All Beings, the True Nature, We Experience… Is Absolute Silence… Infinite Perception, Centerless, Boundless, All-Pervasive… Perception Beyond Perception!



The Unfathomable

The Unity of Existence also includes the particular, the partial, the individual, the lost in the vastness of the world.

Life is something deeper than the wheel of desires that always turns to the same things without changing anything.

If you cannot break free from the prison of thought it is because there simply is no prison… you feed the thought and you break free from it… the decision is yours.

Whichever secret path you take, at some point you will reach the same impasse, the same inevitable dilemma, to personally experience Reality, to unite yourself with God, to feel Eternity.

As Perception expands into the Space of Ignorance, Illuminating it, the more general perceptions it grasps... until it reaches the Unfathomable. And it is What you have to feel yourself, personally, abandoning (in the end) yourself.




The Beauty of life lies in the way we see life, not in life itself. The Wise Man lives life as it unfolds. The foolish man tries to change life according to his imagination.

The problems of societies are created by the immaturity of people. People! fix your immaturity and the problems will fix themselves.

Truth is what you discover for yourself, when you weigh things yourself, with the scales of justice, and equality, and virtue, not what others present to you, or books.

The Horizons in life, the Depth, and the Range of life, are determined by you, not nature, or other people.

Your Soul is like a vast sky, who can find its limits, manipulate it, or limit it? Slavery is the freedom you grant to nature, or to others, or to situations.