Author: wholenous (Constantinos Prokopiou)




Series: Buddha’s Thought


Publisher: Esoterism Academy


Diligence: Naya Prokopiou


Year: 2023 / Edition 1


Language: English. Pages: 192


Book format: PDF


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Ithaca is Everywhere!. 42

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Selfishness. 49

Right to be wrong. 51

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The Wise Man. 59

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Man in Existence and in time. 137

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The Unity of Existence. 150

Beyond thought 152


The World of the Wise. 157

Divine Intervention or Human Action?. 159

Change in human society. 160


Basic Hellenic-Latin-English Philosophical Terms. 165




The Shadow World


There is ONE EVER PRESENT SUBSTANCE, Without Attributes. And Within This Essence Exist (as Activities) all the Experiences of existence.

What emerges first is the Perception of Activity, of Differentiation. As Perception Reflects the Immobility of Substance, it Perceives Substance. It is Self-Awareness.

When Perception apprehends Differentiation the phenomena of existence emerge. While all these are only activities, phenomena, as Perception is absorbed in the phenomena, it ceases to see them as mere activities of Essence, transitory phenomena, and experiences them as absolute separate realities.

When Perception Perceives Reality Directly, without processing, Perceives the Oneness of Existence, Experiences the Light Aspect of Existence, "Dwells" in the Heavenly Regions.

When Perception is not limited to what happens, but edits, corrects, completes, makes a picture of Reality in the mental field. It constructs a mental core of being in the mental field and builds around it an ego, composed of temporary characteristics, a personality. It "dwells" in the three lower worlds, as mind, soul, or embodied entity, depending on the purity of its being.

If earth-embodied beings remembered their course in existence, in successive lives, and their return again and again to the material world, where they are bound by desire, they would become confused, or go mad. Fortunately nothing remains of the temporary personalities. Nature always works in a wise way.

And so beings come to earth, ignorant of the Essence in which they Exist, ignorant of what they really are, ignorant of the existence of the higher worlds they cross to reach earth, and to which they periodically retire to come again to earth.

The World of Shadow, of Mind, of Soul, of Matter, is at the lowest levels of existence. And of all these worlds, the world of matter is the darkest


In the Shadow World and the darkest place, people build civilizations, empires, conquer the universe… only they don't see that they are in the dark place.


It is certain that in the millions of galaxies spread out in the universe there are beings with much (much) higher intelligence than that of the people of the earth, who have developed true civilizations, and where far more important events than those that occur on earth are happening...

Foolish earthlings, being essentially isolated on their planet, and having no information from the outer universe, believe (due to lack of intelligence and imagination) that they are unique in the universe, that the earth is the center of the universe, and that Whatever God Exists is dealing only with them down here and their insignificant planet. They boast of the underdeveloped culture of garbage they have created, of the philosophy of stupidity, of the politics of violence, of the justice of contention, of the art of chatter, and they don't see their own crap because they have no measure of comparison with other civilizations in the universe …

But those who know, and have a measure of comparison, with the countless civilizations that have developed in the universe, cannot but have an "understanding" of the stupidity of people.


If the world of the earth and the human species were something important, and if the civilization of men was not a civilization of barbarism, perhaps it would be worth while to deal with the earth and human societies. But in the end it's not worth it... So, all that's left is to simply talk about the Truth... and those who can will understand.


Only Those Who Live the Truth, Are Truth, and Have the Right to Speak About the Truth. Only the Righteous have the Right to Speak for the Right. Only real people have the Right to say "we are people".


There are Other Worlds!


True Religion is the Revelation of the Infinite Nature that Supports every individual imagination. In the Unseen Worlds and the millions of inhabited planets of the universe, Religion follows different paths. But the Completion is One. The religions of the earth are valid only on the earth.


In Creation all Worlds, as in the rainbow all colors, have the same value. And the Light Blue of the Spirit, and the Green of the Mind, and the Red of the Soul, and the dark of the material earth. There is Absolute Order in everything that happens... Only the obsession of the inhabitants of the earth with forms, with particular situations, is incomprehensible.


Beyond the earth world there are other civilizations in the universe... and there are also invisible worlds better than the material world. In the Heavenly Regions Illuminated by the Sun of Knowledge, All, Quietly, Peacefully, Travel to Eternity... Who cares for the world of men, for the slaughterhouse of earth?


The Wise Man, coming to earth, quickly finds the Way to Heaven, and quickly abandons, in his heart, the world of men. There are Other Ways to Live, there are Other Places to Dwell... What is the value of the dark world of the earth and the billions of people who eat each other?


If men knew what lies beyond the horizon where their perception ends, they would not be attached to the earth, they would quickly leave it to Ascend to Heaven.


The Sage Who Has Ascended to the Heavenly Reality no longer cares about the affairs of the material world, the earth, nor can he be angry with the foolishness of men and what they do, nothing touches him... people only hurt themselves and their fellow human beings.


If the fate of people on earth were determined by some other factors and not by them, maybe people would need understanding and love. But people alone create their own life and development. The Law is therefore, that everyone accepts the consequences of the actions he does, no one else is responsible.



The Society of Humans


Societies, for thousands of years, have been crawling through history. The civilization that men have created is a culture of barbarism… Whatever good men have created, in philosophy, in art, in life, they have not created it as societies… some special individuals who stood out, raised their eyes to the sky, felt the depth of the horizon, and they carved paths with solid steps... but how many follow?


Society means group soul, group "spirit", equal participation, cooperation, common life... Every society has the quality of the people who make it up... How can the inhabitants of this planet, the ego-people, build society? This is why all societies are problematic.


Human societies are always problematic. The reason is simple. "Society" requires teamwork. Societies, however, always cultivate individualism, egoism, selfishness, and self-interest. Society and selfishness are contradictory concepts, no one knows how to balance them. This contradiction carries over into people's behavior. One can see the result all around.


God (however people understand him, if they understand him at all) is the Absolute Power that Sustains All... And yet! How Discreetly He Holds Everything in His if It Does Not Exist, Without Being Seen. And there are many who say "it doesn't exist". Present but Invisible He acts like the Absolute Non-Power… But the powers of men manipulate, direct and oppress men. So, human powers are not of God, they come from the darkness of the human soul... Final Conclusion: All human power is dirty. And whoever bows his head to human authorities confesses that he is a slave.


Justice and Law are not only not identical or related (philosophical-political) concepts, but, they are completely opposite. This sounds paradoxical. But if you have a little intelligence, think about it and you will see it. Justice is intertwined with the human value of Equality, Equal sharing, etc. Law, on the contrary, defines, describes and seeks to provide a solution to relationships between individual existences and interests, to find balance between separated and conflicting parties. The whole culture of human societies is not based on a Natural Sense of Justice, but on a vast jurisprudence that tries to resolve all human conflicts... and are you so naive as to believe that justice is served? Do you see it around you?


When in a society the laws are unjust, then the citizens Owe Justice, the Natural Sense of Justice, if they want to be free, to be "illegal"... otherwise they become slaves.


Reality Is Much Wider and Has an Indefinable Depth, which cannot be approached by human perception... However, reality is not the reality shaped by official governments and politicians and projected by the mass media... When you shine a spotlight on a point it does not mean that the rest of the world does not exist. The art of constructing reality (as well as the means of imposing it on populations) is a very, very old art in human societies... But since the peoples are happy to be ruled like this, what can we say?


In the Market of the World


There is only one way to find your spiritual balance. Don't use the internet, except carefully and for ethical purposes, or at least delete yourself from stupid social media, stop watching TV and reading newspapers, and forget all the stupidity you've been taught so far...stop accepting the reality that others construct for you and come out of your grave... Then you will discover that Above there is a Heaven, and below, the earth is solid under your feet.


All religious, political, all kinds of powers are corrupt and use false language that distorts reality... how can they speak of Truth, of Righteousness, of Life?


For thousands of years now, political powers have not solved social problems. And they're not going to solve it. Those who are comfortable in the "system" shrug their shoulders... those who are hungry are powerless to react... And so the world goes on peacefully.


The political system that has been imposed on human societies for 10,000 years, and that has passed through kingdoms and empires to end up in today's pseudo-democracies and international wolf alliances, is the worst political system that can exist. It rests on the illusory idea of individual ownership and the fantastic possibility of individual enrichment. So, while it is the few who own the wealth of the planet, the many idiots adopt the delusional ideology of individual survival and fall into the trap that has been set for them for millennia now... eventually the idiots get comfortable with their social scum and carelessly munch on their crumbs, and life goes by… so quietly, so peacefully, in the kraal.


The Real Economy is about things that exist. If you want to see what a real economy is, read "Robinson Crusoe" by Daniel Defoe... The Financial System that is applied to almost the entire planet has little to do with the Real Economy, since it manages fictitious "magnitudes", things that do not exist... It is a big fraud (of those who have the real power on the planet) that aims to manipulate the populations... How? Because what? Everyone must assume their responsibilities on this ultimately insignificant planet.


People, these same people, who create the problems in human society, fight among themselves about the best solution... and end up doing nothing or making things worse, and society drags on.


If there was Justice there would be no need for laws!


Shadow Theater


Stupid citizens who support stupid governments aren't really stupid… they just support their own interests… and stupid governments aren't stupid, they're just unconscious, playing the game for their own benefit.


Something really impressive is happening in the shadow theater of politics. When you listen to a political debate, in parliament or in a coffee shop (it's the same after all), you find that everyone is right, even if they disagree with each other... When you listen to all the experienced political analysts, even if they support completely opposite views, you talk about the each of them is "right"! Aren't we right here too? "we are right"! After all, is anyone wrong in this world?


In human societies it doesn't matter if you are right... It is enough to have a "louder voice" and terrorize others.


How is it possible (really how is it possible) in this place (in every place anyway) that everyone is a patriot and everyone supports opposing or conflicting views? After all, does claiming something mean it's true? And if a fool claims to be wise, is he really wise? Is Patriotism, is Justice, after all, something different from what all these clothes-ripping fools are shouting? And ultimately who anointed them saviors?


Really, we are impressed by the politicians in Greece (and in the whole world, after all), they make us worry, think... Finally, think about it a little, the Justice at Thermopylae was with Leonidas who stood up to the enemy with "come and take" ? or was it with Ephialtes, who wanted to cooperate with the enemy, who judged that his interest was identical with the enemy's interest? Think about it! Some Greek politicians who completely identify with the interests of the enemy, finally, historically, completely justify the Ephialtes! Want names? It matters? Some Greeks (Greeks?) give them strength and courage to go out and speak in public. “Aedos Argives! Aedos!”.


Maybe, after all, this abandoned people, who often offer their wisdom anonymously, are right... Look at the politicians (and not only here, but everywhere). Isn't that what people say? "all pigs have the same face"?


When you find out how stupid the people who rule the societies are you wonder, “well! if they are fools, what are the rest of us? fools-fools?”…





Ithaca is Everywhere!


He who, like a Modern Odysseus, Traveled Far, and his eyes were filled with places and sights, and his ears were tired of all kinds of exotic voices, only one thing ponders in the hours when thought is quiet and the waves of the senses become distant whispers...

ITHAKA IS EVERYWHERE! There is nowhere to go, nothing to know, no place to return to... and that Old Ithaca of dreams and nostalgia, nothing else is from the obsession of memory, a memory that has not known the world, has not traveled, has not seen, has not understood.

The World is Infinite, Without Limits, Without Directions and Destinies, Same Everywhere, Unlimited Freedom, a Knowing Spread of Peace, and Deep Fulfillment... Now the Journey is Aimless, like the song of the wind, and like the Deep Old Knowing, that always, the trips were fake… because, ITHACA IS EVERYWHERE!


Walking through life


The Wise Man Balances on the Wave of Life, Rides With It, Without Resisting, Where Life Leads Him… it is the fools who drown in the black waters of their imaginations, chasing after fleeting visions.

People are responsible not only for the actions they do, but also for everything they fail to do... Thus Justice is Complete.

In the Real World there is only One Reality, the Oneness of Existence, and only one relationship, the Love that unites all, dissolving the differences... In the world of people, thought, duality, ego and separation, there are relationships between egos... but these relationships only apply in the world of humans, duality, and fantasy.

People Must Act and React to the Situations Where Life Leads Them. They Have a Duty to Take Action! But those who think they can direct the Current of Life, that they can have individual benefit from their action, are fools. People have no, essentially, right to the fruits of action! That's life!

After all! Is there a way to perceive reality as it is? or will the thought, the imagination, always intervene and show as reality what we construct? And does the belief, the certainty, that we do perceive reality make fantasy reality? Maybe only in our imaginations.

In spite of fools who deny the transcendent nature of the Soul, those who have been near someone who is dying find a definite process of separation of existence from the body, and definite symptoms, which cannot be interpreted as a withdrawal of brain activity from the body. There have been, in all ages, people who have made this distinction consciously and had interesting experiences. Ultimately, the one who "leaves" discovers, through personal experience, the separation process... and there are many who are in for surprises.

No matter how much people stretch their hands they cannot touch God... Why? Because they're looking, because they're looking in the wrong way, because they're looking in the wrong place!


Truths and lies


Life describes what it sees. The thought of men, and the art of their speech, speaks, speaks, speaks, without saying anything. This is the essence of art, a nothing wrapped in nothing.


Real people who still write, write to describe the Real World, Real Life and not to change the world of people, their thinking and their sad culture.


Jesus of Nazareth never used the term Logos. Where on earth did the term Logos come from in the Gospel according to John? And is this about the Ancient Hellenes and Stoic Perception? about Philo's perception of Alexandria? for the Kabbalistic conception of Wisdom? Or is it (perhaps) behind the words of the wise there is nothing but human imagination?


The immutable fact of an indisputable truth can only arise as a result of the direct experience of reality and not as a mental conception or transmission of a mental information. The mental conception of a truth is not the truth.


Intellectual belief and the conformity of activity according to a belief is not evidence of a religious life...rather it shows a lack of living intelligence and intellectual ankylosis.


The real initiatory orders, from pre-Christian times, have never had public action... So, all these impostors, like the so-called Rosicrucians, and Masons, and the like, represent nothing but their little human imagination.


If one can claim that spiritual leaders like the Dalai Lama or the Pope of Rome or the Patriarch of Constantinople have a spiritual experience of reality, then anyone can claim that the monkeys of the African savannah can become nuclear scientists.


The Lesson of life


Every human being, all of us, has the Absolute Responsibility of his Existence. There are no extenuating circumstances for anyone… We may not be able to fight conditions and circumstances… but we can face them all with human dignity.


Selfishness is not just metaphysical ignorance, it is not a disease since it distances us from the Truth... it is a sin because it prevents God's Love from embracing and healing us.


God's Love is strange. It functions as a Life-Giving Force within all existences and is not at all different from the essence of their existence... And because it cannot be observed as something "different" it seems as if it does not exist. But only the blind do not recognize the Embrace in Whom they exist and live.


There is an essential but secret reason that people come to earth. And everyone discovers it, personally, when the conditions are ripe. Some understand it early, others need many lives... When the time comes everyone will feel it.


The Real is not in what we live but in the way we live it, in the understanding that leads us beyond all phenomena, in the Heart of Infinity, in our True Nature.


The greatest life lesson a man can learn is true total and ultimate humility. It is the Open Gate of Heaven... On the contrary, false cultivated humility (of an ego), a disciplined behavior, leads you into the blackest darkness of egoism.


If you seek the Truth, seek it within yourself, in the understanding of what is happening, and not in the foolish interpretations of thought, or in the visions of the imagination.





Perhaps, the Greatest Egoist is God, because He embraces all existences, animates them and leads them to their end... how different is the egoism of man who is limited to the small self, who is separated and in conflict with everything!


If you want to really See who you are then Look beyond all outward forms, above all outward activities, into the Heart of your Heavenly Nature, which is Infinite, Peaceful, Timeless.


It is hard for people to do Right, to put a stone in the Building of the world. It is easier and more convenient for them to make the mistake of supporting, as they think, their own interest. But this is how they tear the world down... And then they sit and look at the ruins around them, in society, and complain... So, aren't we all responsible for the world's decline?


Life on earth is transitory, just a passage. What is more natural than to leave at some point... And so we should leave with joy, and with joy those who stay behind should say goodbye to us, because there are surely better worlds to go to... surely they are better, when you see the decline of the world around you.


Many times people try to be good or look good. Not because they really feel goodness in themselves but to justify the guilt of their wickedness. But thus they sin doubly. Not only for their wickedness but also for their hypocrisy.


Even God Yields to Selfish Man!


People constantly equate their perception of the world with Reality. And while their reality keeps disappointing them, they persist in their imagination. Is this a lack of intelligence? Or is it a desire to have a world just to their liking? Isn't that crazy?