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Series: Buddha’s Metaphilosophy


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Diligence: Naya Prokopiou


Year: 2023 / Edition 1


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BE-NESS (or, Absolute Being, Pure Being, Infinite Being), PRESENCE, is not some "substance" but energy, function, perception, phenomenon. ABSOLUTE BEING is identified with CONSCIOUSNESS, with ABSOLUTE or PURE COGNITION (not human cognition). CONSCIOUS is identified with the TRUE, the REAL. PURE COGNITION, LOGOS, UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE, constitutes the essence of becoming (everything is "mind"). Even the "Cosmic Reason" and the "mental world" and the "energy world" and the "material world" are "transformations" of the mind. The BE-NESS, the REAL, (in its "existential meaning" and not in its defining use), is much broader than the intellect, the mental function. The "individual mind" is a limited "weakened" function, which cannot shape becoming but simply "captures" it as an "image". The human mind, in the material world, is one such weakened function. Therefore, in order for the human consciousness to Experience BEING it must "withdraw" to its deepest seat, it cannot do so through the weakened intellect, nor through feelings or sensations that have an external orientation towards the material world... When people, in in their attempt to perceive and interpret the environment, create the perception, the idea of One Principle, One Deity and then "project" it into the objective world and then try to "approach" it commits a logical (and therefore factual) error: They seek, in the world of understanding, in the world of becoming (in the world of the objective), a conception of their own, the conception of their weakened intellect, an idea, an idol, and of course they find nothing. BEING cannot be Experienced within the world of the intellect, (God is never "against" us, God is always "behind" us). So, in this sense, all philosophy collapses, all theology is futile and all the actions of men in the name of this ideal are useless... Thus, we should go back to the sources of true philosophy and study again with Plato, the real Essence of Being, the "perfectly being", as beyond and not as the object of the intellect…


The Realm of BE-NESS lies beyond the Twelve Gates of Cosmic Activity. That is, beyond the four imaginable areas of activity and the three levels of absorption in each area. Do not forget! All the truths, all the descriptions, are intended to free you from mental activity and lead you to the Direct Experiencing of BEING, to the Experience of What You Are in-Power. "Reality" is a creation of your mind. You can "surrender" to it or "forge" it. If you realize this you hold the key to "supreme magic". But all "realities" are fake, creations of your mind. Beyond all "realities" lies Truth, Freedom, Bliss.


In Reality, BE-NESS, TRUTH, True Objectivity (and not objectivity as a conception of the human intellect), is in the Space of Eternity, beyond cosmic creation, beyond thought, beyond good and evil. To Experience Eternity, we must transcend any activity that creates the relative reality (intellect etc.). All related activity, from the perspective of the Eternal, is pointless and futile, a misguided cycle that repeats itself over and over again. But for the consciousness that is trapped in the relative, in the creation, there is a distinction between good and bad. The activity which leads to the transcendence of the ego (obsession with an existence in the relative world), is characterized as spiritual, luminous, good, liberates and elevates man and leads him to the limit of the relative world, but cannot lead him beyond it, in Eternity, for as long as we remain in the activity, we are in the relative. Ego-strengthening activity is a limiting activity, dark and evil, that isolates man and works disruptively within “society”. Evil works as an inhibiting factor in our spiritual development. However, the harm that causes evil is always limited within the limits of the relative, it cannot touch the ESSENCE, its BEING. As long as man remains in the relative world, he must do good. Ultimately, however, he must also surpass the good in order to pass into Eternity.


Experiencing BEING, experiencing our INNER NATURE, experiencing REALITY, (WHICH all religions identify or refer consciousness to), defined as Buddhist Meditation, Yoga, Pure Prayer, etc., is not a process but the end of processes within CONSCIOUSNESS. Nirvana is the extinction of all processes of relative existence. Kaivalgya, yoga, is the rejection within consciousness (citta) of all differentiations (vrittis). Christian Theosis (Union with God) is possible only when the mind becomes completely "formless, formless, ignorant "...


Religious Thought  




BE-NESS is energy, function, perception, phenomenon, it is INTELLIGENCE, it is not some “substance”. BEING is identified with CONSCIOUSNESS, with PURE COGNITION, with CONSIDERATION, with AWARENESS, with the Perception of Existence. PURE COGNITION, the LOGOS, the Awareness of Existence, is identified with the Perception of the GOOD, the TRUE, the REAL. The REAL, in its Pure Form, has no content... or else its content is undefined, the Void, the nothingness (Being and Zero are identical). The BEING, the REAL is considered something “Intangible”, Eternal, Undefined, Infinite, beyond space and time etc. In this state SUBJECT-OBJECT is the same. Being, here has a purely "existential" meaning. Being in this sense, is ALL.




When PURE COGNITION, REASON, differentiates itself, processing the perception of BEING, this Mental Activity constitutes a secondary conception of BE-NESS, a mirror image of BE-NESS. When PURE COGNITION creates the Universal Being then it rents to It, in all its space. In this case CONSCIOUSNESS seems to have undergone a change as it is limited within a relative space, but at the same time it is identified with the objective space. This is a state different from BEING, it is another Field of Existence, called the Field of Reason. It is a projection of IS within the relative. It is a real state from the point of view of CONSCIOUSNESS but not different from an ontological point of view. That is, it is an illusion. This is the Universal Delusion.

PURE COGNITION, LOGOS, as a Mental Activity, which produces the Universal Being and dwells in It, is called Cosmic Creative Reason, Cosmic Intellect, Intellect. Cosmic Reason is Subject, Object together. The Subject in this case is not Substance, Hypostasis but only a way of perception. It would be more correct to say Subjective Perception instead of Subject that refers to some substance. This Mental Conception of BEING (Universal Being) forms the Background and framework of all further processing from which the variety of mental phenomena arise.

This Subjective Activity is an internal activity that varies according to the position adopted by the Subject in relation to the object. There are three levels to this inner activity.

When the Subject simply perceives BEING, because there are no idioms it perceives existence as emptiness (Consciousness empty – Universal Unity).

When the Subject attributes to existence the concept of existence, infinity, etc. it realizes that it is a universal existence (Infinite Consciousness, where the subject object is identical – Universal Consciousness).

When PURE COGNITION in Mental Activity, which constitutes a field of existence within the relative, a global field, homogeneous (mental world), is concentrated in a point, located spatially, then the perception of an individual being, an ego in the objective space is created. Here subject-object are separated. Actually, the Universal and the individual are the same. The individual is a spatial projection of the Universal. CONSCIOUSNESS can perceive both the Universal and the individual simultaneously. This can be repeated over and over and thus many egos arise. This is how multiplicity arises. In fact, all these egos are the Universal Itself dwelling within the objective mental world. Subjects do not refer to prepositions but only to subjective activities. (Wider consciousness, ego that extends throughout space – Universal Ego).


In reality, BE-NESS (CONSCIOUSNESS) is the REAL, the Background of all perception. Subjective perceptions are only activities (the Universal, the individual and all kinds of individual experiences are only activities). The CONSCIOUSNESS can therefore rent either to the BE-NESS, or to the various subjective activities. We are this CONSCIOUSNESS, even if we don't understand it. We can rise from the individual perception (I), to the Universal and above all to the Being, or we can be absorbed into the ego and experience an individual existence within the mental world. Thus, a new realm of existence is created called the Mental Realm. The ego, because it is located in one point and has a limited perceptual potential, has a form, approximately spherical. Existence within the mental world consists of mental activity that varies according to its orientation.

The subject is distinguished in principle from the objective mental world, but empty in reality, or, the subject considers, the objective mental phenomena that manifest in the context of Universal Being (ideas). The subject discovers them little by little, as if they are also inside it and thus orients itself in the mental world. (This activity is called intellect and creates a personal perception of our existence and the world).

Little by little, the image of the objective mental world is completed, the mental phenomena are stabilized and thus they can be correlated and safe conclusions can be drawn. (This activity is called intelligence and creates a personal direction in the world.)

The perception of the world is complete. The subject has conceptualized all mental phenomena which are at the same time objective. On the basis of memory, the subject can now recognize objective mental phenomena. (This activity is called perception and constitutes personal life in the mental world)


When PURE COGNITION is absorbed into the Mental Field, the phenomenon of Empowerment is created. Mental activity thus acquires a Dynamic Field and together every mental phenomenon acquires its own dynamic field, i.e., acquires an attractive-repulsive force. This creates a new field of existence called the Dynamic Field. In this Dynamic Field the individual beings projected into it possess weakened inner intelligence and external mental functions adapted to the conditions of the Field, within a dynamic body which is roughly spherical in form on the model of the mental body, they feel attracted or repelled by the strengthened mental phenomena, the dynamic phenomena and thus new external functions arise.

Empathy, orientation in the dynamic world

Will, Direction in the dynamic world.

Sensation, closer contact with dynamic phenomena.


When PURE COGNITION is absorbed into the Dynamic Field, into the dynamic world, the phenomenon of objectification is created. The Universal Being that has a Dynamic Field acquires a universal energy-material field whose differentiation creates the material universe. Individual beings from the dynamic field who turn to the material field feel themselves embodied in it, in a material body. Individual beings in the material realm have even more weakened inner intelligence and outer mental functions adapted to the conditions of the Field and weakened outer potentiality, they experience existence in the material realm through a material body. The external bodily experience varies according to its orientation:

Acclimatization and perception of the environment through the body.

Dealing with the environment.

Material experience.




In reality, there is only PURE COGNITION and all worlds are mental conceptions and there is only mental experience. Universal Being is a pure conception of Being. The Mental Field is an individual mental conception of Universal Being. The Dynamic Field and the energy-material field are simply dimensions of the Universal Being and are in the same space (not to be confused because they have a different mental texture, frequency).

In reality, CONSCIOUSNESS is never separated from BE-NESS, but plunges into a subjective differentiation and experiences other modes of existence in various dimensions of Universal Being. The CONSCIOUSNESS absorbed in these activities perceives them as something different and has the perception that it lives in different worlds.

So, in the final analysis CONSCIOUSNESS IS ONE. All states of consciousness, within the relevant worlds, are not hypostatic states but only perceptual states. Thus, we speak of ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, or of "Widely Aware Consciousness" and non-discriminating consciousness, or of Free, Enlightened Consciousness and limited consciousness, etc., always bearing in mind that we are talking about perceptual states.

CONSCIOUSNESS in whatever field of existence it manifests is identified with BEING. He may perceive this, or he may regard the IS as the ALL of which he is a part. In order to elevate CONSCIOUSNESS to BE-NESS it must overcome the various mental functions that immerse it in the delusion of a separate life. Realization in a lower realm liberates the CONSCIOUSNESS from that realm but evolution continues in the higher realms until it reaches the IS, the Realm of IS.


The activity of PURE COGNITION (CONSCIOUSNESS) is structured into four main functions (each of which is completed in three phases). Through this activity PURE COGNITION, LOGOS externalizes Its content.

Clear Perception of Being (Inner Intelligence, Mental Core)

Mental World (External Mind)

Crystallization of the perception of Being (External Dynamism)

Objectification (realization) of Being (External Energy – Realization of Intelligence).

Thus, PURE COGNITION, the REASON, from the inner perception proceeds in four phases to the realization. The fields of activity of LOGOS are perceived as fields of manifestation, places of experience, spaces, worlds, etc... They are fields of phenomena (or more correctly interdependent phenomena that flow continuously). They are functional phenomena and not stable worlds of some substance. The perception of the essence is wrong. (Abusively we speak of Substance, mental, ethereal, material substance).

PURE COGNITION, the REASON with Its Activity creates ways of perceiving existence, imaginary areas, spaces of existence, places of experience. The knowledge established by CONSCIOUSNESS, the Subject, when operating within these states is but a situationally determined interpretation of existence – a temporary interpretation and not an absolute truth. In every situation Consciousness has a complete interpretation of existence, but not a final one.


"GENERAL THEORY OF RELIGION" we call the set of systematic knowledge (tradition) mentioned:

In BEING, which is Energy, WILLING, CONSCIOUS, and not some substance, (Cause of Existence).

In PURE COGNITION's activity and areas of activity.

In the variety of phenomena, subjective, objective

and the ultimate purpose of Existence.


When CONSCIOUSNESS is fully realized then there is nothing but CONSCIOUSNESS.


When CONSCIOUSNESS (the Subject, Universal and individual) does not perceive Itself but is in Activity then it goes through various stages of activity, absorption into activity.

When it is in the First Stage of its Activity, of its function, of Inner Intelligence, then it does not perceive itself but is absorbed in its mental content and depending on the phase of activity it is in, it adopts a different perception of reality.

Existence is Emptiness

Consciousness is infinite

Consciousness is Wider than a center and spreads throughout space.


When the CONSCIOUSNESS is in the Second Stage of Its Activity, its function, the External Intelligence, depending on the phase of activity it is in, it adopts a different perception of reality.

When it functions as pure intellect (insightful knowledge, perception) then it considers that all are creations of the Intellect.

When it functions as a Thought Process it considers everything to be objects of the Mind.

When it functions as Perception it considers that everything is independent of Intellect.


When the CONSCIOUSNESS active in the Mental Field loses, due to its absorption in its activity, the ability to shape mental activity and treats mental objects as independent phenomena of its own action, then, in its attempt to control reality, it strengthens the mental objects, charges them with energy. While the transition from one field of activity to another is smooth on a global scale, beings move from one field to another in a different way, with "projection into the dynamic field" (that is, there is a discontinuity in the manifestation of consciousness).

In the Dynamic Field, consciousness considers reality as a creation of a METAPHYSICAL PRINCIPLE that, based on the model of the mental world, establishes, organizes and maintains the dynamic world. The Dynamic World is therefore considered a reflection of the mental world. Depending on the phase of dynamic activity in which consciousness is, it can control dynamic objects (consider them its creations), consider them as "objects" or as independent phenomena.

The Dynamic World is also seen as the medium that carries the mental pattern into the material realm. Thus, the Dynamic World, the Occult Nature, is considered the cause of the material world. All this, the dynamic activity and resulting objectification, the realization of energy, are considered activities, situations, phenomena. There is no material substance

Consciousness in this field tries to interpret the origin of the worlds.


When Consciousness perceives through the material intellect, it considers itself to be either identical with the Absolute, or to be in relation to the Absolute, and perceives that all are either creations of energy, or objects, or independent.





CONSCIOUSNESS IS ONE. Within ONE CONSCIOUSNESS is created, Cosmic Reason, intellect, perception, phenomena. All this is nothing special. CONSCIOUSNESS Transcends all situations; it is never confined within a situation. But it can work in different situations.

It can only work on Being,

or in Being and Cosmic Reason,

or in Being, in Cosmic Reason and in intellect,

or in Being, in Cosmic Reason, in intellect and dynamism,

or in Being, in Cosmic Reason, in intellect, in dynamism, and in phenomenon.

CONSCIOUSNESS is always outside all kinds of phenomena (Cosmic Reason, dynamism, phenomenon). But a "consciousness" that focuses on a situation even though it remains outside of it is absorbed and perceives to enter the situation, to consider it real. In this way the "individuality", the "I" is created. And thus arises the "plurality" of consciousness. But all these consciousnesses (every single consciousness) refer qualitatively to "ALL" (not quantitatively).

CONSCIOUSNESS is ONE. Every consciousness is This ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, refers to This ONE CONSCIOUSNESS. When CONSCIOUSNESS is " absorbed " into the various realms of manifestation it experiences an "individual" existence. CONSCIOUSNESS may operate in some or all realms of manifestation. Thus, CONSCIOUSNESS has four manifestations, functions, bodies, etc.

The being in the material world manifests simultaneously in five spheres,

the sphere of CONSCIOUSNESS (as IT IS),

in the realm of Cosmic Reason (as universal consciousness)

the sphere of the mental world (as intellect),

the sphere of perception (as perception)

and the world of phenomena (as a body).

The being as it is limited within the body and the world of phenomena while it IS does not have a Full Perception of BEING, while it is a Universal Unity it has no perception of the fact, while it thinks it cannot fully perceive, the whole mental world and act there, while he perceives he cannot "extend" to the whole space of perception. It is limited within the body and physical life.

When consciousness realizes what is really happening, that it exists and operates in various realms of manifestation it can be directed wherever it wants. When the being evolves beyond the lower states and emerges towards PURE BEING, it perceives REALITY, the SOURCE, the PRINCIPLE. When man leaves the phenomenal world (by death) then he goes to the sphere of existence which he had conquered by passing from world to world gradually. Those beings who had remained trapped in the phenomenal world after death spend a transitional period in the metaphysical realms until they are reincarnated again and again until they can escape.

Being anyway always exists in the realm of BEING. It IS forever. It neither falls into any other state, nor emerges, nor anything. It doesn't accomplish anything. It simply realizes that all these are states and that it was simply absorbed in these states and then realized the Reality. It doesn't accomplish anything.




The ALL, the TRUE EXISTENCE, the ABSOLUTE BEING, the INFINITE, the ETERNAL, is neither Cosmic Reason, nor mental conception of Existence, nor energy, nor matter. This can be perceived as an inner perception in some field of existence but directly and completely only in those beings who belong to That Absolute Field of Existence, in the Divine, in those beings Absorbed in the Divine. These beings cease to distinguish between an individual existence and in the Whole, they become the Whole. It is the Supreme Evolution of Being.

To reach Here beings must evolve completely in the material world, in the dynamic world, in the mental world in the Cosmic Field and be Absorbed in the Absolute. As long as they do not follow this path, all this remains a theoretical conception, a theory. Only those beings who have Experience Know the Truth. Truth as Experience is neither universal existence, nor mental conception, nor dynamism, nor something you can touch. True Existence Is Eternal. This is mirrored in the Universal Word, but although the Word is universal it belongs to the relative world. Secondly it is mirrored in the intellect but the mental conception of existence is but an image. The dynamic world is nothing but the dynamism of mental conception and the material world is nothing but the external aspect of dynamism.






CONSCIOUSNESS Is the Ultimate Reality, the Background of Every Existence in all Fields of Existence and Every Perception of Existence (Everything that exists is ultimately analyzed into a consciousness phenomenon). Regardless of the field of existence in which CONSCIOUSNESS manifests, it structures some perception of Existence. Depending on how the CONSCIOUSNESS considers itself in relation to the environment of existence, it is Obliged through this perception to realize Its Ultimate Reality, to de-structure all Its perceptions, to overcome them in order to Realize the Depth of Its Existence.

Such conceptions of Existence are all religions, all religious systems, whatever has been created and whatever is possible or about to be created. Since the Ultimate Reality, which stands as the Principle of all perception and which creates perception, is CONSCIOUSNESS, all religions speak of this One Reality and all the Practices they use (Practices of Meditation, Prayer, and other practices) have no other goal than to precisely de-construct all relevant perceptions so that Reality emerges.

All these perceptions are constructions of CONSCIOUSNESS. So, in the final analysis it doesn't matter what religion we follow as long as we do what the religion advocates.

Religions are attempts to convey into logical descriptions a Transcendent Reality.

What for Religions is Revelation, Theology, Theory, Perception, (that is, something outside of human experience), for beings, in the material or other worlds, who have realized their True Nature, who have Experience of the Divine, within them, constitutes an Experience, something they live, a Reality. They have the "same" perception of Reality that Religions simply describe, a Reality that remains outside the realm of experience of the simple religious person.




The Absolute Reality, Defined in Various Ways in Different Religions Is the Ultimate Reality That Underpins All Existence, All Perception, All Experience. It is Pure Existence, it is the Supreme Spiritual State, Integral Perception, Fullness of Life, etc.

The "entities" who experience the Absolute Reality, either in the metaphysical worlds or in the material realm, regardless of the religion they follow, experience One Common Reality and this fact automatically creates One Common Consciousness, One Sacred Community... This Sacred Community does not it has nothing to do with the secular churches of the various religions.

The Ultimate Reality Is Experience. Those Who Have This Experience, Experience the Reality That Is Behind All Approaches, Beyond All Descriptions. All religions speak of the One Reality. But only those who have experienced Absolute Reality Understand This.


Secular churches and organizations are created in imitation of the Sacred Community of beings who have an Experience of the Divine. For secular churches, Enlightenment, Redemption, Salvation, remains a Request. But for the being of the Holy Community, it is a Continuous Experience.









Theory of Religion

General Theory of Religion

Metaphysical Considerations

The Absolute Reality

The Holy Community




Theory of Religion




CONSCIOUSNESS IS ONE. There is no " separation ", "evolution", "fall", "redemption", nothing. All this "movement" is illusory. It is a "movement" of "perception", a "differentiation" and a "completion" of "perception" and not a real, objective situation. WE ARE ONE CONSCIOUSNESS FROM THE BEGINNING, FOREVER, there is nothing to accomplish.

In the context of this Perception "Religion", "Religious Practice", (the essence of the religious phenomenon) is the "Understanding" of Truth, the Objective Reality that we described above.

Any other conception of "Consciousness" and Its relation to the "external phenomenon" is a "construction" that temporarily "interprets" the phenomenon of existence and is intended to lead us to the "Full Understanding" of Truth. Metaphysical Considerations of Man belong to this category of perception.

Religions are the historically expressed Metaphysical Views of Man that have influenced great multitudes for long periods of time up to the present day.

These are the Principles of a General Theory of Religion.

General Theory of Religion

CONSCIOUSNESS IS ONE. Within This ONE CONSCIOUSNESS every "subjective differentiation" and "objective state" is possible and realizable.

ONE CONSCIOUSNESS with "subjective differentiation" "appears" as Many Consciousnesses (plurality). Actually, ONE CONSCIOUSNESS Is the Stable Background of all these Consciousnesses. "Subjective differentiation", separateness, individuality is an action that maintains differentiation from ONE CONSCIOUSNESS and is fueled by this experience. It is a secondary activity, a self-limitation, a trap, a delusion. The rejection of separateness leads back to Our Real Essence, to Absolute Oneness. On the other hand, the " objectification " of the situations perceived by the Consciousness leads to the creation of the objective fields, the "external" worlds.

The Consciousness-Objective Relationship determines the quality, the properties of the objective. As long as the Consciousness realizes that all these are its creations it maintains a freedom towards the external worlds. When Consciousness is absorbed in this experience then all this is seen as real, independent of Consciousness and the perception of differentiation is transformed into a perception that we are within these worlds. Thus, the subjective differentiation and the objectification of situations are interdependent and opposite actions. There is therefore a gradation of perceptions (Consciousness is considered as the Only Reality, Consciousness is considered as the Creator of the objective world, Consciousness and the objective world are considered as parallel but related realities, etc...). In this way ONE CONSCIOUSNESS appears as Many Consciousnesses with a mental core each in a mental space (which constitutes the Higher, First, Causal, Field of Existence). The mental element is "manifested" into energy and thus a "corresponding" energy field is created. The energy is "condensed" and a "corresponding" energy-material field is created.

In reality, CONSCIOUSNESS IS ONE and within This ONE CONSCIOUSNESS all these subjective differences and objective situations are manifested. The subjective differentiation leads to the perception of another field, an experience different from the Absolute Unity and thus arises the creation of the objective worlds. In other words, what creates the differentiation from Absolute Unity and the experience of external worlds is in Consciousness, not somewhere outside.

Self-awareness refers to the Knowledge of Consciousness, its mode of operation, and its activity, not somewhere else. Thus Consciousness, "Every Consciousness", has a Fixed Eternal Background. It is Self-Defining, Self-Generated, Completely Free and Complete. All related experiences are its own creation and it is its choice, whether to retain or reject them. There is no external God to decide anything, no external mechanism to compel us, no predetermination, no commitment. Being is a creation of itself.

CONSCIOUSNESS IS ONE. When Consciousness realizes this there is no separate-ness, external, objective worlds (independent of Consciousness). When Consciousness differentiates itself from Absolute Oneness it enters into relative experience. Consciousness can perceive Its Fixed Background as the Only Reality, as the Reality that supports the external, as the Reality in Relation to the external, etc. Thus, the Consciousness creates various Metaphysical Theories, temporary interpretations of Existence, in order to reach in Absolute Knowledge. In all these Metaphysical Considerations (to which all historical Religions and great philosophical systems belong) the Absolute is regarded as the Background of everything (in one way or another). Experiencing the Absolute (through various Practices) is the Ultimate Goal.

The Realization of This State leads Consciousness to the Perception of Absolute Unity, to the Perception that Consciousness is One and from It all subjective differentiations and objective states emanate. Here all Metaphysical Considerations which are temporary interpretations are abandoned, all historical religions are overcome. We have reached Objective Knowledge, Full Self-Knowledge.




Metaphysical Considerations

BEING is the One Reality, Eternal, Immutable, Infinite. When the WILL is activated a different state of existence is created. The Subject conceives of BEING as an Identifiable, as an Idea, as being, as space, etc. – this is a mental conception (a construction) with which it is identified. Everything that it conceives and develops and evolves is of a mental texture, which manifests itself as parallel variations of mental conception (parallel worlds). Everything is in the same infinite space but in a different dimension. The Subject that is absorbed into its mental conception (the Universal Being and its variations) undergoes a differentiation Itself. In principle, the perception of a Transpersonal Universal Being is created that is identified with the Universal Being, with the infinite mental objective existence that covers all space. With further absorption into mental existence arises the perception of an individual ego within the objective world (intellect), dealing with the world (intellect) and experiencing a personal individual life in the mental world (perception). As the subject is further absorbed into the relative it undergoes further differentiation. The subject experiences existence within the various dimensions of Being as if living in various worlds. In whatever world it experiences existence the Subject can experience BEING by transcending the various peripheral activities. In reality the Subject identifies with IS even when it perceives itself to be something different. The various subjective states are states of Consciousness and not ontological differentiations.

BEING, LOGOS, Mental Activity creates Being and its variations, Differentiated Reality. This is where all the subjective and objective differences arise. The Perception of Reality, the Reality thus arising depends on the operation of WORD, on the degree of enlightenment or awareness of Its Own Operation, Its result. So, depending on how we perceive or place Reality, our worldview, our actions, the results of our actions arise.

Thus, in the Material Field the Perception of Reality differs according to the level at which we operate. BEING constitutes the Only Reality. Any differentiation is a misconception (Level of BEING).

BEING is perceived as a Oneness that transcends or abolishes opposites. Enlightenment and non-discriminating perception are the same, Tranquility and Activity, Consciousness and creation, Universal and individual, all are identical. We are in this State from the beginning and forever. We do not need to accomplish anything (Level of COGNITION in Activity, identified with Universal Being – three levels).

BEING distinguished from mental activity which has various levels of operation (which create the perception of an existence within the relative). In order to experience the BEING, we have to overcome the mental activity (Level of the intellect).

BEING is distinguished from mental activity which is identified in various processes which are all seen as illusory, empty. To experience the BEING we must reject the various processes as empty (Level of Dialectical Intelligence).

BEING is distinguished from mental activity that is concretized in various processes that are considered real. To experience the BEING, we have to let go of all these processes because they keep us captive in unwanted situations.

All these considerations are real to the Subject who experiences them. From here arise various types of philosophy, religion. In fact, within the same religion, different schools may develop that adopt one or the other view. (One such religion is Buddhism – Theravada, Sunyavada, Vijnanavada, Avatamsaka, Zen)


The Ultimate Reality

Consciousness Is the Only Reality, Eternal, Immutable in Its Nature, Indeterminate in Its Essence, Pure Being, without attributes and determinations, beyond space and time…. Every "phenomenon" that "emerges" within This Reality is "identified" with This Reality; it is not something different... (This Perception is ultimately the basis of all "metaphysics").

Consciousness Is One, Pure Being. The "concept of individuality" is "self-limitation" of Consciousness, illusory in its essence... In reality, "every being" is Consciousness, Self-determining, Self-generating, Completely Free, Complete. There is nothing to be “realized”. (This Perception is ultimately the basis of all “ontology”).

What is Defined as Meditation, consists in the Inner Perception of Pure Being, in the Rejection of all self-limitation, of all relative determination, of all process in time... Consciousness "sinks" into the Infinite, the Eternal, the True, the Only Reality that exists... (This Perception is ultimately the basis of all "religious practice").



The Sacred Community

The Absolute Reality, defined in various ways in the various religions, is the Ultimate Reality that Underpins all existence, all perception, all experience. It is Pure Existence, it is the Supreme Spiritual State, Integral Perception, Fullness of Life, etc.

The "entities" who experience the Absolute Reality, whether in the metaphysical worlds or the material realm, regardless of the religion they follow... experience One Common Reality and this fact automatically creates One Common Consciousness, One Sacred Community... This Sacred Community does not it has nothing to do with the secular churches of the various religions…

The Ultimate Reality Is Experience. Those Who Have This Experience Experience the Reality That Is Behind All Approaches, Beyond All Descriptions. All religions speak of the One Reality. But only those who have experienced the Absolute Reality Understand This…

According to all religions the Reality (for those who fully perceive), the Ultimate Reality (for those who distinguish Reality from the relative), the Ultimate Reality (for those who evolve beyond all relative perceptions), the Absolute (for any limited consciousness), constitutes the Background of every consciousness, the Reference Center of every perception.

Every limited consciousness Presupposes behind it that Background, the Super-consciousness, which supports it and inspires it and guides it towards Total Awareness. The limited consciousness cannot find the Cause of Existence in itself, nor can it suppose that there is anything outside of itself (for this is only a conception, a perception, an idea, which when adopted leads not to Truth but to idolatry. So, the limited consciousness within itself, in its Deepest Being, in its Essence, can reveal the Cause, the Background, the Essence and not somewhere outside. The inner way is the only way.

All religions speak of the Inner Reality of consciousness, of the emergence from limited consciousness to the All, of the unfolding of the limited into the Infinite.

All the practices used by the various religions (Meditation, Prayer, Yoga, etc.) have no other purpose than to help the consciousness to overcome all limiting and limited perceptions to perceive its Infinite Depth. This means that the consciousness must " deconstruct " all " egoic perception", in order to reach the Pure Perception, the Pure Being, the Attributeless, the Immutable, the True.

In reality Consciousness is One, Eternal and all limitations are illusory. For those who realize this there is no fall, no evolution, no enlightenment, nothing. But for those involved in the relevant there is progress, steps towards completion, etc.

However, whatever the Absolute is, it is the Beginning and the End, the Limit of Consciousness and the final destination of every consciousness.

Those Who Experience Absolute Reality however their religion Defines It Are One with Reality, They Are Reality. All of them constitute, participate and represent the Holy Community. They realize that they are experiencing the Reality that others are experiencing, coming from other religions.

Reality Is One no matter how we get to it or what we call it...