Consciousness as Reality

The closest, the most accessible to us, to our existence (the very essence of our existence in fact), is CONSCIOUSNESS. We are Conscious that we exist, we are Conscious that we exist within a "space" and we react within this space. We are Conscious that we are something specific (with some qualities) in this "space" and in this "existence". So, CONSCIOUSNESS, Perception and Ego (with specific properties) exist first of all, everything else follows. The reflection on what CONSCIOUSNESS is, what it has to do with the phenomenon of existence, matter, etc., is a meta-thought, it follows. So, if we want to perceive Reality, our real existence, our real essence, what we really are, we should do it through CONSCIOUSNESS, directly experiencing existence and not through met-thinking. How can this happen?

CONSCIOUSNESS we saw is Consciousness, Perception, Ego. Actually, these three are One. However, the beings in this space-time perceive them either as three simultaneous functions, or as successive processes. CONSCIOUSNESS as It IS (Being), is a Vast Ocean of Existence. Perception can embrace the Totality of Existence and is then Pure Perception, or it can be limited to something special and become Ego. The Ego is but a small projection of the BEING on the surface, in the qualities. CONSCIOUSNESS must turn to IS, beyond even Perception to grasp Its Reality. Perception is a natural ability. The content of Perception (the Ego) is a set of particular perceptions, which absorb us into a particular life. Rejecting all particular perceptions, rejecting Perception itself we feel the Depth, the IS, Infinite, Eternal, without any attribute, the Absolute.

One of the greatest psychologists of the last century, Carl Jung, believed that the Real Essence is a Universal Unconscious, an Ocean of Unconscious Existence and that the Ego is only a surface projection, a complex of certain perceptions and behaviors. The Essence is the Depth and not the Ego. In this sense the Universal Unconscious Is an Existence beyond limited being. The Universal contains the Ego and not the opposite. For Jung the Unconscious is not part of the Ego, as other modern psychologists believed. Jung had made a complete reversal of the psychological understandings of the last century. That he was accused of being a mystic was rather an honor than a reproach.

Be that as it may, from the CONSCIOUSNESS-Ego Association some relations arise, a position is determined and a destination is outlined. To find the Essence of Existence, to Experience the Essence of Existence, we must turn to the Depth and not to surface functions and activities. This Process (which is actually the end of processes, within CONSCIOUSNESS), completely simple, completely natural, without effort, is the Way of Life. In religions it is the Secret Way, Meditation, Spiritual Exercise, etc. Experiencing the Depth of BEING, of Existence, is not a process, as we said, but the end of the processes of external perception, the internal processes of the Ego, the Self of Perception as Universal Existence, the abandonment of all processes to emerge the INFINITE IS. We'll see how that goes.