You! Man! Here! Now!

True Religion is the Experiential Experience of the Infinite, the Real, the True... This is the ultimate criterion for rightly judging all the external teachings of men. We need to ask the simple question: Do they lead to Freedom, beyond thought? Do they lead to the Infinite Space of Reality? Or do they keep us captive in perceptions, in beliefs, in external actions and material activities?

A religion, a philosophy, a spiritual movement, should free you from everything... when it says believe this, listen to this, this is what so-and-so says, you must do this, you must feel this way, act this way... then you just have to  turn your back and leave politely… because all this keeps you “out”…

In the Free Space of the Real Everything Happens By Itself, there is no need to do 'something', 'you'... there is no 'I', to do 'something'... It is only within the Prison constructed by Thought, where there are teachings, 'must”, “thus” or “otherwise”… only within the limited constructed fake world you construct with your thought, you have to live somehow, feel somehow, become something, go somewhere.

Understand that From the Beginning and Forever, outside of time, You are at the Center of the World, that Here You Live, Spreads Everywhere, and that the Moment You Live, is the only Time of Existence, Eternity that Flows, the Only True Moment of your life

It is the Present, Now, Here, the Unique Gateway... to leave all and Pass Beyond, into the Free Space, which is Without Attributes, without thought, description, must... without imagination.

You stand right at the Gate... One step Raises you to the Eternal Realm of Truth... one step shatters you into the precipices of thought, the ravines of imagination, and the plains of ignorance.

You! Man! Here! Now!... You are the All... Find 'God' within yourself... Do not look outside... outside there are only the shapes of your imagination... no matter how beautiful an "idea" is, it is still an idea you have made up, something fake…

No gods, outside, no truths, no roads, no realizations and salvations... all you make with your thinking... What is more important? You Man who Exists and constructs all this? or your "creations"? Do not fool yourself.

The Only Truth Is You... The True Man That Exists Within You, Not Your Imaginations... The True Primordial Eternal Man, Beyond Time... Find Within You The Only Truth That Exists, Your Divinity ... Stop Thinking You Are Only One animal.

Deep Deep Within You There Is Only the Eternal Infinite Silence of Knowledge, the Immovable Wisdom of Nature that Embraces All... All You Can Bring to This Sacred Space, is Humility, Silence and Bliss that Floods and Transforms You in this!