18. The Truth Within Us

Reality, What Exists, is Unlimited, Without Limits... so thought, which represents what exists, cannot grasp it, since thought, by its nature, grasps things limited, defined, with qualities... In whatever way try, we will reach a dead end... Reality Begins where attempts to approach it End.

If you decide to Ascend to Truth, you must stop looking 'down'... If you decide to move forward you must stop looking 'back'... If you decide to Reach, you must stop 'seeking'... The Dawn of Light comes by itself of course, quietly, on time... no prayers needed, no impatience... everything follows the Law of the World.

How far you have progressed on the Path is clearly seen by how clear you are of thoughts, of trifles, and foolish activities... You cannot claim to follow the Light, when there are "shadows" within you... you are simply deceiving yourself.

The real obstacle to Moving On, to Ascending, to Touching the Sky, is ourselves, our reluctance to give up the security that we think our perceptions, our memories and experiences, our known actions offer us... Every Day that A New Day dawns, and yet we do what we did yesterday, and last year, and in past lives.

Humility, relinquishment of the ego, total total surrender to That which Is, is the only way out of the "old world"... It is a fool who tries, himself, like me, to acquire Knowledge, to manage powers, to it performs "miracles"... It just hasn't understood that Nature belongs to itself, and we just follow it... we can't "appropriate" anything, because everything we "steal" at the same time dissolves into nothingness.

The Truth, the Experience of the Real, is of Unfathomable Value, and is the Natural Inheritance of all creatures... Those who think they possess the Truth, possess only shadows and when they sell them to their fellow men they sell only ashes... And those who do not know that Within themselves The Treasure is Already Hidden, they run to buy ashes, only to be disappointed once again…

To speak of the Truth only if you have really experienced it, and not through information... And if you really live in the Truth you will speak out of Love and not to project yourself, as the ignorant and the opportunists do... The Wise Man feels that it is better for people to walk on their own feet, not to be carried on their backs... It is the "teachers" who, while unable to carry themselves, undertake to "carry" others... how far will they go?

Preach only what you feel yourself... Don't talk about the Light when you live in the Shadow, don't talk about the Truth when your actions scream a lie, don't talk about Love through your selfishness, don't talk about Justice when you steal the fellow man, do not speak of Civilization when you act like an animal.

To learn to live with yourself, to feel complete, sufficient, complete... but not to deny the joy that gives you the precious company of those who walk in the Light... thus keeping the balance, you walk steadily through life.

To learn, above all, to live with little... And even more important, to learn to share a lot, because this is how you show your lack of attachment and love for others... but you have to feel it, inside, otherwise you are only one hypocrite, with the others, in the theater of the world.