16. Living in the Light

The Truth is Obvious! If people do not "see" it, or "see" it but do not "follow" it, it is because they judge according to their own scales, with selfish interest, lack of Justice, and indifference to their fellow men.

Entering the True Spiritual Path means leaving behind old mindsets, habits and activities, and looking only Ahead, walking Where the Light Makes Your Way... Your Perception becomes Light, your life is Light, and your actions they spread Light to you.

People of Light are One with All, they have everything and nothing of their own, so they can easily share Light, Love, Brotherhood... People of the shadow, fortified in their ego, "exploit" everyone, the always, to defend a fortress that in a few years will be in ruins...

The People of Light know the Right and do it, every moment... The people of the shadow know the Right but do not follow it... they are like the sick person who has the medicine in front of his head but refuses to take it, because he feels better in the illness of.

People of Light always follow the True Religion of Unity, Love and Humility... "Religionists" who make fun of themselves and others do not prove the failure of religion, they only prove their own failure to follow the Light.

The People of Light share with all what they have... The people of the shadow give alms to the impoverished that they themselves, by their behavior, and their indifference, have created... and by their alms they take from them and what is left of them, human dignity.

God is a Spirit, Everything rests on Him and like a Gentle Caress Pervades everything... God doesn't need religions, he doesn't need temples, he doesn't need cults, he doesn't need offerings... Only in Silence, in complete humility, in complete surrender, do you feel Him in true temple of your body... filling you, transforming you into light.

Don't say, the world is dark, people are misled, crazy, without direction... Change the world, starting with yourself, with patience and humility spread the light around you... and people will find their way...

No True Man "shows off", has nothing to "show off"...he stands aside, content with his simple existence, happy to have no desires and satisfied with what life sends him...even to death he goes with a smile.

The True Religion is One, to be One with God, Here, Now, Within you, in your human body... true "God bearer", "angel" on earth, already living Eternity, beyond time.