10. The Real Experience

Real Experience is silence of the mind, it neither fits into words, nor needs words... it indicates silence and actions leading to silence... When it is taught, when it leads to activities of the mind, to other purposes then it is only experience of the mind.

When Experience is not complete, Final, Permanent, Living Every Moment, it becomes memory, teaching, words, and satisfies only the mind and those who are satisfied only by the mind.

Excellent spiritual ability without "guidance" can lead to spiritual selfishness, wrong paths and wrong actions... only humility, selflessness, and renunciation of all desires can protect us...

Meditation, when it does not aim at the Passage Beyond thought, into the Immensity of Existence that has no limits, or divisions, can lead to wrong directions that are perceived as true.

Real Experience is Precious even when it seems simple and poor... it is precisely the mind that cloaks Experience in Mystery or presents it with wonderful descriptions... but this is not Real Experience, but the imaginations of the mind.

Liberation is not something that one can seek for oneself, nor something that one can keep only for oneself... It is the Experience of Oneness of Existence that is Spontaneously shared with all through the paths of Love , Offering, and of the Sacrifice.

The Experience of Reality is beyond all... it has nothing to do with worldly purposes... it can be used neither as Knowledge, nor as Power, nor as Profit, it is Love that is shared equally with all, and while shared remains Inexhaustible in its Essence.

Unless all worldly desires, pursuits, and activities are laid aside, you cannot find the Path that Leads to the True... Unless all activities of thought are abandoned you cannot Enter the Sacred Space of Reality... If all distinction from what " It's not stopping you can't Taste Eternity.

Always see to it that you have Friends, with whom you can share everything, do not seek spiritual authority, do not have disciples, or admirers, even if you alone possess Knowledge on earth... It is better to be equal among equals, because they will really honor you… the “followers” are sure to envy you, reject you and destroy all the good you are trying to do.

If even for a moment, as long as a breath lasts, you believe that you possess something, that you are something, that you are superior to others, you are still in great darkness... in the Light of Truth, all shadows, all illusions dissolve... there is only Freedom, Serenity, Peace, Love and Kindness.