General Theory of Religion

CONSCIOUSNESS IS ONE. Within This ONE CONSCIOUSNESS every "subjective differentiation" and "objective state" is possible and realizable.

ONE CONSCIOUSNESS with "subjective differentiation" "appears" as Many Consciousnesses (plurality). Actually, ONE CONSCIOUSNESS Is the Stable Background of all these Consciousnesses. "Subjective differentiation", separateness, individuality is an action that maintains differentiation from ONE CONSCIOUSNESS and is fueled by this experience. It is a secondary activity, a self-limitation, a trap, a delusion. The rejection of separateness leads back to Our Real Essence, to Absolute Oneness. On the other hand, the " objectification " of the situations perceived by the Consciousness leads to the creation of the objective fields, the "external" worlds.

The Consciousness-Objective Relationship determines the quality, the properties of the objective. As long as the Consciousness realizes that all these are its creations it maintains a freedom towards the external worlds. When Consciousness is absorbed in this experience then all this is seen as real, independent of Consciousness and the perception of differentiation is transformed into a perception that we are within these worlds. Thus, the subjective differentiation and the objectification of situations are interdependent and opposite actions. There is therefore a gradation of perceptions (Consciousness is considered as the Only Reality, Consciousness is considered as the Creator of the objective world, Consciousness and the objective world are considered as parallel but related realities, etc...). In this way ONE CONSCIOUSNESS appears as Many Consciousnesses with a mental core each in a mental space (which constitutes the Higher, First, Causal, Field of Existence). The mental element is "manifested" into energy and thus a "corresponding" energy field is created. The energy is "condensed" and a "corresponding" energy-material field is created.

In reality, CONSCIOUSNESS IS ONE and within This ONE CONSCIOUSNESS all these subjective differences and objective situations are manifested. The subjective differentiation leads to the perception of another field, an experience different from the Absolute Unity and thus arises the creation of the objective worlds. In other words, what creates the differentiation from Absolute Unity and the experience of external worlds is in Consciousness, not somewhere outside.

Self-awareness refers to the Knowledge of Consciousness, its mode of operation, and its activity, not somewhere else. Thus Consciousness, "Every Consciousness", has a Fixed Eternal Background. It is Self-Defining, Self-Generated, Completely Free and Complete. All related experiences are its own creation and it is its choice, whether to retain or reject them. There is no external God to decide anything, no external mechanism to compel us, no predetermination, no commitment. Being is a creation of itself.

CONSCIOUSNESS IS ONE. When Consciousness realizes this there is no separate-ness, external, objective worlds (independent of Consciousness). When Consciousness differentiates itself from Absolute Oneness it enters into relative experience. Consciousness can perceive Its Fixed Background as the Only Reality, as the Reality that supports the external, as the Reality in Relation to the external, etc. Thus, the Consciousness creates various Metaphysical Theories, temporary interpretations of Existence, in order to reach in Absolute Knowledge. In all these Metaphysical Considerations (to which all historical Religions and great philosophical systems belong) the Absolute is regarded as the Background of everything (in one way or another). Experiencing the Absolute (through various Practices) is the Ultimate Goal.

The Realization of This State leads Consciousness to the Perception of Absolute Unity, to the Perception that Consciousness is One and from It all subjective differentiations and objective states emanate. Here all Metaphysical Considerations which are temporary interpretations are abandoned, all historical religions are overcome. We have reached Objective Knowledge, Full Self-Knowledge.