Who was Orpheus really?

Orpheus perceives the DIVINITY as a REALITY to which he relates directly, existentially, and experientially… not in an external way, as a Deeper Inaccessible Reality that is expressed as external faith and worship and through ritual acts… For Orpheus the DIVINITY is the Source and the Depth of Existence and the Essence of everything, which we experience within ourselves in a direct, internal and experiential way.

This ONE ESSENCE (metaphysically and in higher worlds) separates into many, individual entities, remaining the One Essence. Essentially and Secretly the One is within the many, in each and each is identified with the One, with the All.

From This State to the Higher Worlds the further evolution into the All and each leads to differentiation from the One and to distinct individuality itself. From here is derived the concept of the soul (as the whole of the spiritual entity) which originates and depends on the Godhead, whatever path of evolution it takes.

And from the Luminous World of the Mind the Soul falls into the World of the Simple Soul which expresses its nature with will and emotion.

It is this differentiated soul embodied in the material body that is metaphysically and literally a "tomb" for the soul.

From the Light Worlds of the Beyond, the Extra-Reality (of man) the Soul falls into the Metaphysical Hades, the "Lower World", which is the "material world".

The Soul with all its spiritual, mental, and psychic functions is literally bound within the psychosomatic processes, and the functions of the body, and the external world of matter. From the union of the Psychic Entity with the body, the material soul, the psychosomatic organism, the life, the vital body (to be distinguished from the Pure Soul) is created.

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