3. The Land of Truth 

TRAVELER, in the UNKNOWN LAND OF CONSCIOUSNESS... only in the Tranquility (of Life) can you find the Truth... only in the Stillness (of the Soul) can you truly live, live existence in the worlds, as a continuum, and with full awareness ... only in the Silence (of the Mind) can you Understand what you really are... only in the Absence (of Personal Existence) can you "See" your True Nature... until you Return to the FINAL CONSTANT, to the UNCHANGING...

The Land of Truth Spreads as Deep as Our Understanding Spreads!

MEDITATION is VISION, a Way of Seeing, SEEING: Direct Perception, Understanding, Experiencing What Happens without "distortions", which is completed in this Perception, in this PRIMITIVE LIFE EXPERIENCE, which is at the same time LIGHTING, LIFE. An INTEGRATED LIFE EXPERIENCE that Continuously Flows without Changing, Into Eternity, Beyond Time.

MEDITATION (SEE), ILLUMINATION, LIFE, is the Same Thing, and is the whole Experience of Existence, continually. This WAY OF LIFE, is an INNER ATTITUDE OF LIFE, UNDERSTANDING, ABSENCE OF THOUGHT. It does not come by managing perception, disciplining internal processes, 'directing' thought, 'concentrating', 'eliminating' thought... nor does it come by external activities, by sitting in the Lotus Posture (even if you sit for 10,000 years).

MEDITATION IS RIGHT VIEW, regardless of internal processes or external activities. MEDITATION is not an 'activity' or an external 'act' or 'sitting'. In the Space of Ignorance and Ignorance, people misuse the words, and use the terms Meditation, Enlightenment, spirituality and spiritual evolution, and all this, not knowing what "it" is... but only their "similar" can be convinced.