Global Consciousness

There is a "higher awareness," a direct, supramental, extra-intellectual, perception of Reality... It is an expanded awareness, which transcends but includes the lower perceptual functions of the mind, but which are under control, regulated, and operate only to let the higher awareness perceive the lower levels of perception.

This higher awareness functions as an awareness center of Universal Being: It perceives Being (which transcends and includes the physical world). It is a perception of Unity of Reality (where subject-object have been transcended). It is a Universal Consciousness, a Cosmic Consciousness.

Higher awareness as it exists and functions beyond mentality, cannot be experienced by a subject, cannot be described by thought, cannot be perceived by physical means.

So, when the higher awareness has to be expressed in the limited intellect with speech, it uses speech conventionally: Only to give some indication of the higher state, only to indicate the experience of that state. It is necessarily delivered as a monologue and is material for personal reflection and application of what is said that can lead to Realization...

When speech is perceived by the mind, at its level and becomes the object of commentary and processing, it loses its essence, it becomes only empty words.

Since Reality, the awareness of Reality, the higher awareness, exists and operates beyond the mind, all thought, all that man has thought (and recorded), and all that can be thought, is all worthless, mental garbage.

Man must give up all external activity, mentality, in order to have awareness, true awareness of Reality... All other perceptions belong to the limited, the subjective, the imaginary...

True Meditation is the higher awareness that emerges when all external activities of the mind cease (or more properly, when they "settle" to let awareness become free, expand, function fully, and perceive Reality, Being).

True Meditation, higher awareness, cannot exist as long as there is meditator perception, effort, activity... all must be given up. Then the Light of Higher Awareness, the Light of Reality rises, then we pass from becoming, to Being, to the Eternal, to the Timeless, to the Infinite, to the Transcendent.

Higher awareness reveals a world in which everyone participates in one common consciousness, a world of silence of the mind, which transcends the world of human thought, chatter and nonsense...all of which is perceived as “noise”...

Higher awareness operates outside the time of becoming, of thought, of imagination, of memory... in an eternal now that flows continuously, without “changing”.

Higher awareness is a world of immortality. We experience Being and This Being Is forever, outside of time and becoming.

Higher awareness, as a center of awareness of the Universal, is a participation of the individual, in the Universal, is a new individuality, unrelated to the subject of thought... As the new individuality (the real self) "evolves", breaking all limiting factors, "merges" with the Universal... (And this is the Outer Aspect of the Infinite Divine... extending beyond...)...