The Consideration of the Unity of Consciousness, Within Which Is Included the Supreme Perception of Being, the Absolute, etc., as well as the individual perceptions, forms the basis of every metaphysical perception and every religious thought...


Consciousness Is One, It Is A "Single Open Space" Within Which All Perceptual States (Subjective And Objective) Are Possible. It is possible to Perceive One's own Being, Absolute Being, Infinite Being, Formless Being, etc. It is possible to limit Consciousness, absorb into the objective, etc. All these perceptual states exist within the framework of One Consciousness. They cannot be separated.

On another view this can be formulated differently. Consciousness Is One but can separate the Depth, the Inner Perception, the Being, from the limited, surface perceptions: Thus each being in its Inner Being is the Absolute Being, all others are surface states. The Innermost Being, the Really Being, This Pure Being, the Absolute Being, That which we call God, Is the Essence, the Cause of all. According to this second view Within One Consciousness Exists the Absolute, it is not something outside of Consciousness (God is not outside of Consciousness).

The Consideration of the Unity of Consciousness, Within Which Is Included the Supreme Perception of Being, the Absolute, etc., as well as the individual perceptions, forms the basis of every metaphysical perception and every religious thought. Consciousness Moves between the Inner Perception of Being, the Absolute Being, (Deity, etc.), and external perceptions (limited ego, objective states, etc.). On the basis of this perception is founded the relationship of Inner Being (God) and being (I, etc.), the communication of Being and being, the completion of being, etc.


Metaphysical is Within Consciousness and in the context of Its Operation, Direct Perception of the Inner Core, of One's Own Being, the approach of an area of Perception (Knowledge) that is beyond the intellect, the mental function that can only grasp what it is "outside," that which is objective and therefore worldly. This area is characterized as transcendental, metaphysical, inaccessible by mental energy, incomprehensible by mental energy, the area where Being, God, Reality, etc. are placed. Everything that is outside Consciousness, the objective, is a phenomenon.

Metaphysics is therefore a function of Consciousness, an attitude of Consciousness, knowledge of Consciousness. From the Basic Metaphysical Perception that Perceives Consciousness as a Single Space Within Which Manifests All Possible Subjective and Objective Differentiations, individual perceptions of all phenomena arise. That is, perceptions of the cosmic fields, the relations between Being and being (what we are), Life, Evolution and Completion of the being (what we are), etc. As long as these are dealt with in the context of a Direct Perception and a Direct Action (in the field of experience) remain necessary and useful. But when a system is structured, based on ideas of Being, God, etc. we have a rational, constructed system of ideas, a fantasy and not Reality.

In the context of religions, metaphysicians are only those who experience Being, the Godhead, not those who talk about Being, who remain anyway in the context of thought.


In summary Metaphysics is a System of Life (Life, Life Attitude, Action), within which we perceive Reality in a certain way and act accordingly.

Metaphysics in particular is a set of Perceptions and Actions:

A) The Perception of the Unity of Consciousness.

B) The Perception that everything happens within Consciousness.

C) The Perception that subjective differentiation from the One (which always remains as a Superset of differentiated consciousness) is fundamentally illusory and ultimately unimportant.

D) The Perception that all objective differentiations are nothing but activities, actions, functions, of Consciousness and not something independent.

E) The Perception that the Unity of Consciousness and the immediately given consciousness are fundamentally the same and the Realization, the Experiencing, of This State: Thus, the immediately given consciousness can Transcend limitations and rise as the Absolute Being, as the Unity.

F) The Orientation of Action and actions to achieve Self-Knowledge, Completion and Completion of a being, wrongly considered as imperfect.

G) The Interpretation of Reality according to all the above perceptions and actions. The transfer of Reality on a map, never forgetting that it is not about Reality but about mapping Reality.

Metaphysics must always be treated as a System of Life and not as an intellectual construct, as a system of ideas.

In this sense, Metaphysics has been experienced in History by great founders of religions (so religion can be defined as Metaphysics with a primarily historical character) but also by metaphysicians and philosophers. Buddha, Shankara, Lao Tzu, Jesus, Meister Eckart and even Plato, Plotinus and others.

Let's note that Plato defines Metaphysics as "Theory of Being". He conceives of Metaphysics as a System of Life within which is the Perception of "Ultimate Being (Agathon)," the Descent from the "Being" of all "beings," the Reference to the "Being" of all differentiations, the mental world, and material becoming, the Attempt (through Dialectic) to experience mental and supramental reality, i.e. as a Way of Life oriented towards "Being". Metaphysics for Plato is Life and not an intellectual system. This is even more evident in Plotinus and those who follow him.