9. The True Man

What really matters is, WHERE someone IS, from WHERE he Perceives and Acts.

If one operates from a Wider Perception (from a HIGHER WHO), he operates according to Real Nature, Truth, Life… He is Wise, Reasonable, Virtuous…

If someone is locked in limited (and limiting), thinking, through the blindness of the ego, the stupidity that society or circumstances have imposed on them, (a LOWER WHO), how do you expect them to behave? Selfish, self-interested, divisive, violent... Most people work like this... and what people are, their societies are too... No wonder primitive people make jungle societies...

The True Man Is One with Everything... He accepts everything... But why does he not touch "evil", or is he not touched by "evil"? Because "evil" itself does not accept the Light of Truth, and isolates itself... It is like a shadow that recedes as the Light Advances... How can such a person mingle with the folly, the injustice, the wickedness of men?... But any person who approaches him without fear can only take, gain something... The Wise Man has no desires, no scales to weigh what he gains and what he loses... he is done with all that...

Does (I say does) LOVE come before real acceptance and meaningful fellowship (and communication)?

Is it precisely because we didn't LOVE, that's why we don't accept others and that's why we don't communicate with each other?

Maybe the problem is everyone's, within themselves... to find Truth, Love, Acceptance and Unity with others?

Should we first Mature as Humans and then attempt to communicate meaningfully?

I say… maybe?

Do you believe the Sirens of the Mind who tell you that there is truth, life, in phenomena?

Odysseus on his Life's Journey overcame them... (and all the "obstacles"), that's how he "arrived" in ITHAKΑ.