The One Essence of God

As Far as We Can Understand Reality, God, Perception, Has Only One Attribute We Can "Recognize": It Is Unlimited Freedom.

Freedom Is the Essence of God. Freedom Is the Essence of Being, every being, of each one of us.

And This Essence is not only the Real Nature, the Physical State of Being (of every being) but also the Completion and Purpose of Being, of Existence, of Life.

A Perception, a Being, that is limited, enslaved, can never be complete, does not really live, does not truly live.

Freedom is True Life. Freedom from the Limitations of Perception, from thought, activities, phenomena, time: This is the Essence of True Life.

To Live Truly means exactly to have no limitations, obstacles.

To Live Truly means to use all your powers, thinking, "feeling", physical activities, life in the world, but without getting involved and forgetting in these activities.

To Live Truly means to Live Freely, Completely, beyond time, beyond phenomena, and at the same time within phenomena.

But Freedom, precisely because it is in our Nature, is our Nature, exists from the beginning and Everywhere, Here, Now and in Every Moment that come after Now and becomes Now, that is, Always Exists.

For this very reason, because it Always Exists, it cannot be re-realized. For man, thought, to assume wrongly that there is no Freedom, that there are bonds, and to try to conquer, to realize Freedom, is a misconception, a delusion: the goal is, in thought, illusory and therefore not can be performed.

Nature, Perception, Is Free: Limitations, fetters are essentially illusory, fetters are false. We build them without our thinking: the edifice of the "observer", the edifice of the ego (perception, perceptions, knowledge, memories, experiences... everything) is false.

There is Only Free Unity, no separation. All the limitations that thought builds, all the separations (of the ego) from the world are false constructions… so false that it is a wonder why people do not see it.

Since the Truth Is Here, Always, Everywhere, why don't people see it and search in the light of their thinking to find the Truth, an answer to the problem of existence, a way out of the impasses of life?

What is the ego? Ask yourself, dear friend, this question. What exactly is the ego? What separates you from the world, from others? The thought; beliefs? the memory? personal experiences? your body? What?

Everything is interconnected.

Your thoughts are wind that blows…

Your beliefs are kites in the sky of imagination.

Your memories are nothing more than obsessions of thought that waste energy.

Your personal experiences are like footsteps on the seashore that leave no traces.

Your body, how much is it yours? It belongs to the earth.

Really, how special are you from the world? You borrow the air to live, you consume energy-food to continue living, it's cold you get cold, it's hot you get warm, it's dawn you get up, night falls everything calms down. You are one with the world, living in the world, dependent on the world… and yet you say “I am separate”…

No! Nature Is Free, Now, Here. You are One with the world, nothing separates you from the world. Nothing. Only the false limitations you construct yourself: me, my thoughts, my knowledge, my intentions, my interests, my things, my likes, my other things.

Bonds of falsehood that you chain yourself. And after getting involved in all this, then you say "Where is the Truth"? "What is the truth"? "how will I be freed"?

But all these constructions are something artificial, a lie that you convince yourself is true. How will you free yourself from your lie?

What a stupid question! The lie does not exist (really), it is not something real (that has an autonomous existence) to be able to deal with it, to abolish it. The lie does not exist, how is it possible to abolish something that does not exist? It's a fantastic problem. There is no (real) solution to an imaginary problem. You simply "Recognize" that it is a lie and it "disperses", like the morning gloom that dissipates when the Sun rises.

In the World of Reality lying has no substance. You just think, you just dream, you just cogitate... Wake up! All the bonds you weave with your thought are fake, they don't exist.

You are Free, Now, Here, Always. Don't look for your Self elsewhere. No matter how many Seas you travel and no matter how many Mountains you cross to find your Self, in the end you have to return Here, Now, to your Self, to Find it...

All "travels" (with thought) are in vain. But even this pointless experience teaches you something… That you never got away from yourself… only in imagination you thought you were leaving… you dreamed…

And how wonderful! To Discover That You Never, Never Stopped Being That, God. You just once, somehow, dreamed you were something else…

Brother! Take a Deep Breath! You are home! You were never far away!

Calm down. You Were Always Safe.

You were always complete and whole.

A dream was… just a dream.