Seeking the Truth

On the Road to Truth we are forced to talk about the Supreme Experience of the Divine Essence Within us, the Common Spiritual Life that is "Shared" by some beings, some people but above all to solve many misunderstandings about what Reality is, the Kingdom of Truth, the Kingdom of God, Eternal Life… as a Direct Experience of Reality, beyond the theories of men…

There are beings (and people who walk among us) who experience an Unbounded, Free, Unobstructed Perception, (who feel that they are One with All), who have Transcended the limitations of thought (which enslaves us to the subject, to the ego), of "feeling", of the "body".

The One Perception (Revealing the Oneness of Existence) is a Real Objective State-Activity (since it is beyond the subject) and is attended by All Who Experience the One Reality, apart from the particularities they experience because of their connection to the psychosomatic organism, the body.

Precisely because of this One Objective Common Condition that All these beings experience, they constitute One Community: They participate in One Common Spiritual Experience even though they manifest in different bodies, in different parts of the world (things that are secondary and non-essential).

According to Our Understanding Every Perception, every person, every one of us, Is This Same (Absolute) Perception and can be Unlimited or limited depending on our “choices”.

In other words, it is Within Human Nature, Within our Capabilities, the Present Perception (that we are), or the Sense of Presence we have, our Consciousness, our Being, to be able to Expand, to Overcome limitations, to Open to the Limitless... the Unknown, the Vast.

We want to say that any human being (having human nature and operating within normal frameworks) can have this experience: Enter the Sacred Space of Reality, Free Nature, Unlimited Perception. We have never claimed that the Sacred Community has in its Bays superhumans or saints or other beings. On the contrary. You must be a Real Man to Enter the Holy Community.

A real person, who is anyone, who can be anyone because he has human nature. A real person, but not everyone is and does not want to be.

Because, to Enter the Sacred Space of Reality you must Enter "Alone", leaving out all limitations, attachments to material things, passions and habits, the ego itself, all the thought process and the accumulation of knowledge around "psychological center” of the ego, burdened by life, society, human culture...all the mental garbage.

It depends on us alone whether we belong to the Life or to the death that is life on earth.

There Are Some People Who Live the True Life, Who Directly Experience Reality, the Oneness of Existence, Who Are One with All... A Free, Unobstructed Perception.

Of course, because we are talking about a Spiritual Objective State, This State is Outside of Space and Time, it is a Perception. One can Belong Here (in This State) regardless of where one "is", where "lives" (physically). There is no organization, no theory, no teaching, no specific activity, no technique, or anything else. We Just Live.

Life Itself Is the Purpose of Life. The Real Life. There is no other purpose. The Real Life Self-fulfilling Every Moment. We don't need anything else.

The Sacred Community is a Spiritual State, Unlimited, Free, Open, Beyond Time and certainly not identified with specific persons or specific activities.