Experiencing Reality

Absolute Reality, Ultimate Reality, Limitless Reality, Boundless Reality, No "Obstacles" Reality, are not abstract terms of metaphysical, or simple thought, but Reality that some people Experience, Truth that they Understand, Life that they Live.

Since Antiquity there have been people who have Approached Reality Directly, beyond common human powers...Beyond the senses that apprehend the immediately objective, external world...Beyond the inner sense or consciousness (and "thrill") that apprehends the powers of life that exist behind the phenomena...Beyond the thought that simply describes based on the real elements of Reality, ending up in a construction, in a thought construction, that reflects Reality, but is not Reality...

Beyond all this there is a Direct Approach to Reality, a Direct Contact with Reality, an Experiencing Reality, Unlimited Reality. But it (the Experiencing of Reality) is a Road Unknown that Leads Elsewhere, Beyond the everyday perception that people need to survive in the world. It is a Road that leads to Objectivity, Real Objectivity (Objective Reality), because it leads beyond the ego, to a Wider Perception that is Lost in the Boundless Presence that Embraces All.


On the contrary, people who are locked in thinking, in the ego, consider the "external" to be objective on which at least most people agree. In other words, they do not experience the Objective (beyond the ego), they are not the Objective, but through the subject(s) they accept as objective the "external" that everyone perceives... But to be precise this is not the Objective, it is what the subjects perceive as objective.

This Land of Reality (the Experience of Reality) has always been the Truth of All Those Who Searched and Found Within themselves the Limitless Depth of their Being, it was the Life They Lived and which Belongs to Human Nature, to Every Man.

There is thus a World Tradition that "speaks" of Reality, of Truth, of Life.

Often, however, the people who follow the Ancient Tradition, precisely because they are not able to Experience This Reality, perceive it through thought, the ego, and thus the Truth falls into theories, teachings, religions.

Certainly, the Secret Experience (the Experience of Reality, Direct Contact with Reality) has as much to do with (theories, teachings and) their religions and practices as food has to do with the price list. The food fills you up, the price list doesn't.

What all real seekers of Truth do is precisely to talk about the Ancient Tradition, to Gather the Truth that is "buried" in traditions, in religions - and which actually remains unused by those who supposedly follow the religions - and to bring out the Essential Content of the Ancient Tradition, the Real Message, which is beyond descriptions and words, the Secret Experience, the Experience of Reality, the Experiential Approach to Truth, the Free, Unlimited, Unhindered Life.

Yes! Truth Exists within religions (and within many philosophical approaches to Reality) but who uses it? How many Buddhists reach Nirvana? How many Christians perform theosis (deification)? Many people, activities and institutions and theories and words and religious deeds… but we would like to meet a man who experienced the Truth of his Religion, the Reality (through his tradition).

Nevertheless, the fact that while there is Knowledge people walk the path of ignorance, it has to do with them, with their choices and with the use of Knowledge, not with Knowledge itself.

To the extent of our powers, to the extent of our possibilities, we try to say that within all traditions One Ancient Tradition Emerges, One Truth is found. We just have to Apply it, Live it, nothing more.

We refer to the Great Wise Men (Humans, nothing else), Orpheus and the Hellenes Philosophers, Lao Tzu, the Upanishad Masters, Buddha, Jesus... the way we understand these People who Experienced Reality, and approach their Teaching just as a Hint to Experience (each one of us) This Truth, to Live Truly, as They Lived.

Certainly, their followers (who often not only "represent" them but also "treat" them as their property) may have another perception, different from our own "view". It is our right to say what we understand. Their right to claim what they claim. Only he who "wants" to be deceived is misled.

We understand that Reality Is One, Truth Is One, Life Is One and all the Sages speak of this One Experience.

In fact, what we are saying is what the Wise Men have always said. Whether we understand and speak from Personal Experience or simply repeat what others have said is not so important. We never claimed to be someone or something that any human could not be. In reality We understand that we are nothing, we do not want, nor seek, nor are we anything. Ultimately what matters is not who we are but whether what we say is the Truth.

Try, Discover the Truth for Yourself... This is the only pursuit a True Man can have... that is, Everyone, Alone Experience the Truth... This is what our honesty requires.