The Liberation

The - Through Careful Observation - Revelation of our True Nature, of Free Unlimited Open Perception, this Experiential Experience of Reality, brings about changes in our "consciousness", changes in the way we "feel" our existence, our relationships with world, our action, our life, society. We realize the Oneness of Existence – We are One with All – and out of this LIVING RELATIONSHIP Emerges Love, True Virtue and Action, Real Communion with All, a Mystical Relationship that Brings Us into Direct Contact with All. This is the Essence of True Life.

On the contrary, a society – a civilization – based on forced (and often coercive) symbiosis, on the exploitation of the other, on conflict and destruction, shows exactly the extent of the "sickness" of modern man.

LIBERATION – much more than a Metaphysical Request for Self-Realization – is a need for healing from our diseased behavior. Although people consider themselves healthy in reality, they have a neurotic (and often psychotic and schizophrenic) sick behavior and this is proven by the state in which modern societies are found, all over the planet.

Liberation is not a "mystical ecstasy" in transcendental worlds. On the contrary, it has a certain character of liberation from the sick limitation of the function of perception.

FREEDOM is the Principle, the Condition, to Understand and Live. Freedom is the Beginning not the end (of a process). We must free ourselves from all the cultural garbage that thousands of years of common life has burdened us with. The DAWN that illuminates is a Perfectly Pure Era, without the garbage of time, of the human past. We have to start from scratch. To throw away what we know, what burdened us - many times against our will - and Face the World, Life, from the Beginning.

WHO WE ARE? WHAT ARE WE? WHERE DO WE WANT TO GO? HOW ARE WE GOING TO DO IT? WHEN? We must answer all these questions NOW, in the Eternal Flowing Present, beyond time, not in the future or sometime, Now.

TRUE SPACE OF EXISTENCE is Limitless, Centerless, without divisions – Only PERCEPTION. The "space" that thought creates around an ego (a separate existence) and in front of the ego, is an imaginary space, an illusion.

UNDERSTANDING the limiting workings of the mind (thought), RECOGNIZE what is happening, dissolves the delusion. Only when the delusion of thought ceases does SPACE prove to be WHAT IT IS, Free Boundless Open, AN IMMENSE ONENESS Where All Is Within, Here, Now, Eternal.