The Language of Reality

What one finds (a serious student of man, history and the evolution of societies, up to today) is…

1) People do not perceive Reality Directly (in what it is, in what happens) but indirectly, differently, in a wrong way...

2) A consequence of this is that (since they do not perceive Reality correctly but in a wrong way) they describe that "Reality" they perceive not in terms that describe Reality as it is but in terms that accurately capture their misperceptions.

3) Since everyone perceives in this way, this way of perception is accepted as Reality. In this constructed reality people live and act, in a "fantasy".

4) When people socialize new members of society, they "indoctrinate" them into precisely this socially acceptable false reality which they interpret and support through the corresponding constructed false language.

5) So, everyone is trapped in what the language "says", in social reality.


Let's leave for the moment what is Reality, How should we perceive it and What real language describes what is happening... Some things are not revealed publicly so as not to fall into hostile (for human) hands... Here now, we are only making observations... Anyone interested may continue reading... Those who will find the findings indifferent simply prove exactly what we are saying, that they perceive not what we are saying, at this moment, but their prejudices, their knowledge, their opinions...


6) What do they teach in Universities? It appears from the language they use (at least in the Western World, of which we have experience). They do not use the Language of Reality, but the wrong language that refers to their wrong perceptions of the world, the wrong reality. We draw our conclusion.

7) How is Politics shaped, all over the planet? Within wrong ideological frameworks, powerful groups dominate and manipulate populations like herds. Political persuasion even though it lies, with a little lying, a little blackmail, produces a political result.

8) What is taught throughout Western Philosophy? Nonsense based on misunderstandings that started millennia ago... Few Philosophers survive.

9) What do we read daily on the Net? Millions of information about everything. But the same thing happens here. The language used is the language that refers to the wrong perceptions, the wrong perception of Reality.

10) Ultimately Truth is exiled from human reason. Mental noise everywhere, incomprehensible chatter that says nothing. No Substantive Message (Truth).


Of course, one might object to all this, that I'm just being stupid and talking nonsense. He is absolutely right . I'm a fool. Why? Because I don't use the Language of Reality (assuming I Perceive Reality and there is a Language that Describes it) but the language of people that refers to the space of misperception...

Yes! But I do it on purpose because I don't want to talk, I don't want to say anything.

But someone will ask (in good faith) is this not disrespectful and insulting to your few readers?


Because what I want to say my dear friends is just this: When we use the wrong language (which does not correspond to Reality) we refer to wrong perceptions and in reality we do not say anything, nor do we benefit anyone. It is a foolish game of the people, who are still in infancy (spiritually).

We need to see things differently (as they really happen). We need to learn the Language of Reality. Only then can we Discover the Truth.

But we are talking about Paths Unknown to most people, about Paths Difficult, which some do not want and others cannot follow.


The reason I wrote this article (text, call it what you will) is because when you speak in the language of people (the one they were taught and which stems from and refers to a certain world view) and you try to talk about Reality, to suggest the Truth - insofar as You always understand it - there is the human thought that appropriates all this, that imitates it and uses it for its own benefit, even to obtain material profit... The world is full of teachers who teach what you want, truth, meditation, yoga, healing, relaxation... What makes us laugh is the seriousness with which they treat and project themselves, as a knower, teacher, healer, etc. which proves exactly their lack of seriousness. Blind leading the blind… how far can they go? At most up to themselves, but not up to the Truth.

That is why we say that we must Show Reality As It Is (as It Happens) Using a Language That Corresponds Exactly to What Happens, a Language of Reality, a Language of Truth, that any fool who wants to pretend something won't be able to use it... because he must understand it in order to use it… But He Who Understands Serves his fellow men. He neither wants to manipulate anyone, nor to make any profit... He who won Heaven, easily gives away the whole earth to anyone who thinks he deserves something... for us everything is dirt...