(In the House of Peace) - (Dissolving from the body)... Our world

The World We Live in, Here and Now, is something much more than the information we take in, or are "forced" into our heads... It has Open Horizons, it has a depth of Duration, and Free Perspectives, for anyone who wants to be FREE.

Life stretches beyond the fences people put up with their thoughts and actions. Life is not the fold of men… on the contrary, this is not life (worthy of man), it is foolishness, degradation and misery.

Truth Exists by Itself, far from the boundaries of men and the world they have made... what men perceive, what they manipulate and use for their own purposes is only their own lie.

Beingness is the Unfathomable Depth of existence, of human consciousness, of everyone. Beingness is the Limitless space that extends beyond the small world that men have made by their thought, their activities and their works, into an insignificant planet lost in the immensity of the universe.  Beingness is Eternity, True Life, the Precious that remains when we sift through all the sand of human life.

When Perception Approaches GOD it dissolves into Nothingness: its boundaries are lost, it spreads out into Infinity and every content within it is extinguished: It becomes One with Silence. So, the one who really knows GOD perceives nothing, understands nothing and has nothing to say... People who say they know God know nothing, those who talk about God are only telling the shadows of their minds, and those who they say they follow the way of God they follow only the sad paths of their own desires…