Third Hour

Wisdom is accepting what you see, being content with what you have, and drinking true life from the eternal fountains of the Here and Now.

True Love exists when you forget yourself and live the reality of the other... How many can love in this way? Who is worthy of being loved in this way?

The Essence of True Love is Oneness: In True Love egos melt and become One and unite, without conditions, without limits, without end. The ego cannot feel Love because it always separates itself from the world, others, life...

The higher you climb to the Mystic Olympus, the Sacred Mountain of Truth, the more Consciousness Expands, the more thin the thoughts, the less you have to say... you just LIVE... That's why GOD Is Absolute Silence!

Beyond and above your thought there is the Infinite Depth of Existence... If you stop and be Quiet you will feel the Dark Depth of Heaven Come to Life and Embrace you... That's why GOD Is Alive!