Sixth Hour

The most important things in our lives are not what we have thought and dreamed and done, but what we have never thought of... the vast silence beyond thought... the endless depth of HEAVEN...

A drop of water is an insignificant thing. But when it joins the OCEAN it lives forever!

The cessation of the thought process, when sought or achieved is an ego experience and is a false state... Certainly (this false state) has nothing to do with the Serenity of Limitless Perception.

TRUE ENLIGHTENMENT is a fruit of understanding, which opens Perception to the Infinite, quite naturally: It is the Serenity of Limitless Perception... It is not an ego experience: it is not the result of effort or non-effort, nor does it belong to time.

There is Within us, Deep, Something Untouched by the thought of men and their actions... It is Revealed to us when we abandon all activities, all limits of Perception, in the Full Bloom of Silence: It is a Perception Open, beyond time and becoming, Peaceful and without end, (not an experience or realization of an ego)... Whoever does not experience this state, but (he, as an ego) imagines that such a state exists, as an object, and seeks to realize it, as an experience of an ego, he simply misleads himself and others… (It is an Objective State realized Within us when the subject is abandoned. It is not a subjective state realized through the "conquest" of some object).