First Hour

The Wise man lives life, quite naturally, the time it unfolds, the way it unfolds, where it unfolds, and calmly accepts what happens, both the good and the bad: His life is fresh as a diffused perfume... The Fool has theories about life, he plans, plans, tries to put life into his own molds, and thus destroys life: His life smells of mold, sadness and oblivion.

The Sage with a clear empty mind, sees, orients and does what his nature tells him... The Fool has knowledge, makes choices, and because he chooses (whatever the moment tells him) he thinks he is following the right path... in fact it's not going anywhere.

The Wise man has little, but he always has more, and he is happy... The Fool, no matter how much wealth he accumulates, will always want more.

The Wise man, living his nature, has already fulfilled every destination, and has surpassed every completion... The Fool is always trying to become something, moving away from his nature, going where his ignorance tells him.

You are wise yourself when you let your True Deepest Nature manifest freely and guide you... Foolish is you when you try to be something other than your Nature, something you think is right, or when you try to be something others they think right and try to impose on you, out in the world, and in the ways of folly.