Who can speak for God?

To talk about something, we have to know it, really know it. That is, we must have contact with it and not simply acquire in one way or another mental information about it.

Who can speak for God? Only he who Experiences the Presence of God, who Lives in God, who is One with God... can testify to the Truth and his "word" is Authentic. Anyone who has this Experience can speak and his speech will be genuine and will not deviate from the Truth. A Drop of Experience can become a True Message of Reality.

Thoughts, information, accumulation of knowledge, all the knowledge of the world, operating at another level, outside the Realm of Authentic Experience, in the realm of intellect. They reveal nothing. They cannot go beyond their nature (of mental apprehension) and they cannot help us to go beyond that level, to feel things, to touch them.

But who can partake of God? Who can answer what God is and in what way we partake of God? If we are talking at the Level of True Life of Genuine Experience, of Experiencing, then all knowledge and information is useless, we must follow another path. Intellectual inquiry is useless. The emotional approach doesn't get us far. And certainly, all external activities, whether we consider them holy acts or not, have no effect.

If we really want to search for Truth, we should start from what we have (the only) given. And this is our Present Consciousness. By its Nature Consciousness is Consciousness of Existence, Sense of Presence. In whatever state Consciousness finds itself, it is, in fact, Consciousness of Existence, Participating by its Nature in Existence.

So, if we Pay Attention to Ourselves (whoever, whatever) and do it seriously, we can find the Mito of Ariadne (the beginning of the Thread of Knowledge and Life) that will Guide us out of the labyrinth of ignorance. Careful Observation, Attention, Direct Contact with what is, what is happening, is true action, true knowledge and can Lead us to True Self-Knowledge. And through Self-Knowledge to Find a Way to the Limitless.

So, what does Caution reveal? The unadulterated observation of what is happening? It reveals precisely the limitations of existence, the misguided activities, and the improper "functioning". Awareness of these limitations, i.e recognition of what is happening, leads to the dissolution of wrong activity. Thus, Calm Mindful Observation is True Action Leading to Right Activity. The dissolution of the limitations of existence, the breaking of boundaries, leads out of personal existence, into True Authentic Existence, Limitless Existence, Infinity, and ultimately into the Land of Truth. We must break the shell of limitations if we want to go out, into the Light, into Freedom. There is no other way.

And don't ask "how is this done"? Just Do It.

Ultimately, only if we know, through Self-Knowledge, through Self-Development, through Liberation from limitations, the Immensity of Existence, can we know what God Really Is. And only then can we talk about God.

God Is That Limitless We Find Within, when we transcend all personal limitations. We thus emerge in a Universal Consciousness of Existence, in the Awareness of the Unity of Existence, that everything, ultimately, in their depth, Is One. We experience this State of Oneness as the Depth, the Foundation upon which All Rests. This State of Oneness Is the Principle From Which All Begins, All Sustains and All Returns... But even this State, the Perception that All is God, that We Live Within God, that We are One with God, is not the Supreme Condition. God is one step further. Because there is still Separation from God. And Separation, however subtle, is separation. There are very few who reached Here and even fewer who "crossed" the "Last Barrier" and became God. Like the drop that joins and is lost in the Ocean.

This Experiential Approach to the "Depth of Reality", beyond personal deviations is the only path that Leads to Reality, the Way. There is no other way. And this is the Path of the Ancient Mysteries, which were certainly not external activities or popular celebrations.

If we stay on the Surface, in personal existence, consciousness and perception, then all the information we can acquire will be smaller than our mind... Can the Infinite that is Beyond All and Includes All (and our mind) fit within a limited mind? What the intellect apprehends is limited, a mental construction, a perception of what is, not That Which Is. The God of Intelligence, the God of men, religions, universities and theological schools, the God of daily popular worship, is an Idea, a False Thing, an Idol...

Of this Idol God some sages said that "God is dead." They were actually referring not to the True God but to people's perception of God. We should not "stone" people who tell the truth. If we can't respect them, let's at least shut up. Defending a lie neither makes you a good person, nor does it justify you. Those who seek such an Idol God can easily find him because all mankind worships this Idol God. But that doesn't mean that what everyone thinks is true is really True. People are heathens. Their theology (construction of intellect and cerebration) is fantasy. Their religion, a poor imitation of the Esoteric Mysteries, is misplaced. And all their religious activities, without any result. People experience existence in the Land of Ignorance, and the God they worship is a "creation" of ignorance.