The Only Way to Truth

It is different to Really Experience what is, what is happening and afterwards express it mentally, in terms of the intellect (which is a lower level of perception, artificial, constructed with symbols, the word-concepts), than to be intellectual, to think (i.e. operate exclusively on the mental plane) by investigating truth mentally, with word-concepts.

In this case, when we operate mentally, we should observe some logical rules when we think, speak or discuss, so that our thought-speech is true and not false. Above all, not only should the concepts-words we use correspond to real (supposedly) objects, but also the combination of concepts-words should correspond to logically real relationships or situations. Otherwise, our thought-reason has no real meaning but only verbal. But sentences that may be verbally correct (because they contain a subject, verb, predicate or object) do not mean that they are also logically correct. Unfortunately, most people do not think logically, they only think superficially, verbally. This is why there is so much confusion and ignorance.

We can Experience Reality when we are in direct contact with what is, with what is happening. This Attention, Observation, Recognition and Reaction is the only way to Experience Reality.

Looking closely we can see that the perception of an individual existence, an ego, is a construction of thought. The ego has no ontological substance but only a "functional" presence. It's a thought.

So, that which is not real, but only apparent, cannot rise to the Level of Reality, come into direct contact with Reality, Experience Reality. The untrue cannot become True, Truth. No ego can experience Reality.

It asks an ego how the ego can experience Reality. There is no way for the ego, no way to Experience Reality. The ego that uses practices or techniques of meditation or prayer or anything like that simply perpetuates its activity, remaining on the level of thought. The ego which is directed towards external activities will never find the Truth.

The Only Way to Truth (i.e. Experiencing Reality) is the Truth Itself, to See the Truth, to see what is, what is really happening, immediately, in real time, now, here and not to misinterpret what it is in front of us or happening inside us, or to follow theories, or to believe what we are told. We ourselves, alone, must see the Truth. This is neither a teaching, nor a practice or a technique, it is life, an act of life, the only True Action on the Path to Truth.