The First Question

Reality Is What Is, What Exists, What Happens. If someone has direct contact with Reality, i.e. he perceives without "distorting", then we can say that he Experiences Reality, that what he perceives is True. But if someone does not know how to perceive correctly and uses ways of perception that distort and give a false image of Reality, he is obviously in confusion, ignorance and a dead end.

We mean to say that there are two ways of Approaching Reality. There is the Way of Experiencing, of direct contact with Reality that does not even need to be transferred to an external-mental-linguistic level. And what is conveyed in "speech" are only traces of experience, symbolic signs that refer to the real and alive.

On the other side there is the path that people have followed, thousands of years now, the Path of Intelligence. By conveying the experience of things, whether they come from the transcendental field or from the external world, where people usually live, on the mental level they create ideas, images of things, concepts, and all these are also expressed verbally (so mind-language is two aspects of the same activity). In this case, we do not have direct contact with Reality, for any conclusions to follow afterward. We operate through the system of thought-concepts, which we are introduced to by experience, society, personal research, etc.

From the above it becomes clear that we can approach any subject in one way or another.

God Exists! Those who experience His Presence, who live in His Presence, feel what it is, how it works... and can say something about their experience. Their word is experiential, alive, and is checked and proven true only by those who can have the corresponding experience.

People who do not experience the Presence of God, but have learned to operate on the intellectual level, treat God as a conception of their perception, as an idea. In this way, by putting God into their mind as a concept, they make him small and limited, smaller than their mind. This, obviously, is not God, it is only the perception these people have of God. God Is Always What It Contains not the content. It cannot become the content of any perception. Obviously, this road is a dead end.

Therefore? How should we approach God? Will We Approach What Really Is? And which transcends the intellect? Or will we talk about God as perceived by the various theologies, theories, that people have constructed with their thoughts? And does researching theories make sense, who is right, who is wrong? Will intelligence give us the answer? We get entangled in the imaginary space of thought, of words, while the Truth Is All Living outside of it all. We must touch it, experience it. And from this experience we will later draw many conclusions.

God Is Here. We live in Him. If He is Trinitarian and how He is, how He works, or if He is not, we must find out for ourselves. What Relation we have to God, we must Find it. What we really are, how to have true self-awareness is something we have to do.

Ultimately, the First Question we must answer, before we answer anything else, is this: Do we want to Approach Living Reality, God, Absolute, really? Or do we want to deal with people's perceptions, ideas, beliefs or prejudices? Do we want to function in real life at the level of experience? Or do we just want to think and to cross thoughts? They are two completely different things. So, what do we want to do?