The Depth Consciousness

There is One Unique Essence (Consciousness) which is DEPTH. There is One Activity-Energy-Perception (Vision), the "Objective Consciousness", the Objective Perception which is the FOUNDATION. Upon "Objective Consciousness" (Perception) are woven "Subjective "Organizations", which function as "Perception Systems": Universal Consciousness (with Three "Varieties"), Non-Dual Consciousness, Mind-Consciousness, Energy-Sensation, Form-Body.

All this does not operate on the Objective Level of the Plinth, but on a Secondary Level of "Organization" (on the SURFACE). Thus, while Reality Is One (in DEPTH), it is One (in BASE), It “Seems” to “Differentiate” (in SURFACE) into Levels of Existence.

At the Higher Levels Subject-Object (Sight-Seeing) are not Separated. Subject-Object are "separated" in the lower "worlds".

Therefore, because everything is woven into the One Common Objective Basis, of the "Objective Consciousness” (Perception) for this all This (Creation, the All) has a Holographic Character. In other words, the "Objective Consciousness" (Perception) is woven, supported and is in the Depths of All and "everything", even if it seems like something separate on the "Surface". In other words, the "everything" Is the "Objective Consciousness" (like a BASE) and a Particular projection-"organization"-"system" (on the SURFACE) at the same time.

The Only Path to Reality is to "Realize", to "Understand", to "Experience" the FOUNDATION of Existence, the "Objective Consciousness" (Perception), Within us. In other words, we must "Emerge" from the world of form, sensation, intellect (the lower worlds of multiplicity) into Non-Dual Consciousness, into the Heavens of the Oneness of Universal Consciousness, into the Objective Consciousness of the BASE, into the Innermost Essence of Everywhere, in the DEPTH of the Absolute.

We actually need to change the Level of Understanding. To Expand our Awareness, to Deepen our Consciousness, to Go Beyond the Surface (of Surface Actions and Activities), into the Still Depth of Objective Consciousness.

So, it becomes clear that here we are not talking about action, effort, control, discipline, on the surface level of external activity, but about a "shift" of Attention, Perception, the Center of Gravity of Existence from the Surface to the Substantial Depth. In other words, the Inner Journey has nothing to do with external activities. The opposite.

To the dualistic, external, superficial mind, it appears as Stillness, as Emptiness, as Nothingness. In reality it is the Whole, Living Essence that runs through the Eternal Present, Ever Renewing without Changing, it is Life in Full Awakening, it is the Circle of Completion that Encloses All and Rests in the Attribute-less Absolute.

The Real Essence is the Pedestal of the Objective. On the basis of the Objective, the Subjective is "organized": Universal Consciousness, Non-Dual Consciousness, mind, sensation, form.

Real Awakening is Completed in the Circle of Objective Consciousness.

For the dualistic surface mind, there are two cosmic limits to the "evolution" of Consciousness. The Non-Dual Consciousness experienced as "objective" in relation to the ego and the dual mind. The Limit of Objective Consciousness that "separates us from the DEPTH, from the SOURCE.

What, after all, is Individuality (which manifests itself in the lower worlds as a Man)? The Individual Soul is "organized" on the Basis of the Objective, in the image and likeness of the Universal. Around the "center" (“I”) accumulate, perceptions, prejudices, habits, behaviors. Perception (self) and perceived (things) separate. Consciousness experiences duality.

In reality the individual soul is a "guise" of the Universal, it is the Objective Universal, which emanates from the Source.

The Subjective, the "organization" (of the ego) operates not in the Basic Objective Field of Oneness, but in a secondary field, of duality.

The Subjective is "organization", system, can be reorganized, changes "content" but qualitatively remains in the same field of duality.

If people understood "how" the Subjective is "organized" in the Basic Objective Field, how this organization is structured and how it works and drags beings into the lower worlds (that is, if they understood the mechanism of their mental constitution), they could be freed.

To change field (from the field of duality to the Field of Oneness) the "organization" must be dissolved. Abandoning the "content", eliminating the "center". This Is How We Emerge into Non-Dual Consciousness and Open the Way to the Higher Heavens of Oneness and Return to Source.