Awareness of Being

The Internal Contemplation

Reality – literally speaking, understanding, experiencing, the full meaning of the term – can only be One. Anything else is another perception of Reality, another “reality”, a vision, a construct of perception. There are Objective Fields where Perception manifests and Subjective Levels where the perception of reality operates. But anything beyond the One Reality is not Reality, it is a vision of Reality.

All these perceptions, visions of Reality, operate in a Secondary Field of Perception, of "Organization," of "construction."

Actually, only the Ultimate Perception of Reality is True. All other Visions of Reality, Creation, Worlds, Universal Consciousness, Individual Non-Dual Consciousness, Dualistic Consciousness, Mind, Sense and Form, all, are but Activities, Transient Phenomena, which slowly or they quickly "dissolve". The whole of Creation with its Worlds and States is but a Movement in the Transforming Present, until its dissolution.

The Realization that only the One Reality of Pure Being is True and that all Visions are Transitory Phenomena leads to the Dissolution of Visions. Just as the Light of Day dispels the fog of night.

That Which Is, is an Immensity Without Attributes, an Immutable Presence that renews itself without changing. A Homogeneous State where all Visions have dissolved, an Omnipresence without differentiation. Perception Experiences its True Objective Basis, Experiences Reality and not Phenomena. This State of Perception is essentially beyond “content” it is the Essence of Emptiness, it is the True Content of Existence which is beyond Creation.

Pure Being is actually the Image of All, the One Who Holds All, the Source of Things, the Divine Ontological Principle. It differs only in that it has a Cognitive Character. All the "Content" of Being is a Becoming, a Transient Phenomenon.

In reality, Pure Being is the Objective Basis of every Activity, every Phenomenon, every Vision, every State, every experience. Does not take place, it is not realized, it is simply Revealed when the Secondary Activities, the Visions of Becoming, the becoming, dissolve. This State is the Full Life, the Full True Action of Existence, not the Immobility of Death as perceived by the relative consciousness.

When you are in motion and want to experience Stillness, you simply stop moving. In other words, you operate on the purely objective real practical level. If in movement you seek Immobility you are still in motion and what you are realizing is a false immobility. You are not operating at the objective real practical level, you are operating at the level of movement, organized activity, intellect, sensation, external experience.

After all, it's a question of where you see from, (so, how you see)... When you are in the movement there is the outside, the transcendent. When you are in Stillness there is also the in-motion. In Ultimate Understanding you simply See the Real and the Visionary without being “bothered”. Thus, the Sense of the Whole is restored. Everything, the All, things "are what they are", nothing more, nothing else. This is the true meaning of the Buddhist “Tathata”.

Ultimately only the Real exists. There is no such thing as the Real and the “Made Up”, as the dualistic mind says. There is only the Real. And This, the Real is the Reality of the Phenomenon. It is the Fixed Base where everything appears. So, there are no two realities, as the dualistic mind claims. The "difference" between the all-encompassing Perception of the Real and the dualistic perception that distinguishes Real from "constructed" is an epistemological one. The dualistic language that describes the world dualistic is based on this misconception.

But how (wonders the dual mind) can we go beyond the illusory perception, of duality, to the Perception of the Real? We must not assume that there is another reality beyond the dualistic perception. The Real already includes the dualistic mind, the dualistic perception, as an activity, as a structural function, of the constructed. We simply stop weaving the veil of delusion. The Real Reveals. Not as another reality but as the reality of deceptive.

Let's explain it in other words. Understand the Relationship and "difference" of Unlimited Space and defined and limited (by boundaries) place. That which is locally limited (the dualistic mind) necessarily separates its limits from the Unlimited (Non-dualistic). In reality only the Unlimited (Real) exists which includes any local limitation. The Infinite is the reality of the local. There are not two realities, the Infinite and the local. There is only the Infinite which is at the same time the reality of every local. How do we go from local to Unlimited? The question is only linguistic. The answer is located in the objective real practical field. Unlimited already includes local. It is enough to dissolve the boundaries that limit the local and behold, the Infinite Reveals itself as the reality of the local. After all, Space is always Unlimited. Local restrictions are always relative and temporary. As long as we don't get "trapped" in their limits and their "logic".

The Understanding of the True Nature of All, where all exists, unhindered and without creating "problems" lies beyond the Horizon of the Circle of Consummation, in the Depths, in the Original Source.