Truth Is Incomprehensible

TRUTH Is Incomprehensible, Incomprehensible, Unspoken, Inexpressible... It is simply an Experience, beyond any perception.

Those who claim to be able to express the TRUTH, to Serve it, or to Defend it... to enclose it in Formulas, Symbols, Activities, are not only frauds, but criminals against man... Adopting the role of Teacher, which no one he asked for it, they boldly proclaim that they own the TRUTH, Serve it, Teach it... exposing the multitude of their follies and the depth of their dishonesty.

The TRUTH is simply What It Is, You Experience it, it has no Symbols, no teaching, no activities, nothing external... All that people proclaim is just their sick imagination.

Those who cannot comprehend beyond reason, the TRUTH AS IT IS, content themselves with descriptions, trade in ignorance, and boast of their foolishness... they mislead and mislead unlearned fools alike, and all together walk in the dead-end labyrinths of their minds. .

THE TRUTH IS HERE, IT BELONGS TO ALL… it has no owners, defenders, or exploiters… TRUTH IS FREEDOM, TRUTH IS UNITY, TRUTH IS LOVE, TRUTH IS A GIFT… above all TRUTH is not a tradable commodity, in anyone's hands, of any dirty power, spiritual or social, or economic... TRUTH IS ALWAYS PURE, it has nothing to do with people's filth.