If you want to find the Truth

When the "Mind" is Awake, Alive, Fresh, i.e., in Full Alertness, it is extremely active, in full attention... it perceives what is really happening, here, now... i.e., it has a direct continuous perception in real time... a perception that is renewed every moment and relies only on the continuous influx of information... not on thought, not on accumulated memory, not on experiences, not on the past... Man thus lives in the absolute present, in the moment that flows.

In such an activity of perception the field of awareness is Unified. There is only Observation… there is no observer, subject, ego… these are all constructs of thought, memory, experiences.

Man lives beyond the world of thought, duality, separation, strife. He lives the Absolute Unity, the Essence of Love, the Deep Stillness, the Infinite Peace, the Undaunted Bliss... beyond the world of men, their thought, their culture.

Man has been searching for thousands of years for this State, this True Life.

If you want to Find this Truth, to Experience it, look in the only place it can exist: Deep Inside you... If you don't find it there, you won't find it anywhere.

Do not search unjustly outside in the world, nor in people, nor in books... above all do not search in the dark damp moldy shelters of churches, seminaries, and small shops where avaricious merchants sell their pseudo-knowledge, all fabrications of their thoughts and imaginations... Only in the Free Space of Reality that You Discover Infinite Within you can you find the Light that will illuminate your existence.